'Slippery Ann'




With reference to “A7 Chat” in MOTOR SPORT May 1990 and the interview with George Coldicutt and mention of ‘Slippery Ann’.

George Coldicutt lived next door but one to the undersigned at Tidbury Green Grimes Hill, Nr Burnshaw, about the year 1924 and I recollect that due to the accident with ‘Slippery Ann’ in 1928 He went up Shelsley without brakes when he won the 750cc racing car class in 1928.

I also remember the feared winged Austin Seven Sports having unusual treatment after being frozen up solid; George removed the plugs, poured metholated spirits down the bores and set light to it. This unusual treatment worked perfectly.

Through Coldicutt’s good offices ‘Slippery Ann’ was purchased from John Pares Esq, a good friend of mine, by Basil Cooke, who had a majority interest in the car, my brother and myself.

The enclosed photograph is of ‘Slippery Ann’ at the foot of Saintbury Hill, Nr Broadway in the Cotswolds which we found had much the same contours as Shelsley Walsh and was ideal for practice. That was 64 years ago, imagine doing that today!

‘Slippery Ann’ was sold to an airman from Norfolk who insisted it be equipped with mudguards and increased in height for use on the road as will be seen in the enclosed photograph. We told him that ‘Slippery Ann’ was completely unsuitable for road use, and should not be used as such. He was subsequently killed in a road accident four or five weeks after purchase and ‘Slippery Ann’ was a complete write-off.

A clone Ulster replaced ‘Slippery Ann’ but that is another story.

Cedric E. Houckley

Sutton Coldfield