Another Cyclecar Rally



Another Cyclecar Rally

During 1975 the VSCC held a special rally for that fascinating but near-defunct breed (Morgan 3-wheelers excepted!), the cyclecar, as duly reported in these pages. A first occasion is quite something, and that assembly was notable for the appearance of such rare devices as ‘Famplin, AV, Seal, I3arron-Ackroyd, Bleriot-Whippet, Richardson and AC Sociable, and one chassis the identity of which baffled even its owner. Roger Richmond, the “flying-dentist”, whose idea this was, and who has a tine cyclecar of his own devising, in the guise of a four-wheeled Morgan, has persuaded the light Car Section of the VSCC to hold another Cycle-car Rally, in conjunction with their Driving Test Meeting at the Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden, near Biggleswade, on September 3rd. It will be open to any cyclecar owner, not confined to VSCC members. I-or the purpose of this gathering a cyclecar is defined as a three or four-wheeled motor vehicle weighing less than 800 lb., with an engine that

does not exceed 1,10o CC. Presumably a pre-1939 definition is more or less intended, although I doubt if a modern home-made effort would be turned away. Mainly static, there will be a piece of private road available for any cyclecars in need of exercise and interesting non-runners, or even incomplete machines, will be welcome. It is hoped that some of those cyclecars that have unearthed themselves since the 1975 assembly will elect to arrive, such as that attractive sporting Baughan and a rumoured Super etc. Roger hopes that the Shuttleworth trust may be persuaded to wheel out their Flying Flea to represent the “aerial-cyclecar” brigade, and personally 1 would be delighted if the 1923 0I-153 Humming Bird low-wing monoplane (ABC Scorpion flat-twin engine, weight 625 lb., top speed approx. 73 m.p.h. permitted military load 7 lb.!) could do a fly-past…

Anyway, remember the date September 3rd at Old Warden -the late Richard Shuttleworth, who started this Collection, would approve, I am sure. Details from R. Richmond, t, Penn Hill Avenue, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset. • W.13.