Reports of Recent Events, August 1949

The Belgian Grand Prix
Rosier added to the prestige he gained at Silverstone, by winning the Belgian Grand Prix in his 4 1/2-litre Talbot, averaging 96.95 m.p.h. for the 314 miles. Villoresi’s Ferrari was second, 49 sec. behind, with Ascari’s Ferrari third, Whitehead’s Ferrari fourth, Claes’ Talbot fifth, Ashmore in the Maserati sixth, and Crossley driving the second of the G.P. Altas, which was only just finished in time, seventh, five laps behind the winner. Fangio’s Maserati broke a piston when in the lead, Campo’s Maserati also had engine trouble, Farina’s Ferrari crashed, Parnell the Unlucky had clutch bothers with his Maserati and Etancelin gearbox maladies with his Talbot. All finishers used Lodge plugs.

The Bridgehampton Sports-Car Races
The rather “Hell’s-a-poppin” sports-car races sponsored by the Lions Club of Bridgehampton, U.S.A . – the programme cover suggested a gymkhana, but inside we found pictures of veteran cars – produced a British victory and very good sport. The first race was won by J. Pauley’s Cisitalia, which averaged 64.09 m.p.h. on a run occupying 44 min. 56 sec. Kouns’ M.G. was second, only 0.1 sec. behind, with Lange’s M.G. third – a most exciting finish. Boswell’s Cisitalia hit a straw bale and Pompeo’s late-model 1 1/2-Litre F.I.A.T. developed transmission trouble. The second race was won by Sam Collier’s blown M.G. belonging to Briggs Cunningham, who averaged 67.64 m.p.h. (42 min. 35 sec.) and beat Lansing’s blown “PB” M.G. by 4 sec., with Tom Cole’s Jaguar 100, which last year broke a Prescott class record, third. Cole was credited in the programme with driving an XK Jaguar, but his driving, if not his car, came up to expectations. Hoffman’s Lea-Francis threw a rod. In the last race Cole was second, in his Jaguar, to Huntoon’s Alfa-Romeo, with Collier in the M.G. third. Retirements included Ceresole’s B.M.W. with low oil pressure, Cunningham’s Ferrari, which, driven by Rand, lapped at over 81 m.p.h., with a broken oil-pipe, Sabourin’s V12 Lagonda with the same trouble, and Hill’s Alfa-Romeo with a blocked fuel-line.

Albi Grand Prix
In the tropical July heat which all Europe has been enjoying, a new series of races was run at Albi on July 10th. Positions on the starting grid were determined this year by a 27 3/4-mile race, after which the Grand Prix proper, the Grand Prix of the President of the Republic, was contested over 188 miles o the 5 1/2-mile circuit, this race thus counting towards the A.C.F. Championship of France. The entries were confined to nine Maseratis, a 4 1/2-litre Delahaye and a brace of Lago-Talbots, together with Hampshire’s non-i.f.s., C-type Jamieson-E.R.A.

Practice was enlivened by Fangio lapping at 103.76 m.p.h., only 0.65 m.p.h. below Villoresi’s lap-record. The opening race was hectic, Murray, Ashmore and Sommer all using the same “escape road” at Montplaisir on the very first lap, and “Bira” retiring with a split induction manifold, Parnell damaging a valve seat and Hampshire losing oil pressure. Claes hit a tree in his Delahaye, and the race ended (none too soon!) with Fangio’s Maserati way out ahead, at 100.9 m.p.h., Farina second, 24.4 sec. behind and Rosier’s Talbot third. Fangio had lapped at 103.33 m.p.h.

The big race saw the legendary Fangio from the Argentine again an easy victor, his 4CTL Maserati coming home first at 98.19 m.p.h., 2 min. 39 sec. ahead of “Bira,” who had been lent a new induction manifold by Fangio. Rosier was again third in the Talbot, a lap behind “Bira,” followed by de Graffenried (Maserati) Mairesse (Talbot), Sommer (Talbot), Brooke (Maserati), Murray (Maserati), and Raph (Delahaye). Fangio again made fastest lap, at 102.17 m.p.h. The others were less happy, Parnell retiring after two laps due to his “over-revved” valve seat, Hampshire’s E.R.A. with absolutely no oil pressure. Sommer was seriously delayed by a faulty plug and drove thereafter like the ace he is to get sixth place, Farina’s hot Maserati refused the handle for re-starting after its refuelling stop and at Albi you mustn’t push, and “Bira” lost time disentangling from the straw bales he rather specialises in these days, his splendid driving alone securing him second place, while Murray’s Maserati suffered from low oil pressure. Fangio richly deserved to win-on driving, preparation and pit-work and control.

Ferrari Victorious in Swiss Grand Prix
The 1 1/2-litre V12 G.P. Ferrari with under-axle transverse rear suspension is a vastly improved car and won convincingly the Swiss Grand Prix, in the hands of Ascari, at 90.76 m.p.h. Villoresi also drove one of these cars instead of his usual Maserati and finished second, 57.6 sec. behind. Sommer celebrated his return to racing by finishing third in a Talbot. Behind came Etancelin’s Talbot, “Bira’s ” Maserati, Rosier’s Talbot, de Graffenried’s Maserati, Parnell in the ex-Villoresi Maserati, Whitehead’s now-better-behaved Ferrari, Levegh’s Talbot, Ashmore’s Maserati, Grignard’s Talbot, Cleas’ Talbot, Branca’s Maserati, Fischer’s Simca, Schell’s Talbot and Dattner’s Simca. Farina’s Maserati lapped at 95 m.p.h. before retiring with loss of oil pressure, compared to Ascari’s best, of 93.76 m.p.h. Whitehead lost most of his chance to practise due to a tooth coming off his Ferrari’s crown-wheel and Parnell was slowed in the hard-used Villoresi Maserati due to failing oil pressure.

Bremgarten Preis Sports-Car Race
This, the Swiss national sports car race, was won by Daetwyler’s 4 1/2-litre Alfa-Romeo at 80.3 m.p.h. for the 64 miles, beating Waeffler’s 2-litre B.M.W. The 1 1/2-litre class was won by Hirt’s A.F.M. at 74.08 m.p.h. from Seiler’s blown M.G.

Brighton & Hove M.G. Rally and Concours
Graced with perfect weather and the Mayor and Mayoress of both Brighton and Hove to present the prizes, this event on Brighton’s famous Madeira Drive was a signal success. S. G. Tett’s H.R.G. won the Rally-cum-driving tests, while a Farina-bodied Alfa-Romeo entered by N. H. Mann and Miss Pamela Bevan gained the Mermaid Trophy in the Concours.

Class A and B (open and closed cars up to 1,100 c.c.). – 1st: D. A. Pierpoint (F.I.A.T. 500). 2nd E. W. Quero (Triumph). 3rd: R.. W. Christmas. (M.G.).
Class C (open cars up to 1,500 c.c.). – 1st: S. G. E. Tett (H.R.G.). 2nd: G. A. Ruddock (H.R.G.). 3rd: E. G. Spence (F.M.W. Special).
Class D (closed cars up to 1,500 c.c.). – 1st: P. T. Harrington (Hillman Minx). 2nd: R. F. Peacock (Ford). 3rd: G. G. Harrington (Hillman Minx).
Class E (open cars over 1,500 c.c.). – 1st: Tie between G. Parker (Jaguette Special) and K. E. C. Burgess (Allard). 3rd: R. Chappell (C.S.M.). 4th: F. P. Dent (Allard).
Class F (closed cars over 1,500 c.c.). – 1st: K. H. Downing (Healey). 2nd: C. C. D. Miller (Healey). 3rd: R. S. Henson (Sunbeam-Talbot 90).
Team Award. – Brighton and Hove Motor Club
(Team C – Quero, Miller and Hollingsworth).
Premier Award (for best performance). – S. G. Tett (H.R.G.).

Class 1 (open cars manufactured on or after January 1st, 1946). – N. H. Mann (1948 Alla-Romeo).
Class 2 (closed cars manufactured on or after January 1st, 1946). – Mrs. G. Lotery (1949 RollsRoyce).
Class 3 (open cars manufactured between January 1st, 1938, and December 1st, 1945). – H. A. Pierpoint (1939 Alvis).
Class 4 (closed cars manufactured between January 1st, 1938, and December 31st, 1945). – A. Michaels. (1939 Bugatti).
Class 5 (open cars manufactured between January 1st, 1931, and December 31st, 1937). – W. A. L. Cook (1936 Bentley).
Class 6 (closed cars manufactured between January 1st, 1931, and December 31st, 1937). – S. E. Sears (1937 Rolls-Royce).
Class 7 (caravans). – R. M. Metcalfe (Siddall “Sunset”).
Class 8 (Vintage cars, 1920-1939). – W. J. Oldham. (1928 Austin).
Class 9 (Veteran and Edwardian cars manufactured before 1915). – S. B. Sears (1912 Rolls-Royce).
Mermaid Trophy (for the most attractive ensemble of car and lady). – N. H. Mann and Miss Pamela. Bevan (1948 Alfa-Romeo).

Rhydymwyn Speed Trials – July 9th


Peterborough M.C. Rally

Concours D’Elegance:
Class 1A (Pre-War Open). — A. C. Sears (1933 Frazer-Nash) (Peterborough Motor Club).
Class 1B (Pre-War Closed). — D. G. Norris (1939 F.I.A.T. 500) (Peterborough Motor Club).
Class 2A (Post-War Open). — P. J. Wills (1948 M.G. “TC”) (Peterborough Motor Club).
Class 2B (Post-War Closed). — I. G. Williams (1949 Austin A40) (Leicestershire Car Club).

Driving Tests:
Highest Aggregate Total of Marks. — Ken Scales (1,706-c.c. M.G.) (Leicestershire Car Club).
Class Winners. — Class I: A. Angell (847-c.c. “PA”) (Peterborough Motor Club). Class II: M. J. Walsh (1,172-c.c. Ford-Special) (Peterborough Motor Club). Class III: Ken Scales (1,706-c.c. M.G.) (Leicestershire Car Club).
Highest Aggregate Total of Marks by a Team. — Leicestershire Car Club: S. M. Frost (1,009-c.c. Standard), I. G. Wirnams (1,200-c.c. Austin), O. F. Williams (1,767-c.c. Lea-Francis).
Highest Aggregate Total of Marks by Member of the Promoting Club. — A. Angell (847-c.c. M.G. “PA”).

N.L.E.C.C. Point-to-Point
Held in Herts on July 12th, the results were: –
Winner. — R. V. Vining (“12/50” Alvis).
Runner-Up. – G. T. Jones (“TC” M.G.); 3rd : H. N. Brewer (Hillman Minx); 4th: D. F. Yiend (Austin “Nippy”); 5th: A. F. Rivers Fletcher (Riley Monaco); 6th: J. W. Evans (Riley Monaco); 7th: F. G. Crossley (M.G.); 8th: J. V. Lewis (Riley Nine “Kestrel “).

B.A.R.C. Eastbourne Rally
Glorious weather graced this popular event. In the hill-climb Appleton’s Allard made fastest time. The best time in the downhill brake test was put up by Freed’s Sunbeam-Talbot, and Appleton then scored best time in the quick-starting test, Tett (H.R.G.) and Ap leton tied in the “garaging” affair, Hunter’s H.R.G. in the steering test, and Appleton in the Rallye Soleil test. So naturally Appleton richly deserved the Eastbourne Challenge Trophy.

Eastbourne Challenge Trophy (for best performance). — J. H. Appleton (Allard).
Ladies’ Award. — Mrs. J. Cooke (Ford Anglia).
Novices’ Award. — J. S. Grose (2 1/2-litre Riley saloon).
First-Class Awards. — L. J. Hollingsworth (Ford Special), P. H. G. Morgan (Morgan “4/4 “), R. S. Henson (Hillman Minx), R. Walshaw (Hillman Minx), E. I. Appleyard (Morris Minor), Mrs. J. Cooke (Ford Anglia), E. S. Ridley (M.G.), A. S. Lusty (M.G.), A. E. A. Day (H.R.G.), S. G. E. Tett (H.R.G.), A. B. Hunter (H.R.G.), W. A. G. Goodall (Morgan) C. J. Turner (Jowett Javelin), G. R. Hartwell (Sunbeam-Talbot “90 “), S. M. Lawry (Jowett Javelin), J. Appleton (Allard), M. F. P. Marshall (Allard), P. W. S. White (Ford Pilot), J. S. Grose (2 1/2-litre Riley).
Standard Awards. — C. M. Anthony (Morgan “4/4”), V. S. A. Biggs (Ford Special), W. Freed (Sunbeam-Talbot), R. F. Peacock (Ford), P. C. Harper (Hillman), D. B. Yorke-Long (Lancia), L. M. Lomax (Hillman Minx), K. Wharton (Ford Anglia), J. C. C. Mayers (M.G.), E. Ainsworth (Triumph), M. H. Lawson (H.R.G.), P. K. Braid (M.G.), J. A. Young (M.G.), C. G. Gibbs (M.G.), H. B. Stutchbury (M.G.), R. C. Matthews (Aston-Martin), P. L. Pulver (Lancia “Aprilia”), D. T. Russell (Triumph), R. Chappell (C.S.M.), J. G. Crowther (Lancia), K. E. O. Burgess (Allard), D. W. Price (Allard).
Concours D’Elegance. — Class A (open cars up to 2,000 c.c. first registered before January, 1941) and Class C (open cars exceeding 2,000 c.c. first registered before January, 1941), judged together: H. W. L. Pierpoint (Alvis). Class B (closed cars up to 2,000 c.c. first registered before January, 1941) and Class D (closed cars exceeding 2,000 c.c. first registered before January, 1941), judged together: S. E. Bates (Mercédès-Benz). Class E (open cars up to 2,000 c.c. registered on and after January 1, 1941): K. T. J. Bone (Alvis). Class F (closed cars up to 2,000 c.c. registered on and after January 1, 1941): let, P. C. Harper (Humber Hawk); 2nd, A. S. Tilley (Singer S.M.1500). Class G (open cars exceeding 2,000 c.c. registered .on and after January 1, 1941) : N. H. Mann (AlfaRomeo). Class H (closed cars exceeding 2,000 c.c. registered on and after January 1, 1941): 1st, G. Lotery (Rolls-Royce); 2nd, P. S. Whaley (Bentley); 3rd, W. M. Couper (Jaguar).

Lake Garda Formula II Race
This race had additional interest from our point of view because Stirling Moss took his Cooper1,000 out. In the first heat Villoresi’s Ferrari won at 70.45 m.p.h., with Tardini’s Ferrari 2 min. 15.6 sec. behind, and Moss 43.4 sec. behind Tardini in third place — truly creditable! Villoresi won the final at 70.56 m.p.h. from Tardini, and again Moss was third, and winner of the 1,100-c.c. class, 4 min. behind Villoresi.

Leinster Races — July 9th
The abandoned Leinster Trophy races were replaced by more simple fare, of which the principal winner was McCrea (R-type M.G.), the remaining races being won by Miss Ingram (M.G.), Stephenson (S.A.R.) and Fitzsimmons (Vernon-Derby-Riley).

Middlesborough & District M.C.C. Redcar Sand Races — July 16th
Winners comprised: -1 1/2-litre mile: Faulkner (Riley Nine); 2 1/2-litre mile: Tyrer (B.M.W.); 4 1/2-litre mile: Faulkner (Riley Nine); 20-mile Handicap: Tyrer (B.M.W.), from Lund’s Singer and Faulkner.

Cheltenham M.C. Rally, July 16th
Winner of Rally and Concours D’Elegance (E. Scott-Cooper Challenge Trophy). — J. M. Readings (M.G.).
Winner of Concours D’Elegance. — G. Lotery (Rolls-Royce).
Ladies’ Award. — Mrs. E. Brough (Morris).
Class Awards for Best Performance in Rally and Concours D’Elegance Combined – Closed cars up to 1 litre: A. L. Barges (M.G.). Closed Cars 1 to 2 litres: J. M. Readings (M.G.). Open cars over 2 litres: J. H. Appleton (Allard). Closed cars over 2 litres: K. H. Downing (Healey).
Class Awards in Road Section Only. — Open cars up to 1 litre: V. E. de Blaquiere (Austin). Closed cars up to 1 litre: A. M. Radcliffe (Morris). Open cars 1 to 2 litres: C. L. Bold (Bold). Closed cars 1 to 2 litres: J. M. Readings (M.G.). Open cars over 2 litres: J. H. Appleton (Allard). Closed cars over 2 litres: K. H. Downing (Healey).
Class Awards in Concours D’Elegance Only. — Closed cars up to 1 litre: A. M. Radcliffe (Morris). Open cars 1 to 2 litres: H. F. Dennis (Rover), Closed cars 1 to 2 litres: I. B. J. Manners (Riley). Open cars over 2 litres: Mrs. M. E. Fowler (Jaguar). Closed cars over 2 litres: G. Lotery (Rolls-Royce).

Rally in Iran
A number of motoring enthusiasts on the British staff of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company at the main oilfields centre of Masjid-i-Sulaiman, South Iran, recently formed a motor club. A rally was held in late April of this year.

The programme, which included a Concours d’Elegance, consisted of five timed road sections over a course approximately 60 kilometres in length, some sections of which would have satisfied even those enthusiasts for the “Alpine.”

The rallying point was a disused aerodrome in the foothills where a number of special tests were carried out.

Entries were many and varied, ranging from a 1926 Buick to a 1948 Vauxhall ‘Velox,” the latter gaining first place in the Concours and, competently drjven by Mrs. T. J. Harper, winning the Ladies Award and finishing seventh in the final placings.

Premier award for the best performance of the day was won by a Standard Fourteen, driven by D. S. Harrison.

Class awards were as follows:
Cars up to 13 H.P. — C. B. Wanton (SunbeamTalbot Ten).
Cars Over 13 H.P. — W. R. A. Reid (Vauxhall Fourteen).
Pre-War CAars. — J. R. Lawrence (Chevrolet).