FIXTURES FOR AUGUST It. ss Restricted Event. C. Closed Event. C.I. ss Closed Invitation Event. N, — National Event. I. International Event.

LA.—Bentley Drivers’ Club. Race meeting, Silverstone. C.I. Davidstow J.C. Race meeting, Davidstow. C.I. West Essex C.C. Race meeting, Snetterton. C. 500 M.R.C. of Ireland. Race meeting, N. Ireland. C.I.

2nd.—Liverpool M.C. Driving tests, Liverpool. C.I.

3rd.—HALF-LITRE C.C. RACE MEETING, BRANDS HATCH. I. Nottingham S.C.C. Race meeting, Nottingham. CA. W. Cornwall M.C. Hill-climb, Trengwainton. C. Sporting Owner-Drivers’ Club. Race meeting. C./. Berkharnsted M.C. & C.C. Speed Trial, Tewin Water. C./. Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Race meeting, Thruxton. N.

5th.—Oinagh M.C. Trial, Omagh, C.

8th.—Ulster A.G. Hill-climb, Craignntlet. N.

S.S.C.C. Race meeting, Turnberry. N. Hants & I3erks M.C. Gt. Auclum Hill-Climb, near Reading,

2.30 p.m. C.J.

Nottingham S.C.C. Race Meeting, Silverstone. C.I.

9th.—N. London E.C.C. Driving tests, Backs. C.

Bugatti O.C. Race meeting, Silverstone. C./.

Gosport 0.C. Rally, Winchester. C.I. Morgan 4/4 Club. Rally. Banbury. C. Morecambe CC, Rally, N. Lancs. C.

13tb.—Jersey M.C. & L.C.C. Sand races, St. Duet,. C.

I Sth.–WINFIELD J.C. RACE MEETING, CHARTERHALL. I. A.M.O.C. Race meeting, Silverstone. C./.

15th-16th.—Bridgnorth & District M.C. Rally, Bridgnorth. R.

Ifith.—Thames Estuary A.C. Sprint, Southend. C.

Falkirk & District M.C. Rally. C./.

Cumberland S.C.C. Navigation trial, Cumberland. C. Cambridge 50 C.C. Race meeting. C.

19th.—Newry & District M.C. Driving tests, Cranfield. C. 21st.—N. Staffs M.C. Rally, N. Staffs. C.

22nd.—B.A.R.C. NINE-HOUR RACE, GOODWOOD, 3 p.m. I.

‘Caerns & Anglesey M.C. Sprint, N. Wales. C.

Half-Litre C.C. Race meeting, Silverstone. C.

W. Hants & Dorset C.C. Sprint, lbsley. C.

Riley M.C. (Highlands). Hill-climb. C.I.

Eastern Counties M.C. Driving tests, Suffolk.

23rd.—Plymouth M.C. Rally, Devon. C.

Furness & District M.C. Trial, N. Counties. C. Bolton le Moors C.C. Navigation trial, Lancs. C. Walsall & District C.C. Driving tests, Walsall. C. f.

27th.—Jersey M.C. & L.C.C. Sand races, St. Ouen. C.

29th.—MIDLAND A.C. HILL-CLIMB, SHIELSLEY WAI.SH. 750 C.C. Six-hour Relay Race, Silverstone. N. V.S.C.C. Edwardian Rally. Cheltenham. C.

Falkirk & District M.C. C.I.

Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Rally, Bristol. C.

29th-306.—Sheffield & Hallamshire M.C. Rally of the Dams, Derbyshire. C.I.

30th.–Newcastle & District M.C. Rally. Newcastle. Huddersfield M.C. Driving tests, Illtddersfield. C. Hagley & District L.C.C. Sprint, Worcs. C.I. Mid Derbyshire M.C. Trial, Derby. C.

V.S.C.C. Hill-climb, Prescott. C.