Miniatures News

Mettoy Playcraft have produced some exciting new Corgi car miniatures for August. For instance, there is a 4¼-in. replica of the Oldsmobile Toronado, complete with the recently-introduced Corgi "Golden Jacks" to raise it off its wheels, and another new feature in the form of retractable jewelled twin headlamps, as on the full-size Toronado. These are worked on the model by a tiny knurled wheel beneath the o/s wing but had jammed on the test-car. Finished in either polychromatic red or lime green to choice, this Corgi, No. 276, sells in the U.K. at the retail price of 7s. 3d. The wheel hub trims and treaded tyres are most realistic, but the steering wheel (l.h.d.) is at an even more 'bus-driver angle than a Mini's.

Corgi also have a very nice miniature of a Jaguar E-type 2+2 coupé, with bonnet opening to reveal a twin-cam engine, the door in the tail opening correctly from the side, and a wealth of detail even to tilting seat-backs, half-open windows, rear-view mirrors, bonnet louvres, opening doors, instruments, prop-shaft tunnel, dual exhaust system and very good wire wheels, in spite of an overall length of only 4½ in. It is a pity, however, that the headlamp covers are plated instead of being transparent. This fine Jaguar must surely be a bestseller. It is No. 335 in the Corgi toys series and costs 11s. 6d.

Finally, there is a 3 7/8-in. long Ford Mustang, spoilt for us because Corgi have finished in lurid pop-art colour patterns. If this doesn't spoil it for you, the number is 348, the U.K. price 7s. 6d.

Another Jaguar E-type 2+2 miniature is available from Dinky Toys, this Meccano product being a white coupé, which I am frequently told is a young girl's highest ambition. Not quite so detailed or finely moulded as the Corgi model, this one is of approximately the same size and possesses a radio aerial, and Reg. Nos. front and back in the latest identification colours. Its headlamp covers are better done, too. The price is 12s. 11d. and is No. 131 in the Dinky Toy series.

Old "Meccano boys" will like the idea of the 12-ft.-long Meccano model of a British multi-storey car park capable of holding almost 1,000 Dinky Toy cars and fitted with fully-automatic lifts and ramps along which six such models will travel continuously. It forms the centre-piece at the Macy's Festival of Great Britain Fair in New York, opening on September 3rd for three weeks. This Meccano model contains more than 20,000 parts and 120 light bulbs and weighs 10 cwt. It took Meccano staff-man Pat Lewis and three assistants three months to build.—W. B.