Reports of Recent Events, August 1948

West of England M.G. Trial 

W. A. Cleave (Morris-Special) retained a clean sheet in this event. The only First-Class award went to Ken Burgess’  blown Allard, and the only Second-Class award to Hase’s blown “PB” M.G. The Plymouth M.C. netted the team prize.


San Remo G.P..

This race, run over 85 laps of a sinuous 2.1-mile circuit, attracted 16 starters, but the Alfettes were absent, in readiness for Berne. The opening stages were a battle between the Maseratis of Ascari, Farina and Villoresi, with Fagioli (Maserati), Cornotti (Talbot), Landi (Maserati) and Plate (Maserati) early out of the race. Farina led after 20 laps, at an average of 59 m.p.h., from Ascari and Villoresi. Then, at 28 laps, Farina had the bitter experience of having to retire with the throttle linkage broken. For a while Luigi Villoresi and Ascari swopped places, then Ascari showed his mastery and went ahead, although one suspects that Villoresi’s car was not on form; indeed, he later twice stopped at his pit. Ascari won at 58.95 m.p.h.; Villoresi was 2nd at 57.52 m.p.h., also making fastest lap at 61.75 m.p.h; Bucci’s Maserati was 3rd, at 56.70 m.p.h.; after whom came Sommer’s Ferrari, Rosier’s Talbot, Chiron’s Talbot, ” Bira,” pushing his Maserati in with its tank empty, Chaboud’s Delahaye, Cabantous’ Talbot and Fisher’s Simca.


The Nuvolari Cup Race

The Formula II race at Mantua for a cup presented by Tazio Nuvolari in memory of his two sons, was won by Bonetto’s 1.3-litre Cisitalia, at 67.1 m.p.h. for the 55.8 miles. Cortese (Ferrari) was 2nd, Varzi (Cisitalia) 3rd, Machieraldo (Cisitalia) 4th, and Ascari, in a 6C Maserati, apparently with a 2-litre engine, 5th. Nuvolari was a sick man and retired after eight out of the 30 laps, when leading everyone, in a Ferrari. Villoresi also retired two laps later. The winner also made fastest lap, at 69.75 m.p.h. Machieraldo’s Cisitalia won the 93-miles 1,100-c.c. sports car race at 60.94 m.p.h. from Bonetto’s Cisitalia, Nissotti’s F.I.A.T. and Scagliarini (Cisitalia), Bonetto again making fastest lap, at 64.12 m.p.h.  Where were the Simcas ?


Yorkshire S.C.C.  “4/44” Trial

This event, the first counting for the Trials’ Championship, was won by Wilde’s supercharged Ford Ten Special, which took the “4/44”  Trophy. Pearce’s Ford V8 won the Gambles Trophy, and Mallock (Austin Seven), Lister (Austin), J. Hankins (Ford Ten), G. Hankins (Ford Ten), J. C. Harrison (Ford Ten) and B. Rhodes (B.M.W.) secured First-Class awards. The Team Award went to a trio composed of Pearce, Bateman’s Allard and Ackernley’s M.G.   A. S. Turner (Astrova) won the Novices’ Award.


Chiltern C.C. Chiltern Hills Trial

H. Birkett’s Austin Seven won the Chiltern Hills Trophy.  First-Class awards were won by Appleton (Allard), Potter (Allard), Day (H.R.G.) and Oxendale (H.R.G.). Second-Class awards went to Wooton (Austin-Ford), Lawson (H.R.G.), Wood-Dow (H.R.G.) and Moore (Riley). Chappell’s Ford V8 took the saloon-cars’ award.


Sheffield and Hallamshire M.G. Bisby Test Trial

Flather’s B.M.W., as in 1947, won the Bisby Cup. Harrison’s Harford-Special took a First-Class award, Maltby’s F.I.A.T. the saloon-cars’ award, and Myers’ M.G. the Novices’ award. The best performances in the respective tests were made by Needham’s M.G., Clegg’s Ford-Special, Chapman’s Morris-Special, Shillito’s H.R.G. and James’ M.G. The Team Award was won by Harrison, Chapman and Clegg.


750 Club Driving Tests

This event was won by H. Birkett (Austin), who scored 28 points. Wooton’s Ford Ten-engined Austin was the best over-750-c.c. car, with 25 points, and Appleton (blown Allard) the best visitor, also with 25 points.


The B.D.C Rallies

Eighty-nine Bentleys attended the Bentley D.C. third Kensington Gardens Rally, and McKenzie, Clarke and Foster of Vanden Plas, judged the cars for external and internal condition. The class winners were: 3-litres: Major J. C. Jackson;  4-1/2-litres: A. Perman;  6-1/2-litres: W. Watson;  8-litres: W/Cdr. R. C. Pressland;  3 and 4-litres: H. S. F. Hay. The next day some 30 Bentleys acted as hosts to “other marques” at the Great Contemporaries Rally;  Heal’s 3-litre Sunbeam, his T.T. 3-litre Sunbeam, three “38/250” Mercedes-Benz, another 3-litre Sunbeam, a brace of “20” Rolls and Talbot, a 2 LTS Ballot and a Chenard-Walker being present. Vauxhall and Delage, etc., are urged to attend next time.


The European Grand Prix 

As expected, the Alfettes won, in spite of some opposition from modified two-stage 16-valve Maseratis, with coil spring and transverse wish-bone suspension, handled by Villoresi and Ascari. In practice Achille Varzi was killed when his special Type 158 Alfa Romeo crashed in the wet. On the second lap of the race Christian Kautz hit a tree in his Maserati and was very badly hurt, his injuries proving fatal. This accident involved de Graffenried’s Maserati and Fagioli’s Maserati, but no one else was hurt, and the latter was able to continue until piston trouble ended his race. For the opening stages Wimille’s Alfa Romeo led Farina’s Maserati and Villoresi’s Maserati, but after five laps of the Berne circuit Trossi’s Alfa Romeo had passed Villoresi. Abecassis had already retired with the G.P. Alta in a field. “Bira’s” Maserati went out after nine laps with gearbox trouble; Rosier’s twin-cam single-seater Talbot after a like distance, with a fractured oil-pipe.

Yet another retirement was Comotti’s twin-cam Talbot, which, like its teammate, broke an oil pipe. A lap previously Wimille went round faster than anyone in the whole race, at 95.05 m.p.h., and by twelve laps Trossi held second place, 29 seconds behind him, while Farina’s new Maserati was fourth ahead of Villoresi’s sister-car.

The re-fuelling stops were slick and the order was unchanged after the leaders had stopped. However, Wimille later made a lightning stop for water, letting Trossi lead, while Farina went out at 28 laps, the Maser’s engine faulty. The closing stages of the race were devoted to a dramatic run by Wimille as his Alfette closed on that driven by his teammate. In the end he lost by a mere 0.2 sec., Trossi having taken 1 hr. 59 min. 17.3 sec. for the 180-1/2  miles, an average of 90.81 m.p.h. Villoresi was 3rd, Sanesi’s Alfa Romeo 4th, Ascari’s Maserati 5th, Chiron’s Talbot 6th, Pozzi’s Talbot 7th, Cabantous’ older Talbot 8th, and Prince Igor’s Ferrari 9th. Biondetti’s Ferrari went out with engine trouble after 31 of the 40 laps, and Raymond Mays did well for 22 laps, when his E.R.A. broke a half-shaft, while Sommer’s 1-1/2-litre Simca lasted only four laps.

In the Prix de Berne, 90-1/2-mile race for 1,100-c.c. cars, Taruffi’s Cisitalia won at 85.22 m.p.h. from Stuck’s Cisitalia, which was 19.6 sec. behind. Macchieraldo’s Cisitalia completed the grand slam for this marque, but “Bira’s” Simca-Gordini was 4th, ahead of Schell’s Cisitalia, and “Bira” also had the satisfaction of making fastest lap, at 86.18 m.p.h. He had been delayed in an accident involving, also, Trintignant’s Simca, which left the road, and Farina’s Cisitalia which hit “Bira’s” car as it avoided Trintignant’s. Alas, the last-named suffered a fractured skull and internal injuries. Farina was unhurt but retired; Robert’s Cisitalia and Manzon’s Simca crashed later; Pesci’s Cisitalia went out with valve trouble, Joly’s F.I.A.T. broke a piston, Sommer’s Simca retired while in second place, and Bucci’s 1,100-c.c. 16-valve-engined 4CL Maserati never ran properly. This left the remaining places as: 6th, Nissotti (F.I.A.T. Stanguellini); ; 7th, Wust (Cisitalia); 8th, Bernheim (Cisitalia); 9th, Bayol (Cisitalia); 10th, Prince Igor (Simca); 11th, Fischer (Simca). Taruffi’s race time was 1 hr. 4 min. 19 sec. (20 laps).


J.C.C. Eastbourne Rally & Concours

Eastbourne is delightfully “motor-conscious” and again welcomed the Junior Car Club for its event this year ; indeed, continued co-operation for this annual fixture was promised by the Mayor of Eastbourne, during the lunch he gave to officials and the Press. Best times in the Rally tests were  —   Timed hill-climb, J. Onslow-Bartlett (Mercury), 51.6 sec.;  Downhill brake test, tie between C. J. Turner (Vauxhall Ten) and A. C. Westwood (“Balilla” F.I.A.T.), 17 sec.;  Acceleration test : Onslow-Bartlett;  Steering test, S. G. E. Tett (M.G.), 14.8 sec.;  Rallye Soleil test,  Onslow-Bartlett, 35 sec.  S. J. Gilbey misunderstood the instructions and arrived at some 70 m.p.h. across the bows of another competitor in the zig-zag test;  this was considered dangerous driving and Gilbey’s Alfa Romeo was disqualified. Nine drivers returned clean score-sheets, but Onslow-Bartlett was deemed the outright winner. Many new cars contested the Concours on the following day.


Corporation Cup (for Best Performance)  —  L. Onslow-Bartlett (Mercury Special).

Novice’s Award:  B. D. Thompson (M.G.).

First Class Awards: E. D. Thompson (M.G.),  P. St. V. Tabberrier (Morgan “4/4 “),  C. J. Turner (Vauxhall),  N. Garrad (Sunbeam-Talbot “80 “),  A. C. Westwood (F.I.A.T. “Balillia”),  E. S. Ridley (M.G.),  S. M. Lawry (Jowett Javelin), R. C. Matthews (M.G. 1-1/4-litre),  P. A. Thornton (Standard),  L. Potter (Allard),  K. E. O. Burgess (Allard),  C. Mann (Jaguar),  G. D. Parker (Jaguette Special),  L. Onslow-Bartlett (Mercury Special), R. Chapell (Ford),  K. H. Downing (Healey), J. C. Rockman (Jaguar) and E. E. Warne (Riley).

Standard Awards:  Miss P.M. Lambert (H.R.G.),  C. G. Gibbs (M.G.),  S. G. E. Tett (M.G.),  D. T. Russell (Hillman),  R. F. Peacock (Ford “Anglia”),  L. M. Maynard (A.C.),  G. A. Ruddock (Frazer Nash),  A. E. A. Day (H.R.G ),  A. B. Hunter (H.R.G.), J. Jane (Lancia),  I. R. Grant (M.G.),  J. Batten (M.G.),  A. S. Lusty (M.G.),  G. R. B. Clarke (M.G.),  V. S. A. Biggs (H.R.G.),  P. J. Calvert (Austin Sixteen),  J. H. Bartlett (Frazer Nash-B.M.W.),  E. P. H . Jones (Frazer Nash-B.M.W.),  P. C. Harper (Sunbeam-Talbot),  Sgt. N. Anderson (Wolseley Fourteen),  R. E. Hazeldine (J.B.M.),  G. E. Matthews (Jaguar),  D. Parker (Jaguar),  C. J. M. Abbott (Jaguar), W. M. Couper (Bentley, Mk. VI), and R. C. J. Hardy (Wolseley).

Concours d’Elegance:

Class A (cars first registered before January 1st, 1934): Up to 10 h.p.: W. P. Maidens (Austin); Over 10 h.p : Mrs. A. H. Beadnall and Miss M. D. Robinson (Rolls-Royce).

Class B (cars first registered between January 1st, 1934, and December 31st, 1940): Up to 10 h.p.: H. C. Dryden (F.I.A.T. 500); Over 10 h.p. and Up To  16 h.p.:  H. C. Holm (Riley); Over 16 h.p.: 1st, J. H. Bartlett (Alfa Romeo),  2nd, D. M. Eastick (Railton).

Class C (cars first registered on or after January 1st, 1941):  Up to 10 h.p.: Mrs. E. M. Wisdom (Hillman Minx).  Over 10 h.p. and Up To 16 h.p.: 1st, Miss H. B. Kemble (M.G.),  2nd, 8. P. Boucher (Riley).  Over 16 h.p.: 1st, E. C. Brown (Humber Pullman),  2nd, Miss R. Rodman (Bentley).


Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Naish Trial

J. D. Vincent’s M.G. won the Premier Award, Uglow’s H.R.G., Cleave’s Morris, Goodenough’s rebuilt Horstman and Mann’s Ford taking 1st Class awards.


The Leinster Trophy Race

The handicappers put the faster cars out of the race before the start and Leeper’s Singer Nine won at 63.71 m.p.h. Parnell’s 16-valve Maserati made fastest lap, at 78.89 m.p.h., which did not come near to Rolt’s 1938 lap-record made in an E.R.A.


1st:  W. Leeper (972 Singer), Rec. 4 laps; 4-1/2 min., 1 hr. 29 min. 9 sec., 63.71 m.p.h.

2nd: G. Mangan (1,250 M.G.), Rec. 4 laps; 1-1/2 min., 1 hr. 29 min. 16 sec., 65.84 m.p.h.

3rd: T. Carroll (1,250 M.G.), Rec. 4 laps; 1-1/2 min., 1 hr. 30 min. 18 sec., 63.25 m.p.h.

4th: T. N. Large (1,250 M.G.), Rec.  4 laps; 1 hr. 31 min. 51 sec., 65.03 m.p.h.

5th: R. Baird (1,087 M.G. S), Rec. I lap;  4 min., 1 hr. 32 min. 34 sec., 73.26 m.p.h.

Up to 1,100 c.c:  W. R. Baird (1,087 M.G. S), 73.27 m.p.h.

1,100 to 1,500 c.c.: R. Parnell (1,496 Maserati S), 19 laps, 76.17 m.p.h.

Over  1,500 c.c: K. McAlpine (2,992 Maseratl S), 18 laps, 70.93 m.p.h.


S.U.N.B.A.C. Speed Hill-Climb

This experimental event, over a onekilometre course near Malvern, attracted 40 entries. J. L. Evans (blown Austin Seven) won his class from Cracknell’s Ford-engined Austin and Oliver’s unblown Austin, the times being 70.8, 78.0 and 78.8 sec., respectively. K. Rawlings won the next class, clocking 65.2 sec. in his 1,172-c.c. Rawlings-Special and beating Gibbs’ Riley, which took 66.8 sec. and Goodall’s Morgan 4/4, which needed 68.2 sec. The final car class was won by Mansell’s Allard-Special, in 62.2 sec., from May’s Ford V8, 62.3 sec., and Delingpole’s H.R.G., 63.4 sec.   F.t.d. went to a B.S.A. motor-cycle, in 60.4 sec. The hill has great possibilities.


Polish A.G. International Rally 

Another British success  —  the winner being Z. Treybal’s Bristol saloon.


The Alpine Rally

Further conclusive British successes. Allard, Jaguar, H.R.G. and SunbeamTalbot win ‘Coupes des Alpes’ awards. Outright class wins by Jaguar, Healey, Sunbeam-Talbot and H.R.G. cars.

British prestige has received another upward lift as a result of the arduous Alpine Rally. Although a Healey, an H.R.G. and a Bentley saloon were delayed or eliminated by crashes, and Darby’s H.R.G. had to be disqualified for losing its time-card, British cars as a whole did remarkably well in this event, which is one on the results of which the world’s car-buying public certainly focuses.

Gott’s H.R.G. overheated while climbing the Izoard Pass, and Norman Garrard’s new Sunbeam-Talbot Ninety wasn’t as fast as the others of its team or a 2-litre tourer of this make. The latter car later skidded and went over the edge on the descent of the Col d’Allos, and Donald Healey sportingly lost all chance of clocking-in on time, as he stopped to render first aid, as did Appleyard (Jaguar) and his doctor-passenger. In the closing stages Wisdom suffered a bent selector on his Sunbeam-Talbot Ninety, losing third and top gear, a Ford V8’s gearbox came even more to pieces; Wurstenberger hit a pedestrian in his M.G., Potter lost a wing from his Allard, and a B.M.W. most inconveniently started to misfire. The final tests clinched British superiority, for although Darnat’s Delahaye made best time, our cars were first in four out of five classes, and the H.R.G.s of Mrs. Mitchell, Gott and Richmond won the Foreigner’s Team Prize. Citroën netted the French Team Prize, and the One-Make Team Prize hadn’t been awarded as we closed for Press.


Coupes des Alpes Awards  —  Appleyard (Jaguar);  Potter and May (Allard);  Murray-Frame and Onslow-Bartlett (Sunbeam-Talbot); Gautruche and Mazalon (Citroën); Claude and Clause (Lancia);  M. and Mme. Descollas (Lancia); ichards (H.R.G.);  Auriach (Simca Eight)

Class Winners  — 

Over 3-litres:  Appleyard (Jaguar).

2 to 3 Litres:   Healey (Healey).

1-1/2 to Litres:  Murray-Frame (SunbeamTalbot).

1,100 c.c. to 1-1/2 Litres:  M. and Mme. Descollas (Lancia).

Up to 1,100 c.c:  Richards (H.R.G.)


Liverpool M.C.- Wallasey Sand Racing 

Warburton’s Allard was the outstanding performer at this worthwhile meeting.


One Lap (Sports):  1, H.D.  Pritchard (Allard);  2,  G. Warburton (Allard);  3,  R. E. Shapley (Healey). Time, 1 min. 1.6 sec.

One Lap (Racing):  1., J. H. Walton (Alta);  2,  F. Johnson (Ford Special); 3, H.D. Pritchard (Allard). Time, 1 min. 2.8 sec.

Five Lap  (Sports):  1. G. Warburton (Allard);  2.  H. D. Pritchard (Allard);  3,  R. E. Shapley (Healey). Time, 4 min. 50 sec.

Five Lap (Racing): 1, G. Warburton (Allard);  2.  R. D. Pritchard (Allard); 3,  H. Walton (Alta). Time, 4 min. 53 sec.

Ten Lap Handicap:  1.  T. Lund (Lund Special);  2,  V. R. Pilkington (M.G.);  3.  F. Johnson (Ford Special).


Circuit Des Remparts

The 63.8-mile final of this event developed into a most intriguing Simca-Gordini — -Cisitalia battle and the Simca won in the end, after Loyer’s Cisitalia had suffered clutch trouble and been pushed over the line. Manzon made fastest lap, at 44.5 m.p.h.


1st : Prince Igor (Simca-Gordini), 41.8 m.p.h.

2nd: G. Michellet (Cisitalia).

3rd : R. Loyer (Cisitalia),


Stop Press

As we close for Press we learn that the R.A.C. has secured Silverstone Track for twelve months and that the first International Grand Prix to be held in this country since the War will be run there on October 2nd.