G.T. Cars




I would like to, say how much I agree with the wonderful paragraph that “D.S.J.” wrote on his dream car, the 250G.T. Ferrari. My dream car would differ from his only in the fact that I would like the 4-litre V12 Super America engine fitted.

My belief in the 250 G.T. began in 1960 at the Earls Court Motor Show, when I first saw the “Berlinetta.” On that occasion, on arriving, I went straight to the Ferrari Stand and during the five hours I spent at the Show, whenever I left the Ferrari Stand to visit other Stands, I always found myself back at “The” Stand within half an hour.

Last October I once more went on my pilgrimage to Earls Court to see, primarily, the Ferrari exhibits. On that occasion I noticed what a fantastic effect the Ferrari exhibits (and to a lesser extent, the Pinin Farina exhibits, although certain uninformed individuals did not realise that the cars displayed on this stand were, in fact, Ferraris) had on the majority of the public. These people, who normally thought of a car purely and simply as a means of transport, would, metaphorically speaking, push aside 3500G.T. Maseratis, would hammer on the panels of the E-type jaguar, to see if they would bend, would stroll past the Facel Vega HK500 as if it did not exist, but when they reached the stand of Automobili Ferrari, would stand in obeisance, in sheer wonder, without making so much as a whisper, except to say, “Am I blind, or does that say £6,600 ?”

From one Motor Show to the next, I have to be content with seeing the very occasional “2 plus 2” at a local garage.

From the above, it can be seen that I am indeed a true believer.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those concemed with the publication of MOTOR SPORT for producing the best motor magazine on the market.