Dunlop's rebates


I have read, from time to time, in the correspondence columns of your excellent magazine of readers’ unfortunate experiences with Dunlop Gold Seal C.41 tubeless tyres. But assuming that, like lung cancer and “trouble with the police,” it could never happen to me I purchased a set of four.

After 5,000 miles one of the tyres developed a huge blister on the tread and was consequently replaced by the dealer and returned to the manufacturer’s local depot. Their latest communication states that they will allow a 50% rebate on the cost of the new tyre and that the granting of the allowance is not an admission of liability.

The inference here, which may be of interest to prospective tyre buyers, seems to be that Dunlop regard the life expectation of their C.41 tyres to be 10,000 miles but if they blow-up at half distance “it’s just hard luck, old boy.”

Perhaps they should check their personnel records just to see if their isn’t a M. Bibendum lurking in the vast organisation somewhere.

F.V. Findlow.