Miniature news

We were able to mention briefly last month the Meccano Dinky Triumph TR7, which is rolling off the production lines in Liverpool at a greater rate than the real car, which is also built there. Plans were provided while these were still secret, long before even the American release of the full-size TR7. This enabled Meccano Limited to bring out their model on the actual day of the British release. It is a 96 mm.-long miniature in zincalloy, highly detailed, with opening doors, moulded windows, seats and dashboard, etc. The race among producers of die-cast miniatures to get in yet another fresh feature goes to Meccano who in this little TR7 have incorporated press-in cushioned bumpers, appropriate in view of the substantial bumpers on the real car. To a scale of 1/42, finished in red with a grey interior, the Dinky reference no. is 211 and the recommended UK price is £1.05.—W.B.