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Unfortunately, reports of Tripoli and Indianapolis were crowded out of the issues in which they should have appeared, but for those who keep their back copies for reference purposes, here are the results in brief. ..-Litre Tripoli G.P. Ntivolari withdrew his works Maserati as not potent enough to win. Villoresi’s Maserati led for one lap and then Farina’s improved straight-eight AlfaRomeo led. On lap seven Villoresi again passed, but on lap nine Farina set up a record lap in 3 mins. 40 secs., and again led, his pit stop taking only 24 sees. The Maserati pit work was poor and set the seal to their chances. The 11-litre Mercedes-Benz did not go over. It is very interesting that FaxiLa’s record lap works out at 132.55 m.p.h. which is 1 m.p.h. faster than Lames best with the 11-litre Mere. in 1939.

1. G. Farina (Alfa-Romeo) 1 hr. 54 mins. 16.49 sees. 128.14 m.p.h.

2. C. Biond.etti (Alfa-Romeo) 1 hr.

54 mins. 45.96 secs. 127.5 m.p.h.

3. C. F. Trossi (Alfa-Romeo) 1 hr.

55 ruins. 9.36 secs. 126.89 m.p.h.


Wilbur Shaw won for the second time in succession with M. J. Boyle’s 3-litre straight-eight Maserati. The cars were flagged down at 400 miles on account of rain, and Shaw averaged 114.28

Rex Mays was second on a 3-litre eightcylinder Bowes-Special, and Mauri Rose third on a 4t-litre =blown. Elgin. Riganti on the short-stroke Maserati crashed early, and of the two Sehell Maseratis, Le Beg-ue’s broke a rod in practice, and the engine from Dreyfus’s car was installed, but it was outclassed, as was Chet Miller’s Raymond &Milner Alfa-Romeo.

1. Wilbur Shaw (Maserati) 4 hrs. 22 mins. 31 sees. 114.227 m.p.h. 2. Rex Mays (Bowes-S1

3. Mann i Rose (Elgin Piston-Pin Special).