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PASSMASTER—Triumph of Optical Research. Throws a powerful beam to the near side of the road only—eliminates dazzle. ROADMASTER—Range 300 ft. Width 80 ft,

SPEEDMASTER—Range 600 ft. Width over 40 ft. Recommended for private cars, particularly those under 20 h.p.

FOGMASTER—Range 400 ft. Width 80 ft.

DRIVEMASTER—Range 800 ft. Width over 40 ft. Recommended for larger cars and commercial vehicles.

The superb Notek beam can only be achieved by using Notch Mazda 36W. horizontal filament bulbs. NeZtI Derelopmrnfs NOTEK REVERSING LIGHT NOTEK ROAD EMERGENCY FLARE °Nal indite rom Garages and Motor Jenis

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