Peter Whitehead’s VI2 If-litre Ferrari Runs Away from the 4-cylinder 16-valve Maseratis of Parnell and de Graffenried to Win at Record Speed of 90.94 m.p.h. David Hampshire in the Headlines with Fastest Practice and Race Laps Bob Gerard an Excellent Fourth

JERSEY is a quite exceptional place. Its bicycles carry numbers and pay an annual tax ! Apart front that. you see plenty of new cars about, exempt front purchase tax, the scenery draws particularly carefree crowds of holidaymakers, the girls sport the most wonderful beach and sun-wearfashions: If it rains at times it soon clears up and once a year the road race is staged in the perfect setting of St. Helier Bay. This year’s race was rim in t hundery sunshine punctuated by occasional raindrops and showed t In• nuperiority of 1 he

V12 Ferrari over t Ile four-cylinder Ma-seratis a i id t lic polish. of Peter Whitehead’, (Irking.

The 3.2-mile Jersey lap calls for speed and long-wearing brakes because it is mostly straight. The race distance of 176 miles took quite a toll of the 19 starters. David Hampshire, driving a Seuderia Ambrosia0a 4 aur Maserati, hit the headlines with a fastest practice lap of 94.12 m.p.h. The Jersey Marnilig News and other local papers gave hint particularly generous mentions. ‘Whitehead clocked 93.51 m.p.h., Gerard-the-Irrepressible 92.6 m.p.h. arid Harrison 92.31 m.p.h., so Mast.rtit i, Ferrari, and two elderly E.R.A.s

sic, he front row ofthe grid. ,s,,i, a • interest was taken from the race ‘hiron and Rol annot weed that their – ‘ irks ” Maseratis wouldn’t be ready In come over, but those of Baron de Graffenried (whose eltarinitig -small daughter had the time of her life beguiling Chief Marshal Perrio with sweets into allowing her to collect (lr iverS.:ottograpIts), and ” 13ira ” were flown to Jersey. Charles Mortimer also flew in to replace Baring as driver of the lone H.W.M., While T. Branca’s 1,490-c., ,. slim% rctiitteed H. L. Brooke’s Maserat i. Peter Logan flew out of Jersey to collect spares for his Cooper 1,100, but had to non-start

nevertheless. The only ot I or nonstarter was . ref) ic Bo t I I•rwor1 It, whose four-wheel ihive .i Ii. is it) &Inger or becoming :,,ociated with. the schic in this respect. 11 was too slow to qualify -and t I liN must have been slow, for Merriek’s Cool sr 1,100 got in on a lapspeed of only 72.45 m.p.h.

And so. morning rain giving place to a sultry afternoon, t hey lined up on the grill and Earl Howe introduced the Lieut.Governor to the drivers. The grid order was as follows, figures denoting the qualifying lap-speed in m.p.h. : 0. Hampshire (Maserati)-P. N. Whitehead (Ferrari)F. It. Gerard (E.R.A.)-T. C. Itarrison 94.12 93.51 92.6 92.31 de Graftenrled (taserati)–91.87 11. N. Shove-Taylor (R.It.A.)–91.68 it. Parnell (Maserati)-90.14 A. P. 11011(Delaste)-89.72 J E elly (Alta)–,S9.44 “13 itira” (Maserati)-88.sti D. Murray (laserati)—90.75 J. Ashmore (Mtserati)-86.99 Duncitn-litaniltort (Maserat1)–35,S4 W. S. Aston ((‘ooer)-89.84 braucii (Sina.a.)-01.90 mortinter (U.W.itt,)-83.0 G. Crowley (Alta)-82.76 A. (1. Whitehead (E.1LA.)-02.01 lt. W. Merrick (Cooper) -72.15 As zero hour drew near ” Dunlop Mae” inflated the Pirelli tyres of ” Bira’a rather scruffy Maserati, Norman Freeman viewed dubiously the somewhat worn Dtmlops on Shawe-Taylor’s E.R.A., Par nell had wheel-wobble at low speed in his Maserati on the parade lap and just

before John Morgan dropped the Jersey flag to start the ram I larrison’s mechanic shouted advice into his tsir. They oust ft got avvay in a magnificent. bunch hot (rosley anti Murray were hesitant and Tony !toll stalled the engine of Waltcr’s ra111.011S Old I)Ciage :Old html to lie ple.thed, a brier ,paCe orI nue, it seemed, the leader’. Were ro;tring down to, and braking hard kir, Vest Park

hairpiti corner. Whitehead led by 2.4 see. front Parnell, who cornered very wide, ” Bira.” de Graffenried, Ilanspshire, peering down into his cockpit, Gerard, Harrison, Aston, well up for an unblown Cooper, Ashmore, Kelly, his Alta very noisy, Shawe-Taylor, A. G. 11’hitellead who had passed Duncan-Hamilton ; it ParkMiirt infer, Crossley, Bratica, Murray. and Merrick. Whitehead completed I his standing lap at 87.94 m.p.h. Next time round Whitehead had bigger lead and glanced :it his rear tyres and looked round generally. as he took West Park Corner. He was worried

because one cylinder head had cracked and couldn’t be replaced before the start.

Parnell was untidy here, liesit at ing. glancing back at the puff of blue smoke his car emitted, and the clutch seeming to slip. Dirt showed where fuel had slopped front the Mier in the Mil. ShaweTaylor passed Ashmore on this corner, avoiding I ai I-sliding Aston. 1 lamps I i re’s Mnserati was misfiring–could he have over-revved it during his fast wactice lap 7 II hair laps A. G. White head had caught Ashmore out Crossley P assed hint before lap live, at the end of whieh, I it er WillIVIIS’ad ICA the race by 13.6 sec.. at i0275 m.p.h. De Graffenrieil had passed ‘• Bira ‘ to take Bard place, 7.6 see. behind Parnell. lie

ddentally,. the Baron was wearing a motor-cycle sort of crash-hat and goggles and the latter he continually wiped with his hands-in view of the overcast sky and his experience at Goodwood we should have expected Rita to wear a vizor. He went up to third place when ” flint ” experimICC(I supercharger trouble and limped in, to retire. The first rei ireiniait had been Rolt’s Delage_ with a split inlet nemifold, Tony walking back, to watch tit(‘ Me/. rrOnl. kVeSi Park. Merriek’s Cooper 1.0110 lout pulled into its pit for plugs and tappet adjustment a few minutes earlier. l’eter Whitehead’s Ferrari sounded beautiful and he began to glance over his shoulder for Parnell, for after ten laps he led him by 27.6 sec., at 93.11 m.p.h. De Graffenried was driving well, if a bit ” showy ” at times, 19 see. behind Reg. and in fourth place, controlled by his wife. from Ids pit , calm! Bob Gerard, driving with :tliso te p ree i s on and watching for a falter loan t hue foreign cars. He was, after 10 laps. 35 sce, lattind de Graffenried. Hampshire went to his pit to investigate his engine’s irregularity, falling to 111th place from haunt.. Harrison hint been relentlessly pursuing Gerard, but Oil the eighth lap his carburetter began to discard parts and although his meet is till’s took spares out to I A.M., VMS i Vcry botIL lute before he resumed. Mettumwhtile I t I nosltire was making up lost time, passing outside Ashmore at West Park, Aston indulged in a tail slide at this (slow) corner, Murray retired with ‘a cracked Inlet manifold and Mortimer used the pavement going into West Park ; A. G. Whitehead made quite a practice of this, later. Once Ashmore had baulked de Graffenried, who waved his right arm, Kelly almost. came to a stop on West Park each lap, then roared away, and A. G. Whitehead’s E.R.A. clung to Asloraire’s E.R.A., until the latter’s brakes 1)(,•an’ to ASIthaore had a more and more hectic drive from 1 lien on, his front axle tramp(Om/timed on page 394.)

.1 Ell.S’E Y RO. I D R.ICE

-roitilu two’ l’critic !nay 390 ing and his car frequently going up lite ese;Lpe area al. “%Vest Park. D.; Graffenrieil hail closed on Parnell, kilo 011e rotind shook his head in displeasure at his own perform:Lung. round %Vest Park, and Peter ‘Whitehead was running zuway 3vith the race, haviiwg a 1(.10 of 45.2 sic’. after 1:5 laps (93.13 m.p.h.). .‘ lap later de Graffent.icd passed Parnell. Merrick lost five more minutes changing tile Cooper’s plugs. Ilarrison’s l’. I4..-. went a little NVay 011ly 10 stop again and by 211 his N.Vhitelleaul led by 54 see., de Graffenried se(gind and 21 see. ahead of l’arnell. in spite of having to follow Kelly on one lap and Nlortimer oh the next. through Vest l’ark.

It seemed as if VItitellead was continuing to lap at speed in order to gain tinge for a refuud and, sure enough, he came in and was oil again in 20 seconds, Odell th.e.M. loud Claps friar the crowded stands and enclosures.

Both t’oopers retired with broken Just ons about this lime and !wither NVIliteln•Lid snatched more fuel for his E.II.A., taking 34 st•emills. I lantpshire ‘Was maintaining t Ile promise he 101(1 shown in praefice. After falling to I) it place he had pulled bael: to fourth, disjilacing I lie ever-sti•ady Gerard, Icy 19 laps, tool to (10 this 10. 1001 set a new u•a(e lap-reemil of 94.43 11.1). Ii. (2 min. 2 sec.) on his 18th eirtalit. This

is 1.54 slu,wer tit:in the 4″4/111Se laprecord set. up 1E3Villoresi ( 1aserati) during practice last year. Alas. four laps later David was out with magneto I rouble. (;t•rard was thus reinstated in fourth place and Shawc-Taylor was again giving :t splendid driving exhibition, being firth, ahead of Crossley. Al 23 laps, or nearly hall’ way, VIiitehead’s Ferrari led th • Itaxon by 18.8 see.,

91.9411t.p.11., and sounded as healthy aS ever, the linver speed due only to the refuelling stop. This gap 10. increased to 33’4 s”.• livt’ hilts talt’r, his average up Inc 92.12 m.p.h.. It wits cli astonishing demons’ rat ion.

Gralleitried and Parnell both refutelled at alnint the sante distance and sit lc lost 30 sec.. so that uit 39 laps they still lay su.yount and third. !tug 07 see. to the bad The Ferrari was away out ahead of eLyryone and IIVO laps 11114’341 of many, axt.raging 92.12 m.p.h.

Charles Nlortiuner pa,used for 25 see, to refuel llw smart -lie Was ahead of the Simea for the entire race, both of I fies(• ears sminding sick limy:oils the u.nd, the pau•licularly sic, but Inutemillantillon had eventuall3girl a‘v.ty 11.0111 these 11111110WII ears, MO 11111111111 41Vel’ IO l’.0111erillghalll-l’arker al the refuel stop. Ity 35 laps 1Vhilplicaul was up 10 all 11Vel’age 01’92.16 M.p.h. and I Mill, 29.6 S1.1. ahead of (le Gralfenried. Iii’ tio3v liegan to ease up -as he could so well afford lo do ! Parnell ‘cents laSI (losing oil the Baron, being nom111111y 1:I.8 Ser. behind 1{0I II NtaSeeltliS were throwing lo state the obvious one gets the impression 111:11 these ECI,Ts are no longer the new ears they once were NVItitelicad eased to 1)2.24 m.p.h. after -40 laps, yet. increased the time-gap bet ween himself’ and thy Itaron 1,3.1 mill. tts0 see. Clearly Gralfeuiried seas discomfited, although Parnell ‘‘.;usuCt quite so close now. being 19.8 see. behind. Gerard had had it tlds time in paint of speed, although, had the race been on points Imsed on driving skill he would have been all right! Ile was 50.2 see. behind Parnell, lIarrison finally gave up. Asimun’e refuelled in 30 see., I?elly in 71: See., the Alta 111’411,4 more SO011 art t•rwards over brake adjustment. Crossley’s stop for fuel occutiLied 55 see. .1nd so the race looked to have run its course-1%161(11e:01, de Ciraffenried, Parnell, Gerard, Thu Ferrari was cIL•ar13ahsolutely supreme and was giving -as a Ione car driven by an 11.:nglislunten• a yardstick of what the 11.1{.NI. will have to do to yin on this course. The Swiss driver had. outdriL.en Parnell but was IIIONV -worried by oil on his un,ggles. (;i•rard was an impeccable batt.11L. Ilmvever, it was not to end II tins ! De Graffenried lucid to call at his pit for more oil, which cost. hint t:WO 1111111111eS. Parnell was only 5 see. 18.11111(1 al •I.5 1111/S alllt now N‘’ellI paSt iiltdc See111141 illaee. The Ilaron might have emight. him., he very like1v wouldn’t have done so, butt i he mat t er Was S1’l t led beyond argument when he thitnibed down into his vockpit again as he rounded Vest l’ark t’orner. ;old lost :Lind her six minutes,

putting in ‘,owe oil. This left Iteg safe for a bad second to the flying Ferrari, so very ablv driven 1,3Peter 1VItileltead, a steady driver who is rapid 13making an illustrious name for himself. .lerse3: had a popular winner in the red-faced farmer from .‘rborlield. ItigItt at the end. too, Ashmore, flagged to his pit. adjusted the (Oft worn-out brakes of his 1.:.11..‘.

Results :

S. Whitehead (Vernon. 35 laps in I lir.

3(1 min. 2.1l 00.94 111.1).11.). 211(I : It. l’arnell (Maseratit 51 laps in I lir. 51intin. 7.2 so,, isp,:m

drd : Noon F… de (hdifenried Oh:wrath. laPs ill Ill’. 37 lain.

lIt: tierard (1.1.11…1.1, 54 laps Inc 1 hr. 3; min. :11,ssir, (55.22 111.100. I n I lin

57 min. 37..1 Si’. (m7,591)1400.

1,,v.vtexl lip: I). IlainpAtitv . 1min.:: see.

1111.9.1111.101.1. NVIalelleall, Parnell and de Graffenried were presented to the I,ient.-Governor inmegliately after the race. 1VItitelucad sit cup a 10.3v race reeoril, beating the previous tastes! ((;crard in 191.8) Ity 11.01 The rave is slopp(si as scroll as I lie wittier 1111ISSeS the hoe, Ilote

that P31’11111 look longer to complete 172.8 miles than IVIiitcheaui did to drive I he hill 170 miles. Five laps from the finish the Fu•rrari led Parnell by 2 min. 13.6 see.

This race is uu L-alutable taw, bevause it introduces a large new imblie -1111. Jersey holiday-makers and resi(14.•tuts -to inotor-racity,. Last year the tragic fitt al accident to K. 1V. Bear and the bad weather made the outlook grint but this )’car all went well and if cc profit was shirty’) we may hope l’or another Jersey rare in 1931. The course, if not as interesting as fled in the I.O.M.,. calls I’m plenty or stantilla. 111111 SpVell 141111 is ShIlalell against a delighl(‘ul background. 4, 4, ()nee again. daily iiiper support Leas fot•Itwomiter. NVILitelwad woo the //Wig/ 6;rophic. Similar’ ‘Times lirit islt-u tri vet% and Jersey Stales Trophies. 1:250 presenl1’d.1,3the !laity (:).(iphit. and 1:101) pre,ctitcil by (lie Sunday Parnell took the

Ilettiek Trophy and 4:1.50, de Graffenried the Perrin ‘rrophy and 4:100.

Ihret)ft Seoul’ lleNv to the race in a Transair Avr0 ,kriston. (hi the island our photographer was inspired by continually coming across ne‘v twin-cylinder Norton motor’c’ycles, whir:1 you never see on the mainland. NVotiderfal place, Jersey !