The Dutch Grand Prix

James Hunt scored a fine win in the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort in his Hesketh 308. Hunt (top left), can be seen on the winner's rostrum, laughingly knocking the Goodyear cap off third placeman Clay Regazzoni's head after the Swiss had failed to remove it during the playing of the British National Anthem. Right, Hunt (No. 24) leads Niki Lauda's second place Ferrari 312T (No. 12) just before they lapped Carlos Reutemann's Brabham BT44B (No. 7), the Argentinian eventually finishing fourth. Below, Jochen Mass' McLaren M23 grapples with Tom Pryce's UOP Shadow and Carlos Pace's Brabham as they slide round the Hunzerug during the race's wet stages.

Jean-Pierre Jarier (right) drove a spirited race, holding off Niki Lauda's Ferrari for many laps in the race for second place. Eventually Lauda went past the Shadow, Jarier then spinning off when a tyre suddenly deflated. Clay Regazzoni (centre left) kept Ferrari's fine record of mechanical reliability by bringing his 312T across the finishing line in third place while Carlos Pace (centre right) finished fifth behind team mate Reutemann in his Brabham BT44B. But the great focal point of attention in this race proved to be the dispute for the lead. Bottom, Hunt fends off lauda as they leave Hunzerug, the Ferrari getting as close os this to the Hesketh, but never getting past.
French Grand Prix

Smiles from four-times Grand Prix winner Lauda (right) on the Paul Ricard victory rostrum in company with James Hunt. Below, Hunt's Hesketh 308 finished only a couple of lengths ahead of Mass' McLaren after a race-long chase. Bottom, one of the best dices of the day raged between Ronnie Peterson (bottom), Jacques Laffite and Jean-Pierre Jabouille. The Swede finally finished a lowly tenth after a very disappointing race indeed.

Niki Lauda won his fourth Grand Prix at paul ricard on July 6th, leading from start to finish above after starting from pole position. Sharing the front row with the Ferrari was Jody Schekter's Elf Tyrell (No. 3 leftRouen F2

The Rouen Formula Two race on June 29th was the 25th anniversary of the classic French road circuit at les Essarts in Normandy. The race saw the factory March-BMW team of Michel Leclere and Patrick Tambay finish first and second, this being the first win of the season for the team, the current 752 model and the Munich BMW engines. Jean-Pierre Jabouille's Elf (seen above heading the works cars at Nouveau Monde in the early stages) retired early and it was left for the Belgian Claude Bourgoignie (pictured left locking a front wheel as he goes inside Harld Ertl's Chevron) to take third place. Championship leader Jacques Laffite (below) retired his Martini while lying fourth. Only six of the 19 starters finished the race and they were all British Marches.

Morocco Rally

Much of the Morocco Rally lies in dry, rocky, barren country, but some of the more northerly parts have vegetation and rivers which actually flow. Above, winners Hannu Mikkola and Jean Todt are seen on a comparatively smooth stage in their comfortable Peugeot; on the left. Bob Neyret and Jacques Terramorsi head for third place in their Alpine-Renault A110; below, a Datsun negotiates the wide river crossing at the village of Rich, inevitable gathering place of photographers.