Grand Prix design

In Grand Prix racing today all the contestants run on Dunlop racing tyres, so that in theory they should all have the same cornering power available, adhesion of the tyre to the road under cornering stresses being the limiting factor.

However, the question of keeping the tyre in contact with the road is an important factor, but the most important consideration is that of controlling the geometry of the road wheel when subject to weight transfer and roll from cornering loads. To the casual glance all the Grand Prix cars today look alike, but closer scrutiny will reveal a surprising variety of designs, and the accompanying sketches show how a number of Grand Prix car designers have tackled the problem of control of wheel movement of the rear wheels of their various cars.

All use independent rear suspension and coil spring/damper units, and these sketches illustrate the wishbone or link mechanisms, radius rods, anchor points, etc., brakes and wheel hubs having been left out to assist clarity.—D. S. J.