The fastest Edwardian




Having once been privileged in a short drive in the 10 1/2-litre Fiat and accompanied my husband Len Gibbs to race meetings and hill-climbs with this car on many occasions, I have been interested in letters which have recently been written by Mr. Oliver Heal (whose father owned this car) and Mr. Cecil Clutton (with whose Itala the Fiat was often in competition) and referring to cuttings in our album from The Motor and The Autocar dated August 4th and 6th, respectively, in year 1948. I note that both of these journals quote that Len made fastest time with this Fiat at the Prescott Hill-Climb on August Bank Holiday. The occasion was a V.S.C.C. Meeting and the official time recorded for the Fiat’s climb was 54.55 sec., which appears to be faster than either of the other two times mentioned in the previous letters.

Bluebelle Gibbs.