Nuvolari Wins at Albi

16-valve Maseratis carry the day. Fastest lap at 98.2 m.p.h.

Albi was immense — one of the fastest road races in the world. As usual, we had two heats and the race results were taken from these without an actual final being run. These "heats" are over 16 laps, equal to 88.5 miles' racing in each. The Scuderia Milan's 16-valve Maseratis carried the day and veteran Tazio Nuvolari was the popular victor. The new 24-valve 1 1/2-litre Maserati appeared in practice but then lent its radiator to one of the older Maseratis.

Britain was ably represented. Reg. Parnell's ex-Wakefield 16-valve Maserati, which won this race in 1939, led "Nuvers" and even gained two seconds a lap on him for a time, and H. L. Brooke, using the ex-Dobson E.R.A. and doubtless longing for his E-type, was 5th. Hampshire borrowed the Parnell "Chulaised" Delage but experienced magneto maladies. Sommer led at first in the first race, and lapped at 96.78 m.p.h. Behind ran Parnell and the brilliant newcomer, Louveau. Sommer only lasted a couple of laps ere his supercharger packed up, and Parnell was out in front of Tazio for nine laps, when his fuel let him down. That let Nuvolari win, in spite of a plug change. In the second race, the "official" Maseratis joined in and Villoresi managed an immense lap at 98.2 m.p.h. and held off Nuvolari. His standing lap was at over 91 m.p.h.! Brooke was 4th and Parnell 7th, although the former's E.R.A. was misfiring and the latter paused for adjustments. It was grand racing; and Raymond Mays's lap record remains intact.

First Race.
1st. Nuvolari (Maserati), 58 m. .07 s., 91.46 m.p.h.
2nd. Louveau (Maserati).
3rd. "Raph" (Maserati).

Second Race.
1st. Villoresi (Maserati), 56 m. 35.3 s., 94.4 m.p.h.
2nd. Nuvolari (Maserati).
3rd. Louveau (Maserati).

Final Placings.
1st. Nuvolari (Maserati), 1 hr. 50 m. 45 s., 91.57 m.p.h.
2nd. Louveau (Maserati), 86.8 m.p.h.
3rd. "Raph" (Maserati). followed by Wormser (Maserati), Brooke ( E. ). Achard (Maserati) and Parnell (Maserati).