ERA R4D back at Shelsley

There can be no stronger link between an individual car and venue than that connecting ERA R4D and Shelsley Walsh, and the 73-year association will be renewed on July 6 during the annual MAC/VSCC hillclimb.

Driven on the 1000-yard course for the first time in 1935 by Raymond Mays and later by Ken Wharton, R4D gets quicker at Shelsley thanks to the talent of current owner Mac Hulbert. If conditions are good, he will mount another attack on his own pre-war hill record of 33.71 seconds. Back in September 1935, Mays was the first driver to break the 40sec mark.

A capacity entry of VSCC machinery will include an array of Shelsley Specials, while Carl Gray will attack his class record in the Hardy Special.