Eric's Poele position

“What? Is it coming back?” asks Eric van De Peoele, winner of the final Birmingham Superprix in 1990. Not a chance, I reply.

“Oh, that’s a pity,” says the Belgian. “It was a fantastic event and, apart from the bumps, I think all the drivers loved the circuit.

“There was a major sensation of speed; we were so close to the barriers and the gallery. As I went round, I could see the photographers and the crowd so clearly; I °quid really feel an ambience. So when I won, I did lots of doughnuts which got them excited.”

That same F3000 season, Eric also won on the streets of Pau, and feels the English course compares favourably “Birmingham was much quicker for one thing, and had more passing places. Okay, it was still narrow, but you drove with more discipline.”

Eric’s perfect pace-with-precision victory attracted good press in the UK and Europe. The following year, he was in Formula One.