Book Reviews, August 1962, August 1962



“Drive Round the World,” by J.-C. Baudot and J. Séguéla. 222 pp. (Macdonald & Co. (Publishers) Ltd., 16, Maddox Street, London, W.1. 25s.)

This is a light-hearted account of a journey round the World, Over a period of 13 months, crossing five Continents, across eight deserts and through 50 countries, a total distance of 100,000 km., by two young French students in a Citroën 2 c.v. They chose a Type PO, 425-cc. Citroën 2 C.V. because “an air-cooled engine would be a great asset, since a water radiator always boils or freezes.” Their little car consumed 36 tyres, 92 litres of Shell-100 oil, but a jet, an air filter, six plugs, two headlamps, a set of platinum points, two sets of brake linings and a set of valves were the only essential spares in this quite abnormally arduous journey of 62,500 miles proving that the humble little Citroën 2 c.v. is one of the World’s great motor cars. It averaged 6.1 litres per 100 km. of petrol (say 46.3 m.p.g.).

It is a sad reflection on the dishonesty of homo sapiens that the adventurers had stolen items to a total value of 6,591 new francs, of which Thailand accounted for well over half!

The book is leavened with the young Frenchmen’s comments on life and customs in other lands and will be read with pleasure by the adventure-loving, especially if they are 2 c.v. enthusiasts. – W. B.


Newnes & Pearson’s, Tower House, Southampton Street, London, W.C.2, have published a comprehensive introduction to the M.O.T. tests, titled “Tests for 7-Year Cars” (160 pp., 93 do-it-yourself diagrams), at 12s. 6d.


That useful work “Basic Road Statistics,” which contains so many figures and facts of value to writers, broadcasters, politicians and those who fight politicians, is now available in the 1962 edition from the British Road Federation, 26, Manchester Square, London, W.1, price 1s.


The 1962 English edition of “International Auto-Parade” is to hand, with pictures and specifications of the World’s cars, some of them in colour, a few technical and sporting articles, and road-test reports on various cars, including Moss on the Jaguar-E type (he criticises the gearbox, driving position and positioning of the ash-tray but concludes ” The E-type will ensure touring in the grandest scale,” which seems contradictory and with which we do not agree).

This volume, a sort of poor-man’s “Auto Review” is published by International Automobile Parade, 87, Universitätstrasse,. P.0.13., Zurich, the Editor-in-Chief being Arthur Logoz.

We have received a copy of the “Veteran Car Owners’ Manual” by Ernest F. Carter (Stanley Paul, 42s.). The dust-jacket says it is “a must for every veteran motor car owner” but it is illustrated with old hand-out pictures and the text is superficial. We recommend that you save your money.

A guide to “Castles, Historic Houses and Country Mansions” open to the public, is available from the R.A.C., 83/85, Pall Mall, S.W.1.