The Old-Car "Grab-Grab"


As I am sure that the view I express in the following is one held by Many of your readers perhaps you will publish my letter in your next edition.

As an ardent pre-war motor car enthusiast of limited funds, and willing to spend the next two or three years restoring one of these cars, I have spent the last year looking for a suitable buy but alas after many phone calls and visits to possible buys only to find that the so-called enthusiast owner who is unable to restore due to many reasons, I am sure you have heard then: all, is asking a preposterous sum of money for something that will take the best part of two years to put in running order alone.

I now concede defeat and remain convinced that this market has now been taken over by people who buy these cars in any condition, not to restore and use for all to see, but to resell at the highest possible price. It is a sad fact that enthusiasts like myself have to stand aside and see unrestored cars bought and sold by people whose only concern is how much profit they can make. We are not asking for something for nothing, just ,a chance to purchase at a fair price.

Vange W. L. CULLEN