A worthy winner


I was thrilled to learn I had won the Guy Allen signed print that featured on the cover of the June issue of Motor Sport. I do not often enter competitions, but did on this occasion because as a schoolboy in the ’60s, Graham Hill was my idol. While not as talented as some of his peers such as Jim Clark, his hard work, tenacity and determination bridged the gap — qualities to abide by that were pointed out to me by my father, an ardent motor racing fan.

I think it’s easy to forget how little information was available at that time and how spoilt we are now. Following a GP there would be a newspaper report on the Monday and maybe some grainy black and white film on the TV days later. Therefore my father’s copies of the Green ‘Un were the only way to keep up with the sport in the ’60s. I devoured Jenks’ reports with all the detail of chassis numbers and between-race modifications made to the cars. The only other way was to watch Tom Tom, a science-themed children’s programme which was broadcast on the BBC at around 5pm on Tuesdays between 1965 and 1970.

Here the whole GP would be played out in about 10 minutes with accurately detailed cars on a gigantic four-lane Scalextric that was the envy of all who watched. The floor manager would be out of shot deftly removing cars that had retired or changed positions.

Thank you again. I can assure you that the print, which arrived today, will not be appearing on eBay but will be framed and mounted in a prominent position where it will act as a reminder of what to me was the best decade of motor sport.

Phil d’Arcy, Prescott, Cheltenham