D. Spencer Engineering


We would refer to the article in Your June issue regarding Derek Spencer and the Austin-Healey.

From the number of letters we have received and expressions of surprise from many of our customers, we feel-compelled to request you to print that the above company is in no way connected with D. Spencer Motor Engineering and is in fact an entirely independent company.

Although specialising in the supply of Austin-Healey parts and having many parts solely reproduced for us,. we do supply a small amount to D. Spencer Engineering but as such, this is on a normal customer relationship basis only, there being no pooling of resources or business commitments in any form, as your article implies.


Whitnash, LetuningtOn Spa A-H Spares

[The details were published in good faith. On another point, Derek. Spencer's source for Big Healey body panels should have read Oldbury (not Oldham) Wing and Panel Co. Ltd., of Bloomfield Road, Tipton, West Midlands 021-557 8611.--C.R.]