Reports Of Recent Events, a Reader's Letter and Miscellaneous, August 1952



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Foreign Results.

Bridgehampton (U.S.A.) Races (May 24th)

Stock Sports Cars, 1,500 c.c.: G. Lipe (Porsche).

Modified Sports Cars, 1,500 c.c.: F. Bott (O.S.C.A.).

Unlimited Sports Cars, 1,500 c.c.: G. Weaver (Maserati).

Modified Sports Cars, over 1,500 c.c.: B. Spear (Ferrari).

Stock Sports Cars, over 1,500 c.c.: B. Morris Carroll (Jaguar XK 120).

Targa Florio (June 29th)

1st: Bonetto (Lancia Aurelia). 358 miles in 7 hr. 11 min. 52 sec. 80 k.p.h.

2nd: Valenzano (Lancia Aurelia). 358 miles in 7 hr. 14 min. 32 sec.

3rd: AnseImi (Lancia Aurelia). 358 miles in 7 hr. 24 min. 0.2 sec.

Fastest lap: Cabianca (O.S.C.A.), 84.2 k.p.h.

Vila Real Race, Lisbon (July 5th)

1st: Oliveira (Ferrari); 2nd: Mascarenhas (Ferrari): 3rd: Biondetti (Ferrari).

Sables d’Olonne G.P. (July 13th)

1st: Villoresi (Ferrari). 107.1 k.p.h.; 2nd: Collins (H.W.M.); 3rd: Claes (Gordini).

Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Hill Climb (June 21st)

Fastest time of day: W. C. Cuff (Hells Hammers V)

The Watkins Trophy: W. C. Cuff (Hells Hammers V)

Saloons up to 1,500 c.c.

1st: J. S. French (Rover 1,500) 56.8 sec.

2nd: J. B. King (M.G. 1¼-litre) 59.0 sec.

Saloons over 1,500 c.c.

1st: N. Slade (Bristol 400) 54.0 sec.

2nd: C. Cruikshank (Bristol 400) 54.4 sec.

Sports up to 1,300 c.c.

1st: W. A. Cleave (Morris Special) 48.6 sec.

2nd: C. M. Seward (Freakin) 49.8 sec.

Sports up to 2-litres

1st: J. Weber (Weber Special) 47.8 sec.

2nd: W. A. Cleave (Morris Special) 48.0 sec.

Sports over 2-litres

1st: J. Weber (Weber Special) 47.0 sec.

2nd: K. Flint (Neale Special) 47.6 sec.

Racing Cars up to 500 c.c.

1st: W. C. Cuff (Hells Hammers V) 43.4 sec.

Racing Cars up to 1,100 c.c.

1st: W. C. Cuff (Hells Hammers V) 43.4 sec.

Specials (not Racing Cars) up to 1,100 c.c.

1st: C. M. Seward (Freakin) 49.0 sec.

2nd: H. E. Roberts (Robros) 50.0 sec.

Specials (not Racing Cars) over 1,100 c.c.

1st: J. Weber (Weber Special) 47.0 sec.

2nd: W. A. Taylor (Caesar Special) 47.6 sec.

Vintage up to 1,500 c.c.

1st: R. W. Ashley (Frazer-Nash) 53.8 sec.

2nd: D. V. Cross (Frazer-Nash) 60.8 sec.

Vintage over 1,500 c.c.

R. A. Spiers (Bentley 6½-litre) 50.4 sec.

Half-Litre Club Meeting, Brands Hatch (June 22nd)

Junior Race: R.G. Bicknell (Revis) 66.56 m.p.h.

Senior Race: L. Leston (Cooper) 68.54 m.p.h.

Consolidation Handicap: A. J. Nurse (Cooper) 63.20 m.p.h.

Junior and Senior Handicap: R. G. Bicknell (Revis) 57.90 m.p.h.

E. Counties M.C. Snetterton Meeting (June 28th)

Sports Car Race, 1,100 c.c.: D. Moore (M.G.) 64.56 m.p.h.

Sports Car Race 1,500 c.c.: C. Davis (Cooper-M.G.) 70.89 sec.

Sports Car Race 2,500 c.c.: R. F. Salvadori (Frazer-Nash) 75.77 m.p.h.

Sports Car Race, Unlimited: O. Moore (H.W.M.-Jaguar) 76.03 m.p.h.

Handicap Race, 2,500 c.c.: T. K. Shipside (M.G.) 70.23 m.p.h.

Handicap Race, Unlimited: G.G. McDonald (Bentley) 70.23 m.p.h.

Handicap Race, Bentley cars: R. I. Ireland (3-litre) 59.66 m.p.h.

Handicap Race, Lady drivers: F. Taylour (Bugatti) 65.21 m.p.h.

Formule Libre Race: K. McAlpine (Connaught) 79.07 m.p.h.

Formula III Race: D. Parker (Kieft-Norton) 76.74 m.p.h.

Nottingham S.C.C. Route-Finding Contest (June 29th)

Outright Winner: D. Curwen (Vauxhall)

1st Class Awards: M. Ward (M.G.) and J. Marsh (M.G.)

Class A Award (under 1,500 c.c.):  F. Chambers (Dellow)

Class B Award (over 1,500 c.c.): J. Attenborough (A.C.)

M.G.-C.C. Silverstone Meeting (July 5th)

M.G. Handicap: P. D. Gammon (TC 1,497 c.c.) 65.75 m.p.h.

Novices’ Handicap: T. A. M. Pigott (TC M.G.) 59.64 m.p.h.

Sports Cars, 1,300 c.c.: P. W. Brown (TA M.G.) 58.09 m.p.h.

Sports Cars, Unlimited: P. D. Gammon (TC M.G.) 66.96 m.p.h.

Final Handicap: T. A. M. Pigott (TC M.G.) 60.00 m.p.h.

Team Relay Handicap: 1st Team: M.G. TDs (Escott, Lund,  Whatmough) 58.94 m.p.h.

B.A.R.C. Eastbourne Rally & Midnight Concours (July 4th and 5th)

Rally Winner: R. Chappell (Dellow). Best Lady: Mrs. L. Snow ( (XK120 Jaguar). Best Novice: J. Lenanton (M.G.).

Concours d’Elegance: Grand Prix d’Honneur:  Mr. and Mrs. W. A. L. Cook (Rolls-Royce P III). Pre-1941: Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Sears (1914 Rolls-Royce).

Concours de Confort:  Pre-1941 Open: J. W. C. Cross (Alfa-Romeo). Pre-1941 Closed: W. A. L. Cook (Rolls-Royce). Post-1940 Open: R. A. O. Blackwell (Alvis). Post-1941 Closed-up to 2-litres: R. R. Austin (Hillman). Post-1941 Closed-over 2-litres: P. A. Barden (Rolls-Royce).

Cemian M.C. Gymkhana (July 6th)

Open Class:

1st Cemian: B. D Frost (M.G.) 96 marks lost.

2nd Cemian: V. F. Gordon (M.G.) 261 marks lost.

1st Visitor: B. W. Honour, Chiltern C.C. (Singer), 160 marks lost.

2nd Visitor: M. H. Gunn, Chiltern C.C. (Morgan) 197 marks lost.

Closed Class:

1st Cemian: R. J. Massara (A40) 251 marks lost.

2nd Cemian: R. A. H. Arnold (Javelin) 257 marks lost.

1st Visitor: J. D. Frost, B.A.R.C. (Morris Minor) 36 marks lost.

2nd Visitor: L. W. Range, Harrow C. C. (Riley) 261 marks lost.

Team Award:

J. D. Frost, F. G. Lofts, K. D. Rubens.

Leinster Trophy (July 12th)

1st: J. D. Titterington (Allard) 78.36 m.p.h.

2nd: J. J. Flynn (M.G.)

3rd: B. McCaldin (M.G.)

Formule Libre: D. Griffen (Ferrari) 75.57 m.p.h.

North London & Herts County A.C. Speed Trials (July 13th)

Fastest time of day: E. Lloyd Jones (Triangle Flying Saucer) 14.51 sec.

Fastest sports-car time: W. Coleman (Jaguette) 15.75 sec.

Fastest saloon car: R. R. C. Walker (DB2 Aston-Martin) 19.20 sec.

Fastest 500-c.c. racing car: D. Parker (Kieft) 16.82 sec.

Ladies’ Prize: Mrs. R. Sarginson (XK120 Jaguar) 18.22 sec.


A Celestial Matter


Can you or any of your readers tell me if Sunbeam and Star cars share a common genesis? If so I propose to ask for admission to the Sunbeam Register. The obvious similarities are: town of manufacture, “celestial” names, and appearance of the cars of the mid-twenties.

My 1925 Star continues to excite the correct remark (about not making them like that any longer) both from the Converted and normal motorists. It is a two-seater with lines like an Emmet cartoon, but very pleasing to drive, with the upright position, generous upholstery, and a good view.

The chassis has two-wheel brakes, internal-expanding foot and external-contracting hand on common drums; these are quite effective, and naturally free from the tendency of vintage four-wheel brakes to pull. (No doubt some Bentley type will say it’s all a matter of the wiffle-trees.) The gate-change gearbox is in unit with the engine, which is a long-stroke 11.8-h.p. with the usual advantage of good pulling at low speed. The tick-over with ignition retarded is extremely slow and regular. The car has some useful details; the dickey has a Yale lock (and two keys); a lockable container on the step carries a two-gallon can.

Everything is quite original, even to the Gabriel Snubbers, except the tyre-size. There was one owner until 1950. He wrote to say that the well-base rims were welded on to the original wheels, and “that is what causes the hind wheels to wobble.” It certainly is, but weekly some good soul overtakes and waves me to a stop, to warn of imminent loss of wheels.

The previous owner added: “The car.., will give you many years of service and run many hundreds of miles.” I compress the many hundreds into each month, and can confirm it.

I am, Yours, etc.,

“MEDICO”, Wilmslow.

[The Sunbeam and Star were made by separate companies, both pioneer English manufacturers. It is possible that in the twenties a Sunbeam designer joined Star, both concerns being in Wolverhampton, and this could account for certain similarities in specification at this time.-Ed]


The Tenhy M.C. will hold another Lydstepp hill-climb on August Bank Holiday Saturday.

Every Motor Sport reader who can do so is advised to attend the Boreham Meeting on August 2nd, when F.I and F.II cars will battle together for 200 miles, supported by 500 c.c. and sports car events over the improved, very fast 3-mile circuit, which is only 36 miles from London.

M. Pullman, in saving a 1914 Alphonso Hispano-Suiza from a breaker’s, drove it 2,550 miles home from Canberra to Perth.