Car tune network

Nigel Roebuck’s recent Reflections on the current direction of F1 encouraged me to air my thoughts. His concerns that the balance between sport and entertainment might be tipping overwhelmingly towards the latter are a real worry for all true supporters.

If El’s current caretakers see it primarily as a television interest, why not go the whole way, dispense with the real-life elements and use animation instead? Reality is too hard to control and there is no guarantee that a race will be entertaining. I am not suggesting simple animation, but a monster video game for the masses. Using high-end technology, the spectacle would look no different on TV but subscribers could interact in a variety of ways and influence the outcome. Control pad in hand, a viewer could give a selected driver a power boost. This is not tacky social media, but real: press the red button and your wishes come true. With the current administrators distracted by this new venture, the real-life teams and drivers can get on with what they are good at — racing. Graeme Tomlinson, South Australia