Morris Minor



“Crankshaft, flywheel and bearings replaced at 13,000 miles just after fitting of engine conversion!”

“Piston slap from new. Cured with Interior Silent Travel.”

“Pistons replaced at 15,000 miles. Excessive oil consumption. Wrong size pistons fitted originally by B.M.C.”

“Using one pint of oil every 200 miles. Sold back to garage in disgust after three weeks’ use. Has since been fitted with new pistons and when last seen was still smoking.”

“Oil consumption on delivery 100 (one hundred) miles per pint”

“Piston slap. New pistons at 1,100 miles. Seized at 1,800 – new piston fitted. Seized at 5,300 – new piston fitted. Seized at 8,500 – new piston fitted.”