Motoring & Motor Racing Books

Jaguar Saloon Cars, by Paul Skilleter. Published by Haynes.

GRACE. SPACE and PACE was the marketing slogan for laguar saloon cars in the 1960s, and it emphasised the marque’s unrivalled combination of performance, comfort, and value. This book is probably still the best written and illustrated ever produced on Jaguar saloons, stretching from the Swallow bodies, through SS models to the X112 Coupe. PRICE GUIDE: £25.00 – £30.00

Jensen, by Keith Anderson. Published by Haynes.

Keith Anderson tells the post-war story of Jensen, Which took the brave path of developing its own Sports models and gave us some of the most dramatic British sportscars of all including the 541, CV8, P66, Interceptor FF and Jensen-Healey.

Copies with the striking dust-jacket are particularly collectable — it shows a CV8 on the front, while the rear cover shows the Clark Gable Jensen of 1937 and a Series 4 Interceptor. PRICE GUIDE: £12.00-£16.00

De Lorean — Stainless Steel illusion by John Lamm. Published by The Newport Press, USA.

The tale of the Belfast supercar, undertaken with such big plans, which inexorably turned to ashes amid squabbles, unfulfilled contracts, lost jobs and stories of deceit and fraud. Large format. PRICE GUIDE: £20.00 – £25.00

Ferrari Turbo by Jonathan Thompson. Published by Osprey.

This is the story of the Ferrari 126C, CX, CK and C2 Grand Prix cars of 1980-1982 as well as their distant ancestors the 125 F1 of 1948-1951. Along with the development history of the 126C, it covers turbocharged GT Ferraris, various conversions of the 308 GTB/S and Berlinetta Boxer, and Ferrari’s first production turbo to go on sale, including 150 photographs and technical drawings. PRICE GUIDE: £12.00-£16.00