Costs of Models


I read with great interest Joseph Xuereb’s letter about the “exorbitant” cost of white metal car kits and their ready-built counterparts. I agree entirely with his comments regarding the prices of ready-built models. For example, in the current issue of Modeller’s World there appears an advert, for a Morris 8 series 2 van at £7.95 plus 25p p&p. Now this is a fairly basic model with very little detail and simple decals—as befits the prototype—and quite honestly anyone who is prepared to pay out over £5 for one Must be an utter idiot. However, we live in a free country (relatively) and if the manufacturer can find enough idiots to line his pocket, then the best of luck to him.

As far as kits are concerned perhaps he should consider the price angle in a different light. Try to choose models that will give pleasure in research, building and painting as well as owning—models which take several evenings to compete. Then think that the average pub–goer will consume three pints in an hour—say 75p. So if the kit keeps you out of the local for two or three evenings then you’re in pocket. If you usually take your wife with you, then buy two kits instead of one!

I enclose a photograph of Auto Replica Kits 1 & 2 which I have built recently. Now I doubt if I’m even on average modeller, but show me a mass-produced article as good; Rios, Solidos and Yesteryear are excellent models and nice to own, hut they hardly match the satisfaction and pleasure that a well-made kit affords. Nor do they have the same scarcity value. Finally, shop carefully, I do not subscribe that these remarks apply to all kits by any means, and the comments in Mr. Xuereb’s letter should always he borne in mind.

Brackley R. COLIN NASH

[ Makes me wonder what my ancient Dinky miniatures and my big tin-plate H6 Hispano-Suiza Clockwork tourer are worth—fun they are nice to look at, once every 20 years.— Ed.]