A Polish for the Connoisseur

A new car polish has just appeared on the market for the motorist who is looking for a lasting high quality finish labelled “Limousine car polish for vintage-veteran-elegance”. The finished result is, in fact, of a very high quality and the maker’s claim “that it lasts and lasts” does seem to stand up to rain, sun and continuous washing.

“Limousine” is a sister produce of “Renaissance”, a polish well known to restorers of fine furniture and used by museums internationally. Blended from specially prepared non-abrasive waxes the polish has several ingredients to protect leather, wood, as well as metal and painted surfaces. Used in conjunction with “Pre-Lim”, a special cleaner, we found the time factor the most irritating feature in the use of these two products. Working in small areas, approximately six square inches at a time, a modern car with its large areas of cellulose took too long to complete if the car was only a method of transport, but for the man who likes his car in concours condition, the hours of patience are amply rewarded by the finished result.

At present only a limited number of outlets are envisaged, such as Harrods, but the manufacturers can supply direct or advise you of the nearest stockist.

For further details write to Picreator Renaissance Products, 44 Park View Gardens, London, NW4.