The National Sports-Car Races and the International 500-c.e. Race al, Zandvoort on June 11th were held in perfect summer weather and drew large crowds. 11.R.II. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands visited the Circuit in the afternoon and watched the 500-e.e. and tile over 2-litre (lass for sport-cars. Classes A and II (up to 750 c.c. and 750-1000 c.c.) ran together. Victory in Class A went. to Hoogeveen in a Minor, who did 15 laps in 39 ruin. 11.8 sec. Average 90.28 After him finished : Nortior on a Renault, 1,angestraat on a Parthard. It liSlaneWer and Jonkers on a Renault : V. D. K lot ster OR a D.K.W. and Strolenberg on a 13.M.W. Fastest lap was made by Hoogeveen in 2 min. 35.1 see. (97.32 k.p.h.). Class Ii was marked by the duel between van Houten On a F.I.A.T. and Visser on his 1933 M.G. Magna. After leading for four laps, Visser was passed by van Houten and later his gear lever broke and he lost much time. Van Houten won in 37 min. 27.2 see, average 100.76 k.p.h.. Fastest, lap, van ‘linden in ••••••••■•••• ***** 2 ruin. 25.9 see. (103.45 k.p.h.). Second was Reys on it Skoda, then followed

Piekstaa Oosten (Riley), van Toren (Simea), Zwart (M.G.) and Visser (M.G.).

Class C started with a fierce duel betWeen vait der Lot’ ou a TD And GOAS011ill.CS on his 11-10 re Galsowhich ended only NO win Gatsonides, after making the fastest lap in 2 min. 18.5 sec. (108.99 k.p.h.), broke a wheel. Van der Lot took the lead and won in 30 ruin. 29.8 sec. (103.38 k.p.Ii.). lalf-a-minutc hehind kiln three TI) M.G.s finished within 1 sec. of each other. They were Ku hire, Molenaar and Itoeloffzen. Flinterman was fifth, on a F.I.A.T., follmved by ten Brijggeneate on a M.G. and Brands on a M.G. The 2-litre class was a clear victory for Roosdorp (Ferrari). after his only wellmounted opponent, Van der ‘rutin on a Cotura, left the road when leading in the first. lap. Roostiorp won in 34 min. 22.2 sec. (1(19.79 k.p.h.) and did a lap in 2 rain. 13.2 sec. (113.32 k.p.h.). His best ••••••••••

practice-lap WaS 2 min. 08 RCC. (118 Beemsterboer (11.NLW.) was -second, van Rarnshorst (Bugalti) third. and GOttgens (Citroen) fourth. ‘Die International 500 race was a clear vietory for Kern Wharton (al a Cooper after a tussle with Parker (Parker Special) in the first; half of the race. Parker made fastest lap in 2 Min. 10.1 sec. (110.03 k.p.h.), but Wharton won in 38 min. 25.4 sec. (17 laps average 113.2 k.p.h.), followed by ‘Watkins on a Cooper second, Headland, Dillenius and Cox on Cr 1(11 and the Belgians Van Ibmw and Hanlet. over

2-litre class was won in it magnificent way by Tielens on a I kdahaye. Gatson ides fen out after a very good start and Van Dieten on it Jaguar XK 120 was very wild, but managed to stay in second place, followed by Barenclregt on a Gatso, Sijthoff on a Healey, Van Dijk (Ford), Reiehman (Lago). Ilernaards (Ford) and Van llumpt (Delahaye). Tielens’ average was 112 k.p.h. (time 33 min. 41.8 sec.) and his best lap Was done in 2 min. 09.9 see. (116.2 k.p.h.).