Type-W Minerva


I was interested to read the reference in V-E-V Miscellany in the May issue about a 1910/11 Type-W Minerva having recently changed hands in Australia. This is undoubtedly the vehicle which I recently purchased off a chap in Victoria, and, as you say, it most definitely has some vital parts missing. This chassis (all traces of bodywork have long since disappeared) was pulled out of the bush by the previous owner some years ago with the intention of restoring it. However he was apparently daunted by the prospect of trying to locate the missing bits and sold it to me very cheaply—in fact, the equivalent of £ Stg. 135.00. I have been put in touch with the owner of another Type W in England, and that gentleman is very kindly making up templates of the radiator on his car to enable me to have a radiator made for mine. Apart from him, however, I have been unable to locate any other, owners of Type-W Minervas and believe that mine must be the only one in captivity in Australia. This is a disturbing thought as I need to find many parts for it including a gearbox, tailshaft, carburetter, manifolds, magneto and one cylinder head.

My point in writing this letter is in the hope that if it is published in your "Vintage Postbag" section I may be able to be put in touch with other owners or past owners of Type-W Minervas or someone somewhere may remember that they have some parts lying about which they wish to dispose of. I anticipate a five-year restoration of this car which will then make an "ideal pair" with my Type-AD tourer. Incidentally, whatever happened to the Minerva Register which used to exist in England?

I always look forward to the fifth of each month, which is the date, postal disputes allowing, that Motor Sport arrives.

Alice Springs G. P. FRANCE