The 2½-litre H.W.M.

Every British enthusiast should be elated by theB.R.M.  “recovery” and thoroughly enthusiastic about the excellent showing of the H.W.M.s—Schell’s finished second to Ascari at Posillipo, for example. So we are very glad to give publicity to the following announcement :—

In view of Mr. David Brown’s personal interest In all spheres of motor racing and for the further development of the David Brown Group’s products, Mr. Brown has decided to make available to H.W..M., engine and gearbox units of 2½-itre capacity mumfactured by the D.B. Group, for further development in the sphere of Grand Prix racing.

The subsequent:tie-up should, in view of H.WM. experience and record in running a full a full scale team of racing cars during 1950 and 1951, prove a very sound way of further developing these well-tried units, which have recently, performed so well at Le Mans, and permitting H.W.M. to carry the British flag on the Continent both today and in the future to good effect.

It Is hoped that two of these modified cars will be ready to race in their new guise by the end of this month. The drivers will be Stirling Moss and Lance Mackling.