Fast Hearse


Thank you very much indeed for publishing the performance figures of a Daimler Majestic Major (page 830, July issue). I can now raise my head again and start discussing motoring once more.

Some months ago on my weekly trip between Cheltenham and Cornwall in my Scimitar GTE I overtook a hearse—minus coffin but with uniformed driver and attendant. This seemed to upset them because they gave chase, and no matter what I did I couldn’t lose them, motorway, dual-carriageway, round Plymouth and Cornish roads, up hill, down dale and round corners—all to no avail. I drove over 100 miles with a large Daimler bonnet and two flat-capped heads in my driving mirror, crept home and never breathed a word to anyone—seeing the figures I’m not surprised. Thank you!

Bodmin, R. Sales

[Flat-caps? Perhaps the ultimate in unmarked police cars!—Ed.