So Cars Are Some Good, After All!

The following has been received from Smiths Industries Ltd.:

The application of a Smiths Industries car heater is, one would think quite obviously, the heating of motor vehicles. Naturally this is so, however every day more and more unusual applications are being discovered. The latest by the Hammersmith Hospital Child Health Department.

In certain, cases premature babies who are generally very weak must have specialised attention and are fed with a part oxygen environment at a carefully controlled temperature. At the Hammersmith Hospital an apparatus has been designed which incorporates the Smiths Industries R.125 heater radiator. The radiator is immersed in a water bath through which is carried the tube supplying oxygen to the baby. By controlling the flow through the radiator, heat is transferred to the water keeping it at the temperature level required for the baby. This method has proved highly successful but the present apparatus can be used only for small babies. Now a larger apparatus is being designed incorporating an Austin Mini heater radiator and will accommodate babies of normal size for the same treatment. Not only does the Smiths Industries heater warm people in motor cars but it plays its part in saving the lives of newly born babies.