FOR SALE—continued 1934 BRITISH SALMSON, 12 n.p., twin o.h.e., dropheed, Good oil pressure, good electric’s. sound body and hood. Reliable. Excellent tyres. Taxed year. Best offer over £50. 39, Park Hill Court,

Croydon. Tel. : 6372 (evenings). f9017 FRENCH TALBOT BABY 3-LITRE drophead coupe, first registered 1946. In excellent condition, finished in red and ivory, with five new tyres. Would exchange for Allard. Nate, 1624, Bristol Road South, Rednal. Birmingham. Tel.: Ruhery 376. 0018 ROLII.S.ROYCE, 1920, SILVER GHOST, with 4-wheel hr.i4e,. Black and cream 2-seater, with new hood. 1624, tlristol Road South, Rednal. [9019

5:327—THE D.A.S. SPECIAL. Two-seater M.G. bogy. M11.-il ‘modified K-type obassis, ifs. Lockiwedoperated K-type brakes, Ford Memory engine. 3.5 Ford rear axle. Stump, Moore Place litott,2012. Esher. Tel.: 448. o

PACKARD cottp6, 26 h.p., 1937 model, excellent condition. 11390. Wanted : Volkswagen. Box No.

/1023, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.I. 19023 MORGAN. 1932 FAMILY, 3-speed and reverse. excellent condition. Taxed year. Thundey. Lent herhead Road, Great Bookbam. Surrey. Tel.: Bookhant 3283, 19024

ROLLS 20/25 saloon, 1930. Dism, good tyres, quiet. sound and reliable. £295. Baker. Highlands. B e Is lehn r y. Berkshire.

RILEY 1 .17,1111E–FALCON, —engineer-isittlitil9siGn2..6t owned. Laid-up nine years. SineC 1:0111pieteiv stripped and rebuilt, Fitted brand stew bloel:, Sprite pistons and Sprite camshafts, etc. Over £2011 spent on parts alone. Exceptional merShanical condition, outstanding performance and appearance. £235. 1936 Hillman Minx, fitted 1938 enFil/t. (linered) and gearbox. Good condition. £135. ‘Id. Wolverhampton 37229. Paterson .36, Jeremy Road. Goldthorn Park. Wolverhampton. (9027 SUNBEAM twin-camshaft 3-litre tourer. Rebuilt 1935, crankshaft reground. all Re* bearings, 1952. £100. Wooffenden, 5, Lincoln Road, Ifykellam, Lincoln. 19020 1934 HILLMAN MINX drophead, aluminium head. Very good tyres. A bargain for everyday snotoring, £70. ‘rel.: MIT 3327. 19n3o

GENTLEMAN un;iillingly disposing 1929-30 11.11, Rome 20-11.p. D.11. mood. Carlton body. Charotiug and delightful car. ES49. Note : appointment only. please. Write, “Perhaver,” Barton Common Rona. New Milton. Hants. 19032 PHANTOM I, 1926, landaulette, immaculate, a tli R.-R. mascot and wheel discs. Box No. 110.13, Moron SPORT. 15. City Road, E.C.1. [9033 1;-LITRE 3-carburetter. 0.h.e. Singer Le Mans ‘special Speed sportstnan’e saloon. Boot. 1935 model. Enormous Lockheeds, Scintilla. good tyres. Potentially potent hut roughish. Also complete similar car (crankshaft ule.) for spares or rebuild. £145 the two. Exchange considered (biggish saloon or Ford). 2. Meads Road, N.22. Tel.: Bowes Park 2140 (evenings), 2633 (day). 19034 1925 MORRA COWL, 11.9 H.P., Hotchkiss, 1-seater tourer, good condition; spares. Taxed, insured June. £60, o.n.o. Maddison, 97, Hornsey

Lane. N.6. (9035 LINCOLNZEPHYR, breaking up, all spares. Also V8 wheels. Needham. 41. Holcombe Street. Derby. Tel.: 43966. 19042

FOR SALE—continued 1939 SUPERCHARGED RENAULT, 12 H.P. Outstanding hill-climber, roadholder;. linger-light steering; copperised head. Plat plugs, oil coil. 8-day clock, temperattre gauge, electric snipers. Vnri body needs repaint or make excellent ” special.” Taxed. Any trial. £120. Also 1933 Wolseley Hornet 12-11.p. Six-Light saloon.; new tyrea, tubta, reconditioned and tuned engine, latest hydraulic allot:lc-absorbers, new road springs; reeellulosed block: many extras include electric clock, built-in trafficators. A beautiful car; taxed. Accept £125. Also 1953 Replica Triumph 250 o.h.v, supercharged motor-eyele. outstandiog appearance and perfortnanee. Tewkesbury chrome, gold, bronze and red finial, Girder suapension, hair-line steering, roadholding. Every part ac new. Wealth of extraa fitted. First £120, or exchange both for low-mileage Series C Black Shadow or B.M.W. 1151 or R27 same condition. Also old Morris Minor, 1930, 4-seater saloon; new tyres; £25 spent on engine and sundry new parts, brakes, etc. Body trimming never completed. Superb steering and chassis. Accept £35. Write for appointment or send security deposit to : Mr. E. L. Parkes, ” Woodview,” 1.1uckholt, near Monmouth (Wales). 19221

MORAIS MAJOR. Engine overhauled, mains, etc’ Body fair. Excellent basis for serious work or conversion. Offers. 23, Marloes Road, Kensington. [9856 STORK AND MORTGAGE farce sale. £100-1934 Morris-Talbot Ten tourer. Reconditioned engine. S.U.. king-pins, springs, 200 miles ago. Tyres and hood good. West London. Box No, 11258, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.1. [9258 44 BENTLEY, 1930, tourer. Body rebuilt 1958:: Excellent condition throughout. £350. Wickham. 123. Ladhroke Road, W.11. Tel.:. Park 509$. [9260 111.G. TC, first registered October, 1949. Dark blue, fawn leather upholstery. Carefully maintained. A really genuine car; faultless. Will be issued with full written guarantee. e485. Egertons (Ipawiels) Ltd., Crown Street, Ipswich, Tel.: 55083. M.G. distri butors. 19261 LAGONDA 3I-LITRE, 1935. sports saloon. Very fair condition. Offers around I:250. please, or would exchange lower h.p. brake. 34, Barn Hill. Wembley, Middlesex. [9263 1936 44-L1TRE LAGONDA 1).11.C. Black. Bills for over £300. £350. C. G. Norman & Co. To.: VIC 2211. (9264 1937 CITROEN LIGHT FIFTEEN, in genuinely good

aull.ruund condition. Petrol 30, oil 1.800 m.p.g. £250. Lock, Hartford, Huntingdon. [9265 FOR SALE—continued

A 3-TON LONG BEDFORD &onside lorry. Viral registered 31.7.46. I me owner since new. Very good Lyre equipment and sound throughout. Price 050. Apply County Motor Works Ltd., Duke Street. Chelmsford, Tel.: ChelmSford 3671. (9266 _

LAGONDA RAPIER 10-H.P., 1935, 1-seater tourer. Twin camshaft engine; good all-weather equipment; very nice performer. £185. Exchanges and terms. Oliver Autcia, 100-106, Peckham Rye, S.E.13. Tel.: New Cross 2563. [9267

INVICTA 44-LITRE 2/4-seater, Rebuilt at coat of £150. Resprayed and re-registered 1946. Fitted two racing screens and tonneau cover (no hood). Rather stark but a fascinating monster with ” raised eyebrows” performance. £125, Oliver Autos, 100106. Peckham Rye, S.E.15. Tel.: New Cross 2563. [9268 SUNBEAM-TALBOT foursome dropheild coup6, 1951. Bronze, red hide. Really exceptional, oneowner car. £795, or exchange XK120 Jaguar (cash adjustment). Oliver Autos, 100-106, Peckham Rye, S.E.15, ‘I’d.: New Cross 2563. (9269 _

INVICTA 4I-LITRE, 1928. higlx-cbasais 2-seater. unused for many yearn and in excellent condition. Black. 600 by 19 wheels. Spare set of wheels and tyres. Taxed. £130 or nearest offer. Ideal for caravan. Write Box No. 691, cjo Walter Judd. Ltd.. 47. Gresham Street, E.C.2. [9270 Si.t.—PA 2-seater. red. New tyres, battery. Taxed year. Offers. Tel.: Popesgrove 7992. (9271

ALFA-ROMEO 22/90, excellent condition, 1925.

Touring 4-seater and stark bodies, spares. Also 1933 Laneliester Ten sports tourer; 1922 Royal Enfield twin combination; 1920 Sunbeam 34-b.p. too. Offers to Goodman, 24, Davies Avenue. Leeds, 8. Tel.: 62758. [9273 CHILTERN CARS offer : Supercharged 1.750 Alfa-Romeo long-chassis saloon; Alta-Jaguar; 1934 Alvin Firefly 2-seater, £143; supercharged single-seater 730 AnStin, ex-A. N. L. Madaehlan, ex-John Broad, complete with spares and trailer, £265; 1947 Bedford utility, £295; Type 57 Bugatti F.II.C.. £650; Type 46 Bugatti saloon. £3351 Type 37 Bugatti„ £400; 1938 and 1940 Citrofn Light Fifteen roadster eoupFs front £323; 1436 319 Frazer-NashB.M.W. Rcutter D.H.C., £265: 44-litre I,.C. Invicta 2/4-seater, £315: 1940 VA 14-litre M.G. saloon, 4:363; Railton saloon. one lady owner since new; 1934 Riley Nine Monaco saloon, £.125; Volkswagen saloons from £315. Terms. Exchanges. 1 la. Water Lane, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, Tel.: 2060. 9277 FOR SALE—continued BENTLEY 44-LITRE SPARES. Complete engine; D-type gearbox; front axle; 3.5 differential assemble; magnetos; radiator: carbitretters and manifold. Most other parts aVailable, also niant).4.2f70: 3 and 61-litre, T. P. Breen Ltd., High Road. Whetstone. N.20. TO.: Hillside 2393,

RILEY NINE MONACO, 1928, saloon. Excellent tyres and battery. Sound body. Good runner. (9£2475.9 T. P. Breen Ltd., High Road, Whetstone, N.20. ‘Feb.: Hillside 2393. T. P. BREEN LTD. We are dismantling the following ears and moat spares are available. AuStins: 7 h.p. 1934, 8 h.p. 1939, 10 11.p. 1933i6, 12,41 934-6. Standard Nine and Ten, 1934/5. Standard Twenty, 1939. Singer Nine, 1936. Singer I.e Mans, 1934/6, Talbots 14, 18 and 21. Lagonda 2-litre. Alvin 12-h.p., 1934. and Speed Twenty, 1936. Bentley 3. 44 and 6I-litre. Hillman Minx, 1936. Armstrong 12, 14, 17. Lancia Lambda. Rover ‘rep. 19330, and Fourteen. 1935. Ford Ten. 1935/6. Riley Nine. 1931. Morris Minor, Morris 8, 10, 12. JewettDeluge 14 and 21. Sunbeam 16, 1930. High Road, Whetstone, N.20. Tel.: Hillside 2393. [9280 VAUXHALL, 1933, VELOX oversquare engine, 2,262 c.c. Under 2,000 miles. £67 10, T. P. Breen Ltd., High Road, Whetstone, N.20. Tel.: Hillside 2393. (9281 RILEY NINE engine. clutch, gearbox. Singer chassis, if.,., hydraulic brakes. Towable. Singer gearbox, various accessories, panels, doors. Intended for ” special.” £50, o.n.o. Robinson, 11. Hittingbury Road. Chandtersford, Eastleigla. Hants. (9282

HEALEY SILVERSTONE, 1951; E-type chassis. Genuine low-mileage car Maintained in perfect condition and fitted high-compression pistons, closeratio ge.arhox, lightened flywheel, etc. Coachwork superb and all-weather equipment includes sideserecns. Bueket and bench seats, acro-screena. Taxed year. £785. Tent)5. exchanges. Itudds Ltd., Central Station Approach, Worthing. Tel.: 4635. [9287 IIK120. If you require a really exceptionally welleared-for XK that has not been carelessly used in any way, and still runs ” us new,” have a look at our 1951 model in silver with red leather. Uncrashed, tawny:cc!, untouscd and original, unmodified in every way. ‘faxed and guaranteed at £1,150. Another 1051, first class, unmet:if. no modified example at £1,075. with radio, heater and tax. Rudds, Central Station Approach. Worthing. Tel.: 4635; evenings. have 35905. Jaguars purchased for cash. [9284

FOR SALE—continued JAGUAR 34-LITRE saloons. 1939. One owner almost from new, low mileage; exceptional at £325. Another 1946 at £495. If-litre 1939 saloon at £325. Jaguars purchased for cash and stocked at Builds, Central Station Approach, Worthing. Tel.: 4635; evenings, Mire 30905. 19285

ALL ARD .12, 1951 series, competition 2-seater in spotless green cellulose, unworn leather and full allweather equipment. Tide is the works car LLP 798 whith was used for the. Press rood-test reports and has been maintained regardless of expense. Now fitted Mercury-Ardun engine, Alfin drums, nearly new racing DunInps, acre-screen, etc.. and offered, taxed and guaranteed, at £645. Terms, exchanges. itudds Ltd., Contra! Station Approach, Worthing. Tel.: 4635; evenings, Hove 35905. 19286 RILEY NINE coachbitilt saloon, 1933, ‘?l’Y—flood “mond condition. ‘Taxed for year. Good starter, new battery and five excellent tyres, £150. Apply Worley Hill Garage. Tel.: Brentwood 139. 19288

TC M.G., 17.9.47. Immaculate original coodition; genuine 26.000 miles, one.owner. 2395. 37, Culver Lune, Earley, Reading. t928′ RECONDITIONED incomple2t8C: towable, half another, £45. 4-h.p. Douglas and sidecar chassis, £20, offers. Bayley, ” Hill Covert,”

Harp Hill, Cheltenham. 19290 THE FINEST SINGER LE MANS SPEED 2-seater in England. Any inspection. All details on request. K. Walker, Rands Farm, Winslow, Bucks. 19291 44-LITRE Li3V7-014,5S1-5, 100-M.P.11. INVICTA 2/4-seater, ex-Donald HealeyNew special Meadows engine, reconditioned gearbox and hark axle, relined brakes and clutch; rewired, new batteries; P.100 lights, French spotlights; chromium-plated front axle and brake drums, chrome exhaust pipes. Paintwork can be sprayed to customer’s choice. One of the arrest Invietas in existence. £375. 1937 Talbot 10-h.p. pillarleas sports saloon, reconditioned engine. new clutch assembly, resprayed, in very good condition. £175. Wyeh Engineering Co.. Station Garage, Droitwieh, TeL:. 3378; Upton Snodsbnry 204. [9292

RAILTON, 1936, IffelLovely looking ea,.

Offers Around £110. London. Tel.: Clissold 4608. [9293 ALVIS ” BEETLEBACK,7 1931, excellent condition throughout. Genuine 28 rn.p.g„ 70 m.p.h., £160. PosSibly exchange 1936-1938 4-seater saloon or drophead. Box No. 11295, MOTOR SrOier. IS, City Road, E.G.I. [9295 TWO 16sin. M.G. short-hub Rudge Wire wheels— will take 5.50 tyres, as new. 14. each. BM/ GNLW, London. W.C.1. 19298 SILVERSTONE HEALEY, 1951. First-claeis condi• tion. one owner. Seen Croydon area. £750. Tel.: Allhallows 224, 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. [9300 M.G. 2-LITRE, 1938, saloon, grey. Mileage 40.000. Works-reconditioned engine, only done 2.000. 1 terior and exterior coachwork perfect. Inspection invited. Bills for work done available. Offers to Dodds. 22, Kendal Green. Kendal. [9301 SUNBEAM TWENTY; 1929, coachbuilt drophead coupg body. Carriage non-runner but would separate for spares. Two good 6.00 by 21 and 5.25 by 21 tyree. Waveney, Conyer, Teynham, Kent. 0302

lAT 12-11.P. tourer, £38. Taxed December. merit, 31, Denbigh Street, S.W.1.

ALVIS SPEED TWENTY, 193. Good condition Very reliable. £185. o.n.o. 70, Croydon Read.

Beckenham. (9305 ARSTLIV–515VEN SPECIAL, 2-seater. MG.-style body, excellent tyres, reconditioned engine. Box No. R306, MOTOR Spowr. 15, City Road. E.C.I. NU” DISMANTLED’ 1935 Triumph Gloria and 1937 Morris Eight spares available. Moo 10 wire wheels, 600 by 17-5-stud. Matthew’s Garage. Windleshant, Surrey. Tel.: Bagehot 2158. 19308 SINGLE-SEATER DUESENBERG riming car. Fitted 4,4 heater, hot•rod engine. Lockheed brakes, par. selectorgearbox. Ready to race. Bargain at £195. J.Ehrlieb, St. Mary’s Works, Southall Lane, Southall, Middlesex. Tel.: Hounslow 2341, Ext. 126. [9:110 _ B.M.W. SPARES, ex-Type 320. Rear axle complete, 4.3 : 1, 11-in. hydraulic brakes. Front and rear wings. Radiator and cowl. Five 17-in, wheels with good tyres. Seats, lamps. steering-column. ete. Jackman, 69, St. Paul’s Close, Hounslow. TA.: HOU 0947, [9310 1934 TIVRBER 24-R.P. aluminium upon* saloon Good-looking car with spacious boot. Two spare wheels with metal cavere, grey leather interior. Taxed September and in daily use. Work costing £140 in past year includes new complete clutch, eight brake shoea. steering joints, king.pins, cables, wipers, battery, rebuilt gearbox, big-ends, gudgeons. bushes and rings. etc. Price £145, o.n.o. Bird. 24, Marines Road, W.8. Tel.: Freemantle 9984. [9315

FRAZER-INAS11-11.M.W., 1938. Grey. Two-door saloon. Well maintained. Full history known. Good condition. Tel.: Brentwood (Essex) 2000. evenings. (9312

COMPETITION SPECIAL. , Ford Eight, 0.h.v. Scintilla Magneto, etc. Aluminium 2-seater body. Fast, sound. $0 m.p.g. £105. Exchange. W.H.Y. Gneable. ” Windmill Tim,” Rugby. [8971 DELAGE,

Delage sports saloon, black, superb condition, 2185. Matthews (Tel.: Dorking 3426). Bentworth Priors, Tower Hill, Dorking. E 1934 TALBOT 14/65 saloon. Bodywork reasonable, engine excellent. Lust year preselector gearbox overhauled: this year reconditioned crown-wheel and pinion, new valves and guides, battery, plugs, two tyres (other two good), headlights modernised. At Oxford. Offers around 2100. Box No. 11973, MOTOR SPORT, 15. City Road, E.C.1. 18973 ASTON MARTIN, MK. H, 14-L1TRE, 1934, 4.seater, long chassis, No. E4/429. Silver-grey with maroon hood, tonneau and upholstery. First-s-lag, performance and 27 m.p.g. Very good tyres and batteries. sperm £350. Inspection and trial by appointment only. Jack Kinniugs, 10, Regent Road. Southport,

Lanes. Tel.: 6488. [8974 CYCLE WINGS (domed and beaded), steel. 5 in.. 6 in. and 7 in.. 10s. each fronts, 128. 6,1. rears: packing and carriage, 3s. 6d. pairs. 5s. sets. W. G. Ferguson, Bath Road Gaeage, Islailsworth, Glos.

18)9 THE RILEY MAN offers the spares from two complete. ears : 1936 Riley Nine Merlin. special series, chassis damaged but ell parts in fin, condition. Late owner spent over 1300 (bills to prove) on this car past three years. including respray and replating. Body excellent. will be sold complete; other parts quote on request. 1929/30 Riley Nine Biarritz, all parts available, including excellent rear axle. Reeonditinned 1933/5 Nine engines available for exehange. Gamecock remote-control gearbox,excellent. 27 10s. S.A.E. with inquiries please. 270, Acton Lane. London. W.4. £145-BARGAIN. 1930 Lagonda 3-litre tourer. Tyree and canvas good. Engine superb. Tremendous acceleration. 80 m.p.h.. 21 m.p.g. A joy to drive. No offers. Tel.: Hempstead 1797. or Box No. H979, MOTOR Seoirr. 15. City Road. E.C.1. [8979 171.0. J2. Red. Good condition with reconditiori4i engine 1951. Sound tyres. battery, hood. etc. Taxed. £160. Crawford, 81, Princes Avenue. N.13. [8980

_AUSTIN EIGHTEEN limousine, 1935 Chalfont, stored eight years. Tinmeenlate throughout.

mechanically 100 per cent. Any inspection or trial welcomed. 4265. May. Oakford. Tiverton, 0981 1949 LLOYD 650. Faultless showroom eondition, Olive-green respray. Owner buying van. D. Whistance. Corn Mills, Cannock. Staffs. [8983

1948 LESTER-M.G., 11-LITRE. :New crank, block and pistons. Reedy to race. Offers. Spofford. 26, Suaithing Lane. Sheffield. [8985 1933 14-I8 P. RILEY ALPINE. sound condition. 2.125 or near offer. 49, Archer Avenue, Southend.on Sea. [8986

HANDBOOKS I A40, Anglia, 7n. 9d.; Riley Nine, Is. 9d.: Chevrolet, American Ford. Jaguar, 10s. 6d.; Chrysler, De Soto. Dodge, Plymouth. 14s.; all M.G.s, 31a. 3d.; “Midgets” only. 15s. 6d.: Auitin. Ford, Hillman, Jowett, Morris, Riley. Royer. Standard, Triumph, Vauxhall, Wolseley, 5s. 3d.: Cord.

Volkswagen. 7,. Catalogue free I Mail order. Vivian Gray, Hurntpierpoint, Susesx. [8987 FOR SALE-continued BLUE LABEL BENTLEY, 1924. Over Mit spent to bring this remarkable car back to its original perfec tion. 2250, o.n.o. Tel.: Clerkenwell 2266. 18968 ASTON MARTIN, MK. II, short: chassis, 1934. Chansitf, E4/434/S. New type con-coda; engine faultless; two new tyres; new carpets: chrome, pointy/ark. good: starter overhauled: one new battery. 85 m.p.h.. 23 m.p.g. Enthosiaat’s car. 4450. C. Harvey, Polehait, Linlithgow, W. Lothian. 18970 FOR SALE-continued LUCAS VERTICAL RACING MAGNETOS. miti-elock, not teed. ai new. 24 each. Connaught Engineering,

Send. Surrey. Tel.: Ripley 3122. [0988 FOUR LEA-FRANCIS ROAD WHEELS-. suitable post-war models. Fitted Dunlop racing’ tyres and tubes. Sevonahand, little used, £2 109. each. Connaught Engineering. Send, Surrey. Tel.: Ripley. 1122. [8989

CHASSIS TUBE i 31 in. o.d. by 16 n.w.g. solid drawn T.45 tubing; 31, in. by 16 w.g. sad dravin. V.45 tubing, Ii,. 6,1. per foot. Special quotations for large quantities. Connaught Engineering, Send, Surrey.

Tel.: Ripley 3122. [8990 CD-Nliiictitait-ElitiNIERITITCG, having designed, developed and proved a portable electric starter for their racing ears, ran now Offer these for sale at a figure of 1:75 complete with battery trolley. The outfit has been designed with strength and rehohilit a primary object, but at the smile time it is eoltionet and easily stowed. Connaught Engineering, Portsmouth Road, Send, Surrey. Tel.: Ripley 3122. [8991 RACING VAN, ex-29:seater Bedford bus. Ramps two single sleeping bunks with mattresses. Carry Formula I II or III raring car. View by appoint

ment. Connaught Engineering. Portsmouth Road. Send. Surrey. Tel.: Ripley 1122. /8992 ” MOTOLYMPIA “-OA. MA:. 2-litres stripped for spares. Two Lancia Dilatubils 1911/15. being stripped for parts or sell eomplete. About 1929/30 Renault Eight engine or parts. 16-in. Fiat disc Wheels. about 1936/37, and complete frame with front axle, 412 10s. lot. Delage 1929/10 6-eylinder engine and gearbox. Modern ears being stripped

for spares : 1937 Triumph Gloria Twelve; 1937 Rover Sixteen; 1935/36 Alvin 13.2; 1939 Alvin Twelve; 1937 Hudson Terraplaue Twenty-two; 1949 Standard Eight; 1946 Hillman Ten; 1946 Austin Ten; Talbot 21-b.p.; 1938 Wolseley Fourteen; 1937 1937 Renault Eighteen; 1937 Packard: 1936 Daimler Fifteen: 1936 Talbot Eighteen; four other Talbots, 15 Morris cars, 10 Wolseleys, 20 Austin cars, five Rovers, six IlOmbers. three Dalinlees. Over 1,200 others already dismantled. Wards. ” Metolympia,” Powis Hall. bswestry. Tel.: 480.

[8993 ” MOTOLYMPIA ” has hundreds o eft-Tr-wheels. all typee, removed Dona over 1,200 car types for lost 25 years: also all the new easy-oleans. ” Motolyinpla.” Powis Hall, Oswestry. Tel.: 480. [8994 HELLO-F.-Re car today ? Don’t be held up for parts, ‘phone the confident dismantlers for rapid C.-O.D. neryiee. Parte for 1,200 ears. Trade accounts opened. Wards. ” Motolympia,” Onwestry (Tel.:

480). [8995 117100 MK. 11.1 M.G. TIGER. Rebuilt. re.regintered 1950. Scintilla, five good tyres, telecontrols rear. Sparea include engine, gearbox, back aud front axle, with brake drums, etc. Fact, reliable and economical car in daily use. Taxed, insured. £225.

Lawrence, Tel.: Popesgrove 3691, Ext. 18. [8996 ALVIS, 193$, FIREBIRD saloon, exeellent mechanical condition; body and wings rough but xerviceablet good tyres. 27 xn..p.g, Taxed end of -year. 4115. 2. Hillfield Road. Solihull, Birmingham. 1933/34 tilike-NINE-atilOiM-: -Sloping radiator, wireless, spare gearbox. 495, or exchange Austin Ruby. 6, ‘Vine Close, Aldershot. [8998 M.G, J2. Resprayed, recent 470 overhaul, new battery, good tyres. 2.135, o.n.o. Whitfield, 42, Sudbury Croft, ‘Wembley. [8999 HISTORIC RACING CAR. Ex-Harvey Noble Q-type M.G. Holder. Brooklands Class II Outer Circuit record, 122.4 m.p.h. Zoller blown. Small mileage mince Layoutl overhaul, including new crank. Rood equipment and registered. 4195. Ford Prefect tourer, 1939. good order. 2220. Consider exchange fast ‘ports for M.G. or both. Box No. 11005. Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [9005 FOR SALE-continued

LESTER SPECIAL M.G., 1,087 c.c. Registered 1947. Juiit, rebuilt by Toulmin, ready for racing or fast touring. Outstanding history. Reason for saleparents. 2450. Write for appointment. Box No. 11999, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [9000TALBOT SIX 147‘f, 2/4-seater droplusad, reliable’ runner. Tyres good (seven), hood new, modified carburetter. paint and bodywork excellent condition. 95 gm., o.n.o. Brigg. Hillbrow. Clump. Riekmans

worth. Tel.: 23.43. (9003 1934 M.C. 12.reemixeellent condition, enginenot run-in after resleeve, new pistons, tyres. etc. Growing son ‘fmnes reluctant sale. 4185, o.n.o.:. Sneath, 92, Nasmyt), Street, Denton, Manchester.. [9004. 12/40 LEA-FRANCIS !Torts. 1930. Original body

re.panclled post war. Re-hooded, re-npholetered. repainted B.R.G. K.O.s, Autovae, rev.-counter.. Well shod. Meehanieally perfect. 2170, o.n.o. Teeside. Box Ni,. 11(/06. Moron SPORT, 1$, City

Road, E.C.1. [9006. ROLLS TWENTY, 1916, 4-wheel brakes, 4-tspeedTeit,. 20 m.p.g. Good tyres, good battery. Any testOffers to Smith, Belmont Villa, Belmont Road. Tiverton, Devon. 19007′

BENTLEY &LITRE, 1926, 2/3-seater. Large sumpNew body 1948. B.R.G. Engine overhauled 19$3..

Immaculate condition. Full weather equipment. 1:375. Brook, Flat 2, Cranford Hall, near Kettering..

Tel.: Cranford 253. [9008. WOLSELEY 6/12 coupe, 1932. Arrow coachwork. Taxed, insured. New tyres. battery. Reconditionedi

throughout. First-class order. Carefully main-tamed. Photo. £85. Jefferies, Fire, Great At/Bright.. Oxon. (9009

LANCIA AUGUSTA. D.H.C., grey. Recently over-hauled, good tyres. Laid-up five years. £200, o.n.o. Bought Aprilin. Jarvis, Truataama, Broadwindsor. Dorset. [9010 PONTIAC straight eight saloon, 1937 model, with most attractive Fisher body, the appearance of’ sekith is definitely post-war. Excellent body andt mechanical condition. Extras include latest block. lenses, new Smith’s posh-button Radiomobile. fiancethrower and foglamp. Tricu sereenwash. Genuine mileage 76.000. Two owners only einee new. Ideal! for caravan towing. 2125, o.n.o.. or would exchange’ smaller car. Disposal due to domestic reasons. This. car must be seen to be appreciated. Box No. 11011, Morott SPORT, 15. City Road, E.C.1 [9011 1927 SWIFT tourer. Sound and original; 35 m.p.g. Nearest £60. 12, York Place. Harrogate. Tel.:

2884. [9012! LEA•FRANL1S 12.22 tourer, 1926. Engine completely rebuilt and good for another 27 years. Sound throughout, four new Daulops, new batteries. taxed, insured. All reasonable offers considered; money wanted for honeymoon. Wyard, 37, Dunoon,

Road, S.E.23. Tel.: FOR 2877. [9014. TALBOT 14/65, 1934. Attractive sports saloon, body, reeellidosed and rebuilt. New roof topping, headlining, battery, tyres; mechanically perfect.. 495. Triumph Gloria. 12.95 -h.p.; body requires. rebulldinii; mechanically good; nearest £50. 9, Walnut Grove. Millbrook. Southampton. [9015

4-LITRE BENTLEY, 1932, fitted modern all-envelopiug open body. Excellent mechanically. Requires. Interior trimming. Offers, or exchange smaller car. Fit. Lt. Wilson, It.A.F.. White Waltham, Maiden.

head. (9016.

10.1I.1′. LAGONDA. Crankshaft reground. rebored, pistons, etc., etc. Not yet run-in. Recellulosed, reupholstered, etc. In fact, apart from the hood, which, however, is quite sound. this is like a new car.. £260. View anywhere by eppointment. (Verdi, Lodge, Swillington, near Leeds. To.: Gerforth.

2745. 19020. FOR SALE-continued FIAT 1,100 SPECIAL; 2-seater built 1949 for high-speed touring and sports-car racing; Laystall balanced crank, rods and flywheel; Gorrlini pistons; rms. KE965 valves, special racing manifold and large S.U. giving over 90 m.p.h. on top, 36 m.p.g. driven hard; to 60 m.p.h., 13 Sec.; superb roadholding; fully equipped, fold-flat screen, hood. tonneau. tool kit; lightweight body not unlike XK120; an ideal dual-purpose car; 8,000 miles since new; £575. exchange considered. Derrington. 159-161, London Road, Kingston-on-Thames. Tel.: 5621/2. [9316 FIAT 509 841P., o.h.e.. Swallow saloon and open tourer, £25 each: slightly ‘faulty, would dismember for spares. Ford V8 engine and distributor, 30 It.p., running order. £20; 22-h.p. ditto, £10. Pair aluminium cylinder heads, high-compression 18stud cOpperised faces, £12 10s, .12 engine; completely rebuilt, new camshaft, dynamo. £75 or exchange. 2-litre SA M.G. engine, complete,. carburetters, manifolds, distributor. starter, dynamo; recently works reconditioned; £75. Marty other SA spares. .14 engine, unused since built for world’s records and Zoller supercharger, £100. 34 fully balanced racing crankshaft, perfect, unbreakable in a .12, £35. I’ and Magnette connecting rods, £2. each. N Mag. nette engine, adapted belt drive dynamo. £50. Large selection wings, instruments, lamps. horns, Scintilla Vertex, spanners of every type. Pay n visit to our showrooms and inspect thousands of interesting items. Derrington, 159-161. London Road, Kingston. .5621/2. 19316A RILEY KESTREL NINE, 1936, special series engine. good condition, many extras. £185. 12. Cobham Terrace, Greenhithe. Tel.: 194. [9313 X1L120, unique specimen. First registered December, 1950. As new in every way. Blue. Guaranteed mileage under two thousand, never raced; fitted radio. Best offer around £1,200. Hamilton, 14, Yarningale Road, Birmingham, 14. Tel.: Ilighbury 2855. [9311

WANTED-continued 3-LITRE VINTAGE BENTLEY 4-seater tourer in good mechanical condition. Cheap. Gathergond, School House, Flixton, Bungay, Suffolk. [8809

RILEY NINE, 1934, rear axle, crown-wheel and pinion. 4.5-1 ratio. Also road wheel, knock-on hub with 19-in. rim. Market Garage, Taunton. [8817 SIDELAMP, LUCAS TYPE LD 209 for 1936 Talbot 105. Box No, 11822, MOTOR Snonr, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [8822

LANCHESTER FOURTEEN Monoblock engine or block. Short, Pryor Close, Abbots Langley, U’atford. [8829 KLAXON ” JERICHO” HORN. Condon, Apple ‘free Cottage, East Grimstend. near Salisbury. 18830

READ THIS ADVERT Instruction manuals wanted singly. hundreds. ancient, modern. British or foreign. Send details, good cash offer by return. Box No. 11833, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [8833

113 MAGNETTE in sound mechanical and bodily condition, with recent modifications. Blown or unblown. Must stand rigid inspection. and prier is of secondary importance. Quayle, Towneroft. Great Churehway, Plymstock, Devon. [8836

4-SEATER AM preferably Talbot Ten. Excellent condition. R.A.C. inspection required. Stanley. 25, Manor Road, Bletchley. [88.15 ALL BACK NUMBERS of Moron SPORT, Autoeur, Motor. Speed. Any American motor magazines. Box No. 11886, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C,1. [8886 SPARES. 1899 Benz. International, Star. 1903/4, Argyle gearbox by }limier Engineering, Glasgow. Body, any veteran ears or spares. Davis, Pattenden Burgess Hill, Sussex. Tel. : 2038. [8888 LANCIA AUGUSTA D.H.C. Good price for genuine example. Tel. : Eccles (Lanes.) 1027. [8906 URGENTLY REQUIRED. Perfect ImIlnosed Cowley. Good price offered. Eaton, The Cliffe, Ilurdsficld, Macclesfield. 18921 WANTED-continued

TWO 750 BY 16 TYRES in reasonable condition. 81, Newfield Road, Nottingham. [8928 RILEY NINE 1932 INSTRUCTION BOOK. Alvis 1932 Silver Eagle gearbox. BOX No. 11964, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [8964 LANCASHIRE ENTHUSIAST very keen to buy genuine 1936 Kestrel Nine. Box No. 11977. Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [8977 FOR l+-LITRE LE MANS SINGER. 6-cylinder, induction manifold for triple carburetters; also magneto drive. Box No, 11978, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [8978

FOR EXPERIMENT. Block and bead. 1937 DX Vauxhall, 12 h.p. Set a brake back-plates. Good condition essential. Reasonable. Hoye’s, 32, Front Street East, Bedlington, Northumberland. [8982 CAR RADIO, 6-volt. Stacey, 42, Alexandra Road, Epsom. [9013 FOUR-CYLINDER AIR-COOLED ENGINE B.S.A. radiator, about 1935. Full details to Clarke. Wains ford Common, Lyrnington, Hants. [9025 BENTLEY SPEED SIX or 8-litre, Rolls or Lagonda tourer or drophcad. Would part exchange for my Super Snipe P6 diesel-engined brake. Enderby, Kings ACM6 Hotel, Swindon. (9028

PRE-WAR MORGAN 4/4 2-seater. Details to ; Raftery, 232, Arms Hill Road, Gosport, Hants.

19036 FOR 1937 15.9 A.C., gearbox selector fork. Moss gearbox. Also handbook. 130, Ilehester Road. Yeovil. [9040 COMPLETE ENGINES and any spares for M.G. 32 and P types. Box No. 11041, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. [9041 FOR EX-ARMY (or eivvy) Austin 8-h.p. tourer, 19.12, windscreen and/or frame, with side supports, near-side door, hood-frame, rear seats. 69, Rhodes Avenue, Newbold, Chesterfield. 19048

FORD TEN SUPERCHARGER installation. Also Amilear Surbaisse. less engine and gearbox. Faulty final drive not objected to. 18, Ditton Lawn, Thames Ditton, Surrey. Tel.: Emberbrook 3743. [9065

WANTED-continued SALOON OR D.H.C., maximum L111, minimum 25 m.p.g. Tidy condition, not tinware. Campbell, Red Eyot, Braywiek. Maidenhead. Berko. 19071 RILEY 13-LITRE M.P.H. and Riley Kestrel li-litre Sprite saloon, no matter how good. On holiday from August 8th to August 22nd. Evans, 79. St. Andrews Road, Ilford, Essex, Telt Valentine 6260. [9094

CM DEPOSIT, balance £7 per month, available for good sports coupe or saloon. Details to Box No. 0095, MOTOR Sower, 15. City Road, E.C.1. [9095 FOR 1933 KT MAGNETTE M.G., oltside manifold. 3-carburetter. complete with earburettera if available but not essential. Prier and details. Willis & Part ners, Lytnington, Banta. (9104 S.S. P.H. coup6 or similar. Nothing over 13-litre or £100 46 B

. , uratow Road, S.W.20.

.. [9124 REASONABLE M.G., Triumph, SS., Singer. or similar. Bowman, 6, Palmeira Avenue, Hove. [9215 EftiaTtFt car wanted. Send full details, photograph if possible. Box No. 11158, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road.E.C.I. OPEN BUOY, 2, 2/4 or 4-seater. suitable for -Riley Kestrel Nine (1934)-Riley preferred but other makes considered. Hillyard, Poppleton House, York. [9162 HIGH-PERFORMANCE CAR tor club racing and road use. Preferably exchange with my 1950 Sunbeam-Talbot. K. Mooney, Ileathway, Effing ham. Surrey. 19182

SOUND AND POTENT Austin Seven Special. MOKI be reasonable. Buchanan, Office.’ Mess OAF.. Moreton-in•Marsb, Glue. [9204 WANTED-continued BODY for 1934 Riley. Nine, saloon preferred: others considered. Also Gwyone Eight chassis frame. Malden. Wendlebury, Skeeter, Oxon. [9217 ALL SPARES fa-T.-S-54W Le Mans salatiii7tlao spot lamp, 18 by 4.50 tyres, tie. Must be ‘heap. 17, Roman Road, Worting.. Basingstoke. 19228 .SALOON, dropitead, -12/20 h.p. Presentable. sound met:hank:ally. Around £70. No dealers. London. Box No. 11248. MOTOR SPOUT, 15, City Road, E.C.1 [9248 ROLL-ROYCE’ required, 1930 to 1934, 20/2 owner/driver. Seery. 662, Chelsea Cloistere, Sloane Avenue, S.W.3. [9274 ALVIS SPEED TWENTY in good sound condition. late type. Box No. 11275. MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.1. [9275 CHILTERN CARS are interested purchasers of the better makes of Continental and British sports cars. open or dosed. If you have, a car of this typo for disposal we invite you to contact us. A photograph will he appreciated and our Buyers can arrange to. call throughout the British Isles. Ila, Water Lane, Leighton Buzzard. Bedfordahire. Tel.: 2060. [9276 MERCEDES-BENZ 170V pre-war saloon. Chasid, and body sound. remainder immaterial. Tel.: Abbey 5941. after 6. [9283 BUSINESS PARTNER with capital to start secondhand car department with an old-established repair business. 40 miles from Loudon on main trunk road, with excellent opportunities. BM/GNLW,

London, W.C.I. [9297 RILEY IMP in good conditionthroughout required by enthusiast. No dealers please. Box No. 11299. MOTOR SPORT. 15. City Road. E.C.1. (9209 • WANTED-continued

FOR AUSTIN ULSTER-three con-rode. 13 crank, journals. Matthew’s Garage. Windlesharn, Surrey. Tel.: Bugshot 2158. (9307 RILEY NINE, 1932. 1,1,41-action book. Alvis 1932 Silver Eagle gearbox. Box No. 0964, MOTOR SPORT, 15. City Road. E.C.I. (8964 _ ROLLS SILVER GHOST tourer wanted. pre-1914 preferable. Must be in reasonably good mechanical order. Distance no object Ina full description and photo wind.’ be appreciated. Ibbotson. $2, Knoll Drive, London., N.14. Te).: ENT 5506. [9143

ROLLS TWENTY, 2025,! P. II or chassis only. 26, Queenagate Mews.. Kensing1.011, $.W.7. Tel.: WOO 5228: [9130

URGENTLY m Crankshaft for C-type Montlhery or .14 M.G. Would coottider complete engine. Wilson.

14. Ilowtnout Gardens. Glasgow, W.2. [9314 23-LITRE DAIMLER, not later than 1947. or Riley Kestrel. Write details. London area for inspection. Box No. 11296, Moron SPORT, 15, City It’s. I. E.C.I. [92.96


WANTED BENTLEY 3 or 4( tourer in first-class condition. Exchange Triumph. 1934, 13.9-h.p. oports saloon in fine fettle w?th earth adjustment. Shoosmith, East Lodge, Fryern, Storringtou, Sussex. Tel.: 3092. [9150 BITTEN BY TI1E RALLY-BUG, I wish to acquire a Buckler or similar, and offer in exchange rare long-chassis 4-seater Le Mans 11-litre Aston Martin. Seen Southern England. Box No. 11178, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.I. [9178 ANGLIA de luxe model, 1940. Paintwork as new: 13edford cord covers, heater: new rear axle, gearbox, battery, etc:. Require either large American car or interesting sports. Flat 2, Creg Malin, Mount Ararnt Road, Richmond, Surrey. 192011 M.G…12, goodish condition, plus cash, for interesting 4-seater. Box No. 11257, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.1. [9257 3-LITRE LAGONDA saloon for smaller car imitable lady driver. Box No. 11756, MOTOR SPORT. 15, City Road, E.C.1, [8756 flORNET SPECIAL, 1932, 2-seater. Good condition, Exebanv 4-seater tourer. or sell. £75. Rinimer, 32, St. George’s Place, Canterbury. [8880 ALVIS SPEED TWENTY sports saloon. 1935. Exchange for pre-war 10-11.p. 4.seater saloon or coup6 in good condition. Tel.. in first instance. Perivale

8555. [8885 STANDARD RIGHT saloon, 1947, as new. Over 40 m.p.g. Offered against sports Car. Would sell. 45, Shirai…II Park, N.W.4. Tel. : Hendon 1648. 18893 1936 M.G. PR 2-seater, exeellent condition. Exchange 8-12 h.p. 84110013 or 4-seater tourer, cash either way. 74. Meadowfield Road, Rubery, Birmingham. [8960

MORRIS EIGHT, 1935, saloon. good condition. Exchunge for something sporty not exceeding 12 h.p. Tel.: Ilounelow 8900. [8984 PURCHASER of superb 2-litre M.G. saloon, having ” bitten off more than he can chew,” would exchange for much less potent but similarly immaculate vehicle, or accept £220 eat.h. Box No. 11031, MOTOR SPORT, IS, City Road, E.C.I. [9031 ROLLS-ROYCE TWENTY, 1927, fitted 1946 oak and aluminium brake body. Brat-class order throughout, for Rolle Twenty tourer or drophead. similar vintage and condition. Borthwick, 11/onaton House, ‘Damn, Cheshire. [9086

MISCELLANEOUS—continued WELDING, cylinder Mork. cylinder heads, crankcases, crankshafts. valve meats, etc,. by our lowtemperature process. We specialise in metal. spraying worn crankshafts and any bearing surfaces, by the latest American process and regrind to any specified size. Crankshaft grinding and engine reconditioning. Totton Commercial Motors Ltd., Eling Lane, Tattoo, Southampton. Tel.: Tattoo 3146/7. [9216 RAGING FORD8/10 EQUIPMENT. Camshafts, highpressure oil pumps, lightweight dynamically balanced flywheels, high-compression heads, etc. Prices even you can afford. Full details : ” Grove Workshop,” Dallinghoo, Woodbridge. Suffolk. [9250 3 cu. ft. COMPRESSOR OUTFITS, only £12 each. Twin-oylinder units driven by l-h.p. electric motor. Air receiver and stand. Ideal for spraying. tyre inflation. As new. ” Grove Workshop,’ Dallinghoo, Woodbridge. Suffolk. [9251 SMALL EQUIPPED premises North London available. Rent suit enthusiast experimenting. £120 p.a. Write : Forster, Green Glace, St. Albans Road,

Barnet. [9252 MOTOR ROAD MAP ’74 Great Britain, Over 8,500 place names clearly shown on this 10 mile to 1 inch coloured map. M.O.T. road nunthere Insets of North Scotland; London routes. Table of distance… Paper. folded, 5s. net. Duplex, Os. net. From all booksellern. George Philip and Son Limited, 30-32. Fleet Street, London, E.C.4. 19262

TRIPLEX EXPRESS REPLACEMENT SERVICE. Any pattern supplied. Balmer.. (Glass Merchants) Ltd., Derby Road, Watford. Tel.: Watford 4268. [9272 ANYBODY NEED CO-DR1VER for GoodwoUil nine-hours rare, sharing all expenses ? Owner’s car, Lincoln saloon. too slow. Neweombe, 38, Chaleot, Road, N.W.1. Tel.: Primrose 9090. [9294 JAGUAR SPARES AND SERVICE for all models. Reasonable prices. Export orders carefully attended. Price, Three Shiree, Bearwoncl, Birmingham, (8758

HISPANO-SUIZA SPARES and repairs : G. Briand, 47, Tansworth Road, Croydon. Tel. : Croydon 1742. (8797 DAIMLER 1,800 POWER PACK 4-speed preselector, 0,00)) miles, front Daimler works. Any trial before removal from present chassis. Price £85. Box No, 11808. MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, [8808 AUSTIN SEVEN SPARES—we are the largest stockists in the North. Ask for free lints. Austin Seven Services, Kirby Wiske, Thirek. [9021 GEARBOXES. Preselector and synchromesh units reconditioned or repaired. Snaithwily, 34, Sullivan Way, Elstree, Herts. [9064 MISCELLANEOUS—continued HEADLAMP REFLECTORS. Heavily electroplated. 100% silver. Mirror finish guaranteed. 5s. 9d. each. Returned day received ; send P.O. : R. E. Paeker,

Sion Place, Clifton, Bristol. [8801 BETTER M.P.G. for Fords with the ” B.S.D. ” manual ignition control. 65.1., post free. B.S. Developments, The Garland, Farnborough, Hants. [8852 FIT CORDS PISTON RINGS with confidence. We do—because they definitely save petrol, oil and money. Macey & Sssitl,. 17, lancing Road, West Croydon. Tel. ; THO 4503. 18861 -KENT—Prosperous inland town. Must. -sell excellent old-estalSlished garage and filling station occupying prominent main-road position. Living acCOramodation for tWO families. Turnover approxi mately 1:16,000. Full particulars from King & Anhenden, 48, High Street, Canterbilry. 19001 HARD-SURFACED ‘GROUND ROCKERS, quick service all makes, SIG.. Wolseley, 6s. each exchange, camshafts rebuilt and ground; rocker Miami.. 6n.; shafts. 7s. 6.1. each; valve guides, 4s. 64.; valve, 75. 4d.; valve springs from lOn, per sell gaskets. timing chains, all types bearings; speedo., rev.counter and brake cables. Leakproof oil-drnia housing exchange. Modified vertical drive exchange. Reconditioned earbocetter exchange service. Polished alliminium from 148. sheet. Good selection spares. C.O.D. service. Thomson, 104. Kingston Road, Wimbledon, S.W.10. Td.: Liberty 8498. [9044 LEA-FRANCIS SPARES and service. New and secondhand sparesfor all vintage models. Unserviceable or damaged cars and siarplue spares purchased. Holmenibile Garage. South Norwood Hill, S.E.23. Livingstone 1906. [9085 TYRES, TUBES, TYRES. 5,000 in stock. New remouldS, used, obsolete and beaded edge, for anything on wheels. No junk. Express service to

anywhere in the U.K. Tyre Specialistn, 22/24, Vicarage Street, Yeovil. Tel.: Yeovil 972. [9078 FITlitiffit—iiff011N0EV.tti–;;Ti-fi twin-choke car burelter. divided ports. Full size Working drawing,a, 10s. 6d Lincoln, 23, Pine Grove, Weybridge. [9120

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