Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Veteran Car Rally (July 4th)



Veteran Class: H. R. Timmis (1903 Gladiator), 50½ miles.

Edwardian Class: H. W. Ardran (1907 Napier), 267 miles.


The Lawson Trophy for the best performance by a veteran car:  E. D. Wolley (1897 Daimler), 0 marks lost.

The Hutton Stott Cup for veteran cars with not more than two forward speeds: A.C.M. Sir Alec Coryton, K.C.B., K.B.E., M.V.O., D.F.C. (1902 de Dion Bouton), 5 marks lost.

The Eddie Welch Cup for veteran cars with three or more forward speeds: Sir Stanley White (1903 Panhard-Levassor), 0 marks lost.

The Bill Burford Cup for Edwardian cars up to and including 1,500 c.c.: B. M. Clarke (1913 Talbot), 0 marks lost.

The Grand Atlantic Challenge Cup for Edwardian cars over 1,500 c.c.: J. S. Scott (1913 Wolseley), 1 mark lost.

Best performance by a single-cylinder machine: .Dr. E. Warlow Davies (1904 Humberette).

The B.M.C. & L.C.C. Cup for the best-maintained vehicle to attend the meeting, up to 1,500 c.c.:. a Dr. E. Warlow Davies (1904 Humberette) and J. S. Scott (1911 Brennabor), tie.

The Desmond Lysaght Cup for the best-maintained vehicle to attend the meeting, over 1,500 c.c.: P. A. Mann (1909 Sizaire-Naudin).

Special Award for the oldest car to rally:  E. B. Wolley (1897 Daimler).

Special Award for driving tests:  H. S. Simons (1903 Sunbeam).


D. R. Tubbs has presented to the V.S.C.C. a fine trophy which was originally awarded for racing at Boulogne. It is thought to relate to the late Sir Malcolm Campbell, who won the race there in a Bugatti in 1928. The trophy, which consists of a nude female holding a fan above her head, should be warmly appreciated by the vintage-car fraternity.


Rumour has it that somewhere in Surrey a garage is in process of breaking up three lorries, all believed to be pre-1918, one of which is said to have its original acetylene lighting.


Alvis Day at Coventry (July 5th)

The above event  duly took place in real summer weather and some 130 cars took part in the cavalcade right through the centre of Coventry, and the inauguration ceremony was performed by the Lord Mayor of Coventry.

The procession was headed by one of the latest 1959 Park Ward coupes, driven by Mr. George Wiltsher, of the Alvis Company, and accompanied by one of the personalities of the Midlands, Alderman Pearl Hyde.

During the last part of the morning and the afternoon, several events took place at Baginton Aerodrome, including really unusual concours d'elegance, divided into three sections: (1) car with wife, (2) car with girl friend, and (3) car with owner.

A treasure hunt was also organised which caused a great deal of amusement, and eventually the day finished at 6 p.m., with some of the visitors having to travel back home as far apart as Edinburgh and Truro.


The Humber Register has decided to transfer its next road event, which incorporates the next round of the Inter-Register contest between the Humber, S.T.D., Alvis 12/50 and Fiat Registers and the Bull-Nose Morris Club from the Great Witley area to the Banbury/ Stratford-on-Avon district. The event takes place on August 2nd and incorporates a Pride of Ownership competition, 60-mile navigational run and driving tests.


The Sunbeam S.T.D. Register postponed its annual Wolverhampton Rally from July to September, because the printing dispute hampered full publicity being given to ex-Sunbeam Company employees about the get-together with S.T.D. Register members and precluded using the Express and Star canteen for this meeting. It is now proposed that this week-end meeting shall be held in September, when it is hoped that Louis Coatalen will be present. Details of this event and of Register membership are available from Councillor Mrs. W. Boddy, Carmel, Wood Lane, Fleet, Hampshire.