10,000 miles with a Morris 1100

I append some of my experiences, taking care to say first that this is certainly an extremely comfortable, practical and sprightly car even if a little underpowered for coping with hills and overtaking.

Delivery was taken in February of this year and the car was most carefully run-in. Extras: leather upholstery, laminated screen, SP tyres, Interior Silent Travel, underseal, Cibie headlamps, and a full set of instruments.

Usual collection of body squeaks and rattles.
30 miles, timing slipped causing boiling and engine failure.
3,000 miles, speedometer cable broke—head jammed—replaced.
Synchro gears replaced in gearbox—in early complaints this was dismissed as being due to newness. Why can’t BMC make gearboxes like Ford and VW?
Heavy oil consumption settled down to 1,840 m.p.g. New piston assemblies fitted.

9.000 miles, second speedometer failed and was replaced.
After running-in, wheels supposedly balanced by distributor caused juddering at 55/60 m.p.h. Re-balanced on Repco machine and found to be well out of true.
Engine still runs-on when hot: different set of plugs is perhaps indicated?

…and so on.

In new products, properly maintained, one should surely be able to expect better service than this; one can only hope that such faults are not being exported in our “Quality First” products to markets more discerning than that composed of the average apathetic Britisher who EXPECTS to have to rebuild his new car these days?

Donald L. Hill.