Replica event develops its on history

In Historic Motor Racing News, the rather rarefied monthly which circulates to owners of the more glamorous old racing cars, editor and historic racer Carol Spagg makes an interesting point about the Mille Miglia. The retro run now has a history which is two-thirds as long as the real thing. There have been 16 retros in 20 years, compared with 24 originals in 30 years.

But even if the re-runs soon outnumber the real race, it won’t alter Jenks’s view, wherever he is, When I once announced I was off to Brescia for the revived run and suggested he go too, he snorted, “Why? I won it when it was a real race. I don’t like fake events any more than I like fake cars”.

The same magazine includes the following Lonely Hearts advertisement: ‘Slim, blonde ex-model would like to meet fun, single 250F (or similar) owner with view to racy relationship. Please enclose photo of car: GC