I have recently purchased a new Triumph Vitesse; the screen washer was used for the first time two weeks after purchase, the water bottle that supplies the screen wash was found to contain a certain amount of acid. This has caused considerable damage to parts of the body and chrome.

The car was returned to the suppliers and then to the distributors who arranged for a representative from the Standard Triumph Car Company from Coventry to inspect.

I understand these cars arrive from Coventry on transporters with the water already in the bottle.

I am more than surprised at the attitude of all concerned as no one will accept any liability and I have been told by the suppliers to write to the Standard Car Company which I have not done-.

I have taken legal advice and placed the matter in the hands of the Engineering & Technical Department of the R.A.C.

I thought your readers would like to hear of this “I’m all right Jack” that prevails amongst some of the Motor Trade.

A.H. Whitter.