Bulb Failure Wrning


In your description of the new Rover 3500, which one feels Must become affectionately known as the. "Range Roverer Coupe", you S:t% (p. 817, July issue); "A warning light indicates failure of any side, tail or stop lamps, a most useful feature fitted for the first time on a British production car".

I enclose photocopies of pages from the Catalogue of the Armstrong-Siddeley 18 h.p. range, showing that this useful device was part of their specification; in fact it first 'appeared on the. AS "Hurricane" coupe in 1946

BRIAN R. BATTERSBY Pott Shrigley, Cheshire.

[Royer and Lucas made the claim originally, which Mr. Battersby's photo-copy does indeed prove to he incorrect. The Armstrong Siddeley system was Lucas, too suggesting a short memory on Joseph's part—C.R.]