Round the Clubs, December 1926



Round the Clubs


co-operation we hope to increase the popularity of motor and motor cycle sport. Honorary District Agents will be pleased, whenever possible, to give assistance to motorists and motor cyclists, desirous of taking part in local events.

If you have any difficulty in obtaining” Motor Sport” in your neighbourhood, the nearest Honorary District Agent will inform you how you may obtain it.

Scott M.C.

A very successful autumn meeting was held at Henley recently. Lunch was taken at the Stoner Arms, and was followed by a competition for the best kept machine. Mr. Harry Langman judged the Machines. The results were :-1, J. C. Cole ; 2, Brooks ; 3, Pullen.

A ” Bottle” T.T. was held as a surprise competition in an adjoining field. Bottles were placed at intervals of five yards, and competitors had to ride in and out, circuits being timed by a stop-watch. The results of this were :-1, T. Howle, 22secs. ; 2, A. H. Wilkinson, 23isecs. ; 3, C. V. Patrick, 24secs. ; Sidecars : 1, R. D. Satchell, 34secs. ; 2, J. H. Culver, 35secs. ; 3, F. L. Woodgate, 45secs.

Staveley and D.M.C. and L.C.C.

An exciting scramble was held recently on the moors near Stoney Middleton, competitors being required to ride three times round a 4 mile circuit. Medals were awarded to the three whose speed came nearest to 20 m.p.h. The awards were as follows :-1, J. Threlf all (4.93 h.p. Sunbeam) ; 2, H. Bradely (3.50 h.p. A. J.S.) ; 3, J. Hack (4.90 h.p. Norton).

Amateur M.C.

The above club have decided to present certificates to all those competitors who finished with 100 marks in the Club’s recent half-day sporting trial, with the result that Nos.* 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 30, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40 all gain certificates. The annual London-Bournemouth-Ripley trial held recently was a great success. Out of an entry of 80 competitors there were only 14 retirements and no nonstarters. The results are as follows :

Gold Medals or Silver Cups : W. T. Cato (Scott) ; T. W. Probert ; T. A. Thatcher.

Silver Medals : W. A. White (P. and M.) ; C. Cunningham (P. and M.) ; W. A. Alsford (Sunbeam) ; L. Sandford (Enfield and Sc.) ; L. H. S. Swilft.

Bronze Medals : L. G. Fox (Triumph) ; H. J. Hawkins (A. J.S.) ; L. Western (Norton) ; T. J. Wale, E. Cato (A. J.S.) ; G. E. Cooper (B.S.A.) ; W. G. Burge (B.S.A.) ; J. Baldwin (B.S.A.) ; S. C. Belham (Harley-Davidson) ; E. B. Todd (Rudge) ; E. W. Northam (A. J.S.) ; A. W. Jones (H.R.D.) ; B. J. Cook (B.S.A.).

Special Sidecar Award : L. Sandford (Enfield and Sc.). Team Award : F. Thatcher, L. Sandford, W. Faire, L. Weston.

West Bromwich M.C.C.

It is of interest to note that at a special meeting of the Sandwell M.C., the West Bromwich M.C. Football Club and the West Bromwich and D.M.C., held at the Sandwell Hotel, it was decided to amalgamate the three clubs under one heading of the West Bromwich M.C.C. The following officers were elected :—President, J. B. Stagg ; Chairman and Hon. Treasurer, R. B. Greatorex ; Vice-Chairman, E. A. Prince ; Hon. Secretary, N. W. Bassett ; Hon. Football Secretary, D. H. Brindley ; Hon. Trial Secretary, G. Sharratt ; Hon. Social Secretary, W. C. Johnson.

Uxbridge M.C.

In a trial held recently for the Bayliss and Reeves Cups the course was of a fairly easy nature. The chief obstacle was a two-mile Colonial section over an old Roman road. The results are as follows :—Bayliss Cup and Silver Medal : Jordan. Reeves Cup and Silver Medal : Hickson.

Summerfield M.C.C.

The above club held an open reliability trial recently over a 40 mile course, and the awards are as follows :Gold Medal : H. J. Lardner (3.49 A.J.S.).

Silver Medals : H. J. Barnes (3.49 Douglas) ; W. Reeves (499 Rudge) ; C. Yarnell (22.49 New Imperial). Consolation Prize : G. Allbrook (24.9 B.S.A.).

Bearwood Amateur M.C.C.

The results of the winter trial was as follows :President’s Cup : G. Evans (4.90 Norton).

Cope’s Cup : H. Walters (w.e8 A.J.S.).

Organ Cup : W. Smitten (5.50 Triumph and Sc.). Gold Medals : A. Jackson (1.75 Own Norman) ; W. A. Jacomb (499 P. and M.).

Silver Medals : A. Iddles (4.93 B.S.A.) ; A. Bray (348 Douglas).

Bronze Medals : A. Parked (3.48 A.J.S.) ; and P. Priddis (4.90 Norton).

North Liverpool M.C.

The results of the Bray Cup trial are as follows :— Bray Challenge Cup : J. E. Wade (4.98 A.J.S.). Two Miles Trophy : G. Bramwell (499 P. and M.). Shipton Gold Medal : R. Sergent (4.94 James and Sc.). Gold Medal : A. L. Shipton (4.94 James).

Silver Medal : A. Allen (3.48 Coventry Eagle). Bronze Medals : B. L. Houghton (4.99 P. and M.), R. W. Hodson (4.90 Norton).

Certificates : S. B. Jones, S. E. Cumble, A. H. Shipton, H. J. Shipton, H. J. C. Robinson, C. Sleds, W. T. Miller, M. Cohen, L. Rogers, J. Harthill, F. Machie.

London. Eagle M.C.

The results of the Winter main road trial are as follows :

Gold Medal : A. Bales (B.S.A.).

Silver Medals : E. Hughes (Rudge), J. Gaisford (Triumph), Major Chater-Lea (Chater-Lea), L. Bunyan (Morgan).

Bronze Medals : E. Benham (Rudge), A. Rickards (Royal Enfield), G. Gibbons (Rex-Acme).

Cardiff M.C. and C.C.

The results of the Webber Cup Trial are as follows :Webber Cup : A. Thom (Scott and Sc.).

Kenvin Rees Cup : R. Edmonds (Chater-Lea and Sc.). Cardiff Garages Cup : A. Thom (Scott and Sc.). Gold Medals : A. Thom (Scott and Sc.). J. E. Kettle (Scott and Sc.), G. E. Gregar (B.S.A.), R. Thomas

(Chater-Lea and Sc.), H. E. Evans (Sunbeam), G. S. Brundell (Enfield and Sc.), W. H. James (Ariel and Sc.).

Silver Medals : T. H. Dayson (Scott), C. H. Baron (Triumph), A. Lennox (Rudge), A. C. Mapstone (Ariel), W. H. Jones (P. and M.), P. J. Foster.

Bronze Medals : L. F. Robertshaw (New Gerrard), S. Street (Raleigh), A. G. Lane (A.J.S.).

Eckington and D.M.C. and LC.C.

At the annual dinner held at the Royal Hotel, Eckington, the following awards for the season were presented :—

James Cup and Gold Medal : S. Ayres.

Gold Medal : B. Ripon.

Silver Medals : C. B. Marshall, J. Douds, C. Shinwell, A. Green, H. Shirtcliff, J. Shinwell, A. Harris, and H. Staton.

Ridgeway Cup and Gold Medal : J. Douds.

Gold Medal and Two Wireless Valves : H. Shirtcliff. Silver Medals and Sparking Plugs : H. Bradley, S. D. Marshall, J. Douds.

Gold Medal and Hill Climb : I,. Marples.

Hove Sporting M.C.

A timed freak hill-climb was held on Perching Borsted, near Fulking, recently. The fastest time for the day was made by W. Stringer (4.90 Norton), who completed the climb in 46 secs. E. Cosh made the next best time, and the third place was awarded to R. Firth-kettle (4.90 Norton).

Kent M.C.

The trial for the Spencer Apps Trophy was held recently, and the following are the results :

Spencer Apps Trophy : A. F. H. Tunbridge (3.49 Calthorpe).

Club Cup : R. Berrow (3.49 P. and P.).

Gold Centre Medal : B. H. Brayne (9.89 Harley Davidson and Sc.).

Silver Medal : J. G. Mackie (3.49 New Imperial). Bronze Medal : F. Codd (3.49 Raleigh).

Novice’s Silver Medal : Burden (2.48 Raleigh). Novice’s Bronze Medal : L. Hilyard (4.98 Marchless and Sc.).

Team Prize : Kent M.C. “2” Team : Messrs. Berrow, Brayne, and Tunbridge.

Liverpool M.C.

There were 31 entries for the sporting trial run over a mixed course, consisting of” rough stuff” and main and secondary roads, starting at Chester. Only three riders failed to face the starter. Many competitors lost their chance of gold medals on Maes-y-Sain and Alt-y-Bady, and only eight clean climbs of the first-named hill were recorded ; the successful riders being C. H. Joynson (4.9 h.p. Norton and sidecar), H. Morten (4.9. h.p. P. and M.), E. Brook (5.5 h.p. Ariel), A. D. Elgar (3.46 h.p. Rudge-Whitworth), P. G. Thomason (4.94 h.p. Triumph), J. B. Donaldson (4.93 h.p. B.S.A.), Sgt. S. W. Sparkes (4.99 h.p. Rudge-Whitworth), and G. Edmunds (3.48 h.p. Raleigh). On Alt-y-Bady there were also eight clean climbs, E. F. Dackers (3.48 h.g. Raleigh) had a spill just outside Maes-y-Safn village, which caused him to retire with a buckled back wheel. His team mates S. Higson and G. Edmunds, sportingly retired in order to give him assistance. After lunch the course led along the shores of Bala Lake to Dolgelly, and back over Bwlch-y-Groes, which caused no trouble. Conquering Hero, although in a very wet condition, was climbed by all the remaining 20 competitors.

The Classification trial, run over an easier course having the same start, lunch stop and finish, was divided into three sections, namely—expert, general and novice, and attracted 20 starters. There were three observed hills—Maes-v-sain (easier side), Bwlch-y-Groes and the Old Horse-Shoe Pass, Llangollen, only one of which claimed no failures. G. W. Prior (4.99 h.p. RudgeWhitworth and sidecar) failed on Bwlch-y-Groes, while L. A. Clarke (6.80 h.p. Zenith and sidecar) was baulked at the very foot by a non-competing car. He was allowed to stop while the car extricated itself from its difficulties. All the starters finished. Final results will be announced at a later date.

Hon. secretary, L. H. Lumby, 10, Seaton Road, Wallasey.

Raleigh M.C.C.

The fifth Trial in connection with the President’s Cup was held recently. The route consisted of 57 miles of Derbyshire lanes and grass tracks and two water splashes. The following are the results :

Best Solo Performance of the Day : C. Tansley (3.49 Raleigh).

Best Sidecar Performance of the Day : G. W. Hartwell (7 Raleigh and Sc.).

Second Best Solo Performance : 1. F. Wallis. Second Best Sidecar Performance : F. Sirrett.

Knock M.C.C.

The closing event of the season took the form of a combined sporting reliability trial for prizes presented by the Motor and Motor Cycle Traders’ Union ; also to decide the holder of the Gunning shield, which is awarded to the member securing the greatest number of points in club events. The course was 42 miles long and only 4 of the 15 starters failed to finish. The results are as follow :

1, C. Duffin (4.99 h.p. Triumph)’ 2, T. Stewart (4.99 h.p. Triumph) ; 3, F. G. Duffin (3.50 h.p. P. and P.) ; 4, tie between S. Q. Osborne (4.99 h.p. Rudge) and C. Johnston (4.90 h.p. Norton). Gunning shield : Tie between C. Duffin and F. G. Duffin.

Sydenham and D. M.C.

A bogey hill-climb was held near Otford lately. L. Lancaster (4.90 h.p. Norton) was awarded a gold medal for the best performance, J. Hanson (3.48 h.p. Velocette) gaining a silver medal. A. F. H. Tunbridge (3.48 h.p. Calthorpe) crashed on his first attempt, but made the fastest time of the day on his second run and was awarded a silver medal. The next event, the President’s trophy trial, will take place on November 7th, and is open to all clubs in the South-Eastern Centre A.C. U.

Hon. secretary : S. E. Burlington, 50, Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill, S.E.24.