Road Fund Tax

On the day that this issue closed for press Mr. Fowler, the Minister of Transport, announced proposals to change the basis on which road fund tax is levied from use of a vehicle on the road to its possession, whether used or not. He said that there would be special arrangements for vintage and veteran cars used only very occasionally and for cars laid up for long periods. We have not yet had the opportunity to study these proposals, but will be doing it in time to give details in the September issue. However, we cannot help feeling that Mr. Fowler’s scheme will, if implemented, encourage greater use of more cars (and hence more valuable fuel) on our already congested roads.

A few pence more on the price of petrol (something we are all well used to) combined with the abolition of road fund tax altogether, as was mooted a year or so ago, seems to us to be a more sensible idea. It has the double advantage that all road users would be paying their share according to the type of vehicle they drive and the distance they travel as well as further encouraging the economical use of fuel.

Mx. Fowler invites comments on the proposals by 15th September. — PHJW.

A stolen Humber

Essex Police have enlisted our help in trying to trace a 1923 Humber Saloon, reg. OL 1705, stolen from a lock-up garage at the end of March. The car is black and yellow and is one of the 12 h.p. models. If anyone has any information which might be useful to the Police in their attempts to locate the car for its unfortunate owner, they are asked to contact Detective Constable Irvine on Rayleigh (026) 775533, ext. 312.

AG. Noble of 20 Station Road, Littlethorpe, Leicester has recently taken over as secretary of the Pre ’40 Triumph Owners Club.