The S.T.D. Wolverhampton Rally (July 7th)

Once again the Sunbeams returned, in sunshine and occasional torrential rain, to the place of their birth, supported by S.T.D. Talbots and Darracqs. The entry was excellent—43 cars, which ranged from a 1912 12/16 Sunbeam saved from exile as a farm tractor and two 1919 16-h.p. Sunbeam tourers, to the last of the Wolverhampton Sunbeams, built in 1935, supplemented by ten Roesch Talbots, of which Wiggin’s 1924 10/23 tourer was immaculate, and the blue sports/tourer 1 1/2-litre Darracq of J. Granville-Grenfell, a 1926 car said to have an engine the base of which is a racing unit, with Roesch valve gear, the claimed top speed being 95 m.p.h. at 4,400 r.p.m.

A. Forshaw brought the twin-cam 3-litre Sunbeam which was the team practice car for the Phoenix Park G.P. and was later raced at Brooklands by Barker, A. Alexander had a rare 14/40 Sunbeam with sports internals and R. Evans was up from Abergavenny in his 1926 Sunbeam 25 landaulette. E. Davies’ 1935 Talbot 75 is an Olympia Show model with 85,000 miles behind it, in which distance the pre-selector gearbox has never required attention.

The distance award went deservedly to A. Waugh, who, between the previous Thursday and the Sunday, had driven to John o’ Groats and back in his 1922 small-bore Sunbeam 14 tourer, originally a works demonstration car. It also contrived to make third place in the Concours d’Elegance.

The prizes were presented by the Register’s President, Mrs. Winifred Boddy, before she left Wolverhampton with her husband in the famous racing Talbot 105, GO 52.


Distance Prize: A. Waugh (1922 Sunbeam 14)—1,270 miles.

Perkin’s Trophy: (best restoration): P. Durnford (1925 Sunbeam 14/40 tourer).

Concours d’Elegance: 1st: A. Blight (driver: W. Boddy) (1931 Talbot 105). 2nd: T. Braid (1919 Sunbeam 16). 3rd: A. Waugh (1922 Sunbeam 14).