V.E.V. Odds and Ends.

A 1934 Armstrong Siddeley 15 with seized engine was for sale in Surrey for 10s. and the remains of the ex-McCalla 1924 G.P. Sunbeam have been found in Ireland. That Austin 10/4 van in Wales is still seeking a new home, a derelict 1920/21 Vauxhall chassis has been seen in Norfolk. A 1927 Sunbeam 25 tourer was retired some years ago in the wilds of Wiltshire, sharing accommodation with its owner’s former horse-drawn carriages. A 1910 Triumph motorcycle has been saved frcm a Shropshire breaker’s yard, there is a very early Austin 7 Chummy in a Shrewsbury B.M.C. dealers, and that 1925 Austin 7 fixed-head coupe at a mid-Wales garage—and not for sale.

The new General Secretary of the Lea-Francis O.C. is J. T. Woodhouse, 105, Boxley Drive, Wilford Hill, W. Bridgeford, Nottingham. Starkey, Knight & Ford, the brewers, have repurchased from a scrap yard a 1904 Foden solid-tyred dray they once owned and are using it for publicity tours of Devon, in the hands of its original driver. It averages better than 6 m.p.h. and apparently needs 200 gallons of water every 14 miles, which seems excessive. An SB Speed 20 Alvis engine was for sale reasonably at a Bristol metal merchants. A restorable Bean lorry and a fairly complete model-A Ford are reported from Cornwall.