V.E.V. Miscellany, August 1968

V.E.V. Miscellany.—A reader in Berkshire has some spares for a 1934 Le Mans Singer he is prepared to give away. The Kent Mercury carried a story in June about a 1920 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost whose owner drove it from Maidstone to Lewisham in the hope that its Elliott speedometer could be repaired by the original makers. Elliotts no longer make speedometers, but they found a retired worker who had been apprenticed to them in 1916 and he soon had the old speedometer working and, moreover, found a new cable for it, which he took down to Maidstone and fitted some days later. Information is sought as to the present whereabouts of 1926 9/20 Humber tourer NX 9854, as its former owner would like to re-discover it. Restoration of the 1910 25 h.p. Rothwell referred to in Motor Sport for June, 1963 has been completed and a replica body built for it, the car being on show last month at the new showrooms of H. Hughes and Bolton Ltd., Rootes agents, in Oldham, along with a 1927 Humber Nine saloon. It seems that the Rothwell’s original owner took it off the road and chopped up its body for firewood in 1920, because he took exception to Lloyd George’s new tax on horse-power!

A 1911 model-T Ford has come to light in a Lincolnshire barn. Apparently it was converted into a farm truck around 1920 and was last registered in 1930. But its hood and original silencer have been found and restoration has commenced.