Vintage Autos of England



Vintage Autos of England

Proprietor : JACK BOND, A.M.lnst.B.E. Run by an Enthusiast for the Enthusiast

ALVIS 4.3, 1937. This car is fitted with very attractive 2/4-seater D.H. coupe coachwork. It has a disappearing hood and fold-flat screen and the total mileage is believed to be only 46.000. In beautiful condition throughout E385 ALVIS Speed Twenty, 1934, sportsman saloon by Charlesworth. Over £200 has been spent on its mechanical reconditioning in the last 18 months. Fitted five new tyres, new batteries, etc. .. f225 ALVIS 16.9, 1936, D.H. coupe. Original paintwork, excellent tyres, and very good mechanical nick E250 ALFA-ROMEO 17/50 foursome D.H. coupe. This car has had a complete engine rebuild six months ago by an Alfa specialist. Fitted outside exhaust. Fast and economical L285 BUGATT1 2-litre, 1929. Fitted with attractive open 4-seater coachwork by the Wilton Carriage Co. We have just resprayed it Bugatti-blue and completely rewired it throughout. All original instruments working, five new tyres, batteries, new front seats BENTLEY. 1926, 3-litre Red Label 4-seater tourer by V.D.P. The engine was rebuilt about three years ago and we are now fitting a new starter motor. Paintwork fair, upholstery original but horrible. Just fitted new hood bag and tonneau … L195 ASTON MARTIN 12.h.p., 1938, sportsman saloon. Engine now being checked over in our works. Five excellent tyres, etc. … E145

ESSEX 20-h.p. tourer, 1921 (seatsfive, standing room for 10). This car is reputed to have raced at Brooklands and is fitted i.f.s, and detachable doors. It is very potent, and very good mechanically and bodily except that the flywheel needs attention. This would make an ideal car for a pub crawl but not recommended as ideal transport for the wife unless she has a good sense of humour. £29 or exchanged for anything useful. INVICTA 3-litre, 1934. Rebuilt with attractive new open 4-seater coachwork by Corsica in 1947. Fitted with a very imposing dash with hosts of large instruments on it. Now being resprayed in our works £225

INVICTA 4f-litre 1934, 100-mph.. low-chassis 4-seater tourer. This car has recently been extensively overhauled, gearbox reconditioned, etc., and is in very fine all-round condition. Fitted excellent hood and side-curtains, fold-flat screen, outside exhaust. Goes like a weekend in Paris … E325

LAGONDA 2-litre, 1930, low-chassis sportsman saloon. About £300 has been spent on it in the last two or three years in its mechanical renovation. Excellent all-round original coachwork … E185 LAGONDA 3-litre, 1932, sportsman saloon. Some 000 has been spent on its mechanical restoration in the last four years. Interior and paintwork are in very fine original condition. Goes like a romantic half-hour … E195 LAGONDA 16/80, 1933, open 2-seater. Rebuilt last year with h new coachwork. etc…, … 1225 LAGONDA 41-litre, 1934, sportsman -saloon. Ideal car for those who like performance in comfort. Excellent mechanically and clean interior; 20 m.p.g. on the run (if you run half way there I) E185 LANCIA Dilambda, 1932. short-chassis, 9th series sportsman saloon. This car had one owner until last year and is in very fine original condition. We are now relining the clutch and checking engine … E185 MERCEDES I2-h.p., 1936. saloon. This is one of the rare and much-sought-after rear-engine Mercs., and is believed to be one of only two in this country. Recently resprayed and in excellent condition … £335 MERCEDES 2-litre, 1936, D.H. coupe. In the last year the engine has been rebored and new crownwheel and pinion fitted. Just resprayed and 24-mpg. Ideal car for the girl friend who likes her boy friend to have that Continental touch ! 6250 MERCEDES 2.3, 1937. sportsman saloon. Recent engine rebuild by Mercedes and whole car ill tip-top condition MERCEDES SOOK, 1935, ex-Queen of Sheba. Fitted with attractive 1939 open 4-seater coachwork. Resprayed, rechromed, etc. Two free tickets to the ” Beggar’s Opera on Ice” given with this car E485 RILEY Sixteen, 1936, 4-seater tourer. Excellent paintwork, hood and side-curtains. Five new tyres E265 RILEY Nine Gamecock 2-seater. £200 has been spent on the rejuvenation of the mechanical side of this car in the last 12 months and it is far above average condition in every way. Taxed year ,.. E195

RILEY 12.4, 14-litre, 1935. Kestrel sportsman saloon. Recent engine, crank and gearbox overhaul. Excellent tyres, etc. New carburetter … E195 ROVER Speed Twenty 4-seater tourer. Engine just rebuilt by Rovers and not yet run-in. We have just relined the clutch. This is a very fast car with very imposing coachwork and is the ideal motor for those who like economical transport with comfort and distinctive looks … L325 SUNBEAM 3-litre 4-seater tourer. We have just reconditioned the gearbox, and the whole car is in exceptionally fine original condition … L1115 SUNBEAM Sixteen, 1935. roadster. Brakes just relined and fitted new hood and side-curtains. Good WOLSELEY Eleven 2-seater fixed-head coupe. First registered 1922 but believed earlier. This little gem has been restored as new and looks like a sedan chair on wheels. Ex-Sultan of Moscow … EISO

We always have an ever-changing selection of good pre-war Rolls in stock. 1930 ROLLS Twenty-five owner-driver saloon. Clean paintwork and good tyres. and in excellent mechanical condition. Taxed year … 6285 1933/4 ROLLS Twenty-five saloon by Wendover. Black with chrome waistline. This car is spotless inside and out … E475 1936 ROLLS Twenty-five, fitted very attractive sedanca de ville coachwork by Gurney Nutting. £500 has been spent on this Rolls in the last 18 months bringing it to mechanical perfection … E785 ROLLS Silver Ghost chassis, complete and in tip-top mechanical condition. Five new tyres, rewired, .. ISO Another, as above but fitted with rather smart 2-seater coachwork E85

We have just driven both of these cars down from the North of England and their mechanical condition is really spot-on.

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