The Bo’ness International Speed Hill-Climb held on Saturday afternoon, June 30th, attracted a large crowd and was a most interesting meeting. The weather was fine all the time. It was extremely well organised. The marshals were efficient, without being officious and were very friendly and most helpful. Although so many records were broken, there were only two slight incidents, one at Paddock Bend with A. B. M. McCourtney in his Singer, and the other at the Snake Bend, when N. E. M. McCartney in a Singer went up both banks, but straightened out and carried on. The only disappointing factor was that Dennis Poore was unable to take part. During his second practice run on Friday he broke the main shaft. The car was rushed to Joseph Potts’ works at Belshill and mechanics worked on it all night, and throughout, the day. Right up to the last minute all were hopeful that it would be ready, but apparently it was impossible to repair in time.

Ken Wharton, who made the fastest time; drove magnificently and thrilled the crowd of enthusiastic spectators. In the 500 c.c. class in Pat Prosser’s Cooper he reduced the record from 39.7 to 38.8 sec., and in the 751-1,100-c.c. class, driving his 1,000-c.c. Cooper, he made the fastest time of the day in 34.60 sec.

In the Vintage Class the record was broken five times—the winner eventually being Pat Melville who in his first run recorded 44.23 sec. And if there was a prise for the beet-looking car, T. H. May would most certainly have got, it for his beautifully turned out Bentley.

Results :

RACING CARS UP TO 500-C.C.—1st: K. Wharton (Cooper), 38.38 sec.; 2nd: N. Sanderson (Cooper), 39.46 sec.; 3rd: A. W. Richards (J.B.S.), 39.44 sec.
751 TO 1,100-C.C.—1st: K. Wharton (Cooper), 34.60 sec.; 2nd: R. T. Haddow (Cooper), 36.81 sec.; 3rd: R. Flockhart (J.P.-Vincent), 37.22 sec.
1,101 TO 1,500-C.C.—1st: D. Murray (E.R.A.), 38.01 sec.; 2nd: J. Fisher (Fisher Special), 41.26 sec.; 3rd: M. A. H. Christie (Kieft), 43.49 sec.
1,501 TO 2,000-C.C.—1st: K. Wharton (E.R.A.), 34.97 sec.; 2nd: J. Brown (H.W.M.), 39.17 sec.
2,001 TO 3,000-C.C.—1st: P. J. Stuberfield (Bugatti), 37.84 sec.; 2nd: A. Brooke (Vauxhall Villers), 40.69 sec.
OVER 3,001-C.C.—1st: S. H. Allard (Allard), 36.04 sec.
SUPERCHARGED SPORTS CARS, 501 TO 750-C.C.—1st: J. A. Wilson (M.G.), 45.49 sec.
751 TO 1,100-C.C.—1st: A. H. B. Craig (M.G. Special), 44.06 sec.
1,101 TO 1,500-C.C.—1st: C. D. F. Buckler (Buckler), 42.92 sec.; 2nd: T. Lund (M.G.), 43.02 sec.; 3rd: J. A. C. Hunter (M.G.) 46.49 sec.
UNSUPERCHARGED SPORTS CARS, 751 TO 1,100-C.C.—1st: A. M. Calder (Riley), 46.04 sec.; 2nd: J. C. Monerieff (Singer), 47.55 sec.; 3rd: J. F. Borland (Lagonda Rapier), 49.17 sec.
1,101 TO 1,500-C.C.—1st: I. Hopper (Hooper Special), 41.98 sec.; 2nd: P. Reece (Cooper), 43.48 sec.; 3rd: C. W. I. Jeffrey (H. R. G.), 44.99 sec.
1,501 TO 2,000-C.C.—1st: D. H. Murray (Frazer-Nash), 41.21 sec.; 2nd: A. Reid (Omega), 42.08 sec.; 3rd: J. F. Gibbon (Rover Special), 42.29 sec.
2,001 TO 3,000-C.C.—1st: J. R. Stewaart (Healey), 42.45 sec.; 2nd: W. A. Brearley (Healey), 42.79 sec.; 3rd: W. G. G. Brand (Healey), 43.35 sec.
OVER 3,001-C.C.—1st: G. Warburton (Allard), 38.31 sec.; 2nd: E. N. R. Hewitt (Allard), 40.98 sec.; 3rd: F. G. Curtis (Allard), 42.20 sec.
VINTAGE CARS—1st: W. P. S. Meiville (Vauxhall), 44.23 sec.; 2nd: K. Neve (Vauxhall), 46.41 sec.; 3rd: T. H. May (Bentley), 46.65 sec.