Around and about, August 1989

Historic Nurburgring

One of the great historic meetings of the year takes place at the Nurburgring in Germany on the weekend of August 5-6, although the preceding days are also full of interest and note as the cars assemble at this venue in the Eiffel mountains.

One of the main events will be the Mulberry Historic Association 100 race for pre-1958 Grand Prix cars which should see some of the finest machinery take to the track. The 100 mile race, which will be split into two 50-mile races on the Saturday and on the Sunday, will boast a field that has been split into five different classes – two pre-war and three post-war.

The voiturette class for 1500cc cars will consist mainly of ERAs and Maseratis while the field of Thirties Grand Prix machinery will include two 8CM Maseratis, a 6C34 Maserati, two Monzas and a P3.

There is a good mix in the post-war class including amongst other things six Maserati. 250Fs, three Talbot-Lagos, two Connaughts, Cooper-Bristols and a couple of Ferraris.

This event is being organised entirely by the Historic Association 100 and is outside FISA’s domain. Many competitors, however, will also be entering the FISA championship race as well, but since it is open for rear-engined cars up to 1965, many of the older cars will be outclassed. Also of interest will be the 100 mile race for Fifties sports-cars which will also be split in half and run over two days.

Part of the weekend’s attraction is the international auction which sees some of the most desirable cars coming under the hammer including Earl Howe’s 8C Alfa Romeo, which raced a couple of times at Le Mans before the war, Innes Ireland’s GT40, the ex-FAV chassis number P1006, the first car with the Le Mans nose, a design which was to last the life of the model, and a P25 BRM.