RUMBLINGS, August 1950




August 26th ranks as an exceedingly important date in British. motor-racing and every enthusiast in the country will do

August 26th

his and her best to be at Silverstone on that day. Backed to the hilt by the motor minded Daily Express, the British Racing

minded Daily Express, the British Racing Drivers Club will put on a first-class rave meeting. The big event is, of course, the Daily Express Formula I International Trophy Race to be run in two 15-lap (45 mile) heats and a 35-lap (105 mile) Final. The 13.11.M. is due to make its initial appearance–tivo ears have been entered, and will be met by two 158 Alfa-Romeos, probably driven by Fangio and Farina,. a team of Ferraris and the usual Maseratis and Talbots—so full-dress Grand Prix battle will be seen by the hundreds of thousands of spectators who are expected to flock to Silverstone. The other big event is the One-Hour Production Car Race for unsupercharged standard production cars, handicapped on a cubic capacity basis. Entrants must use fuel of approximately 80-octane rating, supplied by the organisers.

The Daily Express is determined to make this the finest motor-race meeting ever held in this (ountry. There will be all manner of attractions besides the big race with its field of the very latest Grand Prix ears handled by Continental and British ” aces.” The popular 10-lap (30 mile race) for Formula 111 500-c.c. cars will again be one of the ” curtain-raisers,” and is certain to be very warmly contested. A four-cylinder Italian ” 500 ” and some of the D.B.s may possibly come over. Another very worthwhile show will be a parade of historic sports and racing ears, and since MoTon SPORT suggested a race for vintage and Edwardian racing ears at this venue as long ago as last November, we are truly glad that this demonstration will take place—it will not be a race, however. All the wellknown Edwardians from the 1908 Rata to the 1014 G.P. Sunbeams and T.T. Humber are expected to run, together with representative examples of well-known, well-preserved vintage sports-ears. The Vintage Sports Car Club has been honoured with being asked to arrange this part of the programine—which will be reminiscent of those excellent s.u.n.T. Cavalcades which so enlivened the motoring outlook during the bleak days of 1946.

We no longer have petrol coupons to contend with and the Daily Express should get a record attendance at Silverstone on August 26th and one which will tax the. traffic controllers to the utmost. However, delays or no delays in arriving and leaving, you musT be at Silverstone on this auspicious occasion. And if the BAIL wins, just for once let us show our approval with. true Continental fervour. A few feeble handclaps as the chequered nag goes down would be an insult to Raymond Mays and the Trust . . . The advice is, go earlier than ever, this time. IVe would go

further and say, if you possibly can, camp on the Friday night in the fields adjacent to the circuit. For the British Grand