Mercedes &Benz at Indy ($US100). Written by American restorer and collector George Wingard, this book contains much about the American racing history of the two great makes, Mercedes and Benz, and new material about Indianapolis Speedway. Also, there are many important photographs, which will be new to most European readers. Wingard gives us a run-down in detail of these makes at Indy from 1909 to ’90. But hurry; only 500 copies are scheduled, profits to prostate cancer research. Apply to author: 2323 Fairmount Blvd., Eugene, Oregon 97403, USA (Fax: 00 1 541 344 8061).

Fast Women The Drivers Who Changed the Face of Motor Racing (Robson Books, ISBN 1 86105 488 2, £16.95). Bullock’s main chapters are on Camille du Gast, Dorothy Levitt, Mrs Victor Bruce, the Cordery sisters, Victoria Worsley, Jill Scott, Margaret Allan, Fay Taylour, Kay Pete, Gwenda Stewart, Doreen Evans, “Bill” Wisdom and others. A fight-hearted but essentially readable and historic work, the pictures of all the girls (by Jove!) are alone worth the price.

Shire have published two little books Road Signs by Stuart Hands and Milestones by Mervyn Benford. Prices £3.50 and £4.99, ISBNs 7478 0531 8 and 7478 05261.

My Brooklands History is available in revised 490-page form with many additional pictures, priced at £65, in a limited edition of 2000, ISBN 1 8998 70563, available from MRP, PO Box 1318, Croydon, Surrey CR9 5YP.

The long-awaited The Racing Zborowskis by David Wilson, ISBN 9542 87606, is available from the VSCC for £100.