Motor Sport Classified Advertisement Section




Telephone: Regent 1937.

Gerrard 3436.

Telegrams : Agreynol, Piccy, London.

Rates (prepaid) IF per line (minimum 3 lines).

CLOSING DATE first post on the 23rd of the month, for publication on the 1st of the following month.

USED SPORTS CARS. c) LITRE ROLLER BEARING FULL G.P. BUGATTI. Winner 37th 90 m.p.h. short handicap Autumn Meeting Brooklands, exceeds 109 m.p.h. for lap. No more tuning required for speed,

competition work, sand or track. Car seen and particulars from Papwmth’s, Grant, 41, Filmer Road, Fulham, S.W.6.

A I,FA ROMEO, 1929, Two Litre Supercharged. -c3Fitted regulation four seater body, painted green. Engine just overhauled. Complete car in excellent condition and fully equipped touring and racing. Guarantee well over 100 m.p.h. £925. Headlam, Stakesby, Whitby.

cCHNEIDER AUTOM0131LES have several guaranteed 1927 10-30 h.p. open 4-seaters, in excellent condition, from £110. Below.

090 13-55 h.p. sports 4-door fabric saloon, in t-/ ti perfect condition throughout, very fast. Schneider Automobiles, 138 I,ong Acre.

A STON MARTIN side valve chassis No. 1922 Tourer, 4 sp. F.W.B. Fast and reliable. Exceptional condition in and out. Very full equipment. [165. Phone Cuffley, 88, Pollard, Goffs Oak, Citeshunt, Herts. -PARKER BENNETTS, the used BENTLEY specialists, offer :—

1925 Speed model, 3-litre, twin carburetters, sports body by Van den Plan, new tyres, taxed for year. Price [375, Barker Bennett & Co., 4, Upper Winipole Mews, Devonshire St., ‘W.I. Welbeck 4119.

Afew second-hand H.E. Cara for sale. Repairs and adjustments fenearly H.E. models carried out. London Distributors, Welbeck Agency, 138, ; Long Acre. Temple Bar, 3322. AT 8 BERKELEY ST.,

A.-ROMEO, 22-90 sports 4-seater, repainted, overhalued, a genuinely good sports car at reasonable price, 165 guineas.


192a BINTLEY special 3-litre speed model, fitted attractive 4-door saloon body, capable of 90 m.p.h., most excellent order throughout, [525. Schneider Automobiles, 138 Long Acre. ATIIIS, 1929, 21-litre fixed-head sportsman’s

L Wcvmann coupe, black patent leather, run under 4,ttial miles, exceptionally smart, perfect condition, ?.325. City Car Agency, Ltd., 34 Queen St., E.C.4. City 2536.

m-ATHIS, latest 21-litre twin-top gearbox, sports 151 4-door Weymann saloon, black, with aluminium moulding, wire wheels, exceptionallrsmart, fast and reliable, demonstrator, [355, City Car Agency, Ltd., 34 Queen St., 1,:.C.4 City 2536. RILTIVIPH SUPER SEVEN, April 29, Primrose and Black. Mileage under 5,000. Complete to makers’ specitica t ion. Front buffers. Taxed, one Owner. Genuine bargain, [120, differed terms (Jr part exchange. Below :— £22/ MG. sports 4 t er 927fl110. ecmetghtrgsiaer pneumatic

cushions, colour blue and aluminium, servo brakes, excellent condition, ‘genuine bargain, deferred terms, exchanges. South Ealing Garage, 150-2 South Ealing Rd. Ealing 4161-2. Hours, 9 a.m. till 8.30 p.m., including Saturdays ; Sundays, 9 a.m. till 12.30 p.m.

mACKS GARAGES, official RALLY agent% offer denionstratioa and shop-soiled 9 h.p. Rally cars, all fully guaranteed.

C”PE’;ultra-smart body on sports chassis, genuinely capable of 63 m.p.h., finished in blue and cream, shop-soiled, price [295.

QPORTSMAN’S 2-stater, finished in red, complete ” with hood and all-weather equipment, a real 75 m.p.h. tourer, luggage !Geiser at rear, used for demonstrations only, bargain, price [265.

pARIS-DEALTVILLE 2-seater, Moulin Rouge, used for track Work and trials, a wonderful chassis with stripped sports body finished in red, a hot-stuff job for trials and fast touring, price [195.

EXCHANGES and deferred terms arranged. 3 I L PORCHESTER SQUARE M.Kws, Bays

J’ water, W.2. Park 9300. SPORTSMEN ! [600 sports car for f95 ! ! 1925

DELAGE, 75 m.p.h., silent 14-40, large f.w.b., wire wheels, most attractive low-built 4seater, comfortable seating with nice lines, choice of painting, dual-tone colours, tax [14, 26 m.p.g., genuine economical high-class car of superlative performance ; exchanges and deferred. Automobiles, 237 Brixton Hill, S.W.2. ‘Phone, Streatham 4666. 09R, MERCEDES 24-100 lip. 6-cylinder super

ti?-+” charged 2-seater, in exceptional condition, with two Spare wheels, painted red and black, taxed, [275. Ryan & Ewen,Ltd„ 26 Bruton Place, W.1. Mayfair 0093. 1928 Mark IV. 4-cylinder M.G. sports touring car,

aluminium picked out in blue, blue leather upholstery, very fast, beautifully kept, 3 months’ guarantee, £185; exchanges, deferred terms. Mann, Egerton, 156 New Bond St. Tel., Gerrard -9060.

9 a LORRAINE Le Mans model fabric saloon, block and red, perfect mechanically, smart and very fast, OHL Universal Aunts, Ltd., 37, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, S.W.1. Sloane 5101.

t1927LAGONDA 14-40 h.p. semi-sports tourlug car, excellent condition, many extras, cost of [700, accept [245, L. V. Dove, Ltd., 115, Addiscombe Road, E. Croydon. Addiscombe 2444.

L,The-1-1 LEA-FRANCIS, 14-litre supercharged to-st-fli-J,-/ 80 m.p.h, sports saloon, cost over [600. very slightly used ; no deposit terms. Thorns, 19-21, Gt. Portland St., W.I. Langham 3966.

MR. PHILIP TURNER’S famous LEA-FRANCIs, 14-litre supercharged, specially built, 2-seater, cost over 0,000, capable of 110 m.p.h., total mileage under 400, never been registered, indistinguishable from new, [325. Thorns, 12-21, Gt. PorUand Street, V.7. I. Laugh= 3266.

1927 3-litre opecial sports short chassis DELACE, fitted very attractive 4-door Weymann saloon body by Vanvooren, over 80 miles an hour, guaranteed, thoroughly overhauled, [375. Exchanges, deferred terms. Mann, Egerton, 156, New Bond Street. Tel., Gerrard 9060.

1920 LIGHT THIRTY. DAIMLER COUPE. Lucas Electric Lighting and Starting. Engine suitable for installing in motor cruiser. Price [100 or offer.

1MR. PHILLIP TURNER’S famous DELAGE, 5-litre, competed Easter meeting and came in first at an average of nearly 114 m.p.h., will lap Brooklands at a guaranteed speed of 122 m.p.h., cost over 43,000, winner of many successes last year, including Brooklands Gold Vase, specially prepared for long-distance racing; no reasonable offer refused. Thorns, 19-21, Gt. Portland Street, W.1. Langharn 3966.

ClEIRANO, 1925, sports boat-shaped 4-seater, 11 h.p. o.h.y., f.w.h., etc., with 6 wire wheels C57 10s. ; exchanges. Varwoods, Stoneley South, High Road, Tottenham. Phone 3122.

CHENARD-WALCKER 3-litre f.w.b. t, 15.9 sports, fitted magnificent English sports body, speed 75 m.p.h., excellent condition, written guarantee cost /595, our price 05. Archie Simons and Co., 135, Tottenham Court Road, W.I. (opposite Maple’s). Museum 3268.

1928-2, Model ALFA-ROMEO 22-90 h.p,.

6-cylinder super-sports chassis, fitted with magnificent saloon body, finished in two shades of blue, upholstered in leather to match, fully equipped with every accessory, mileage under 5,000 83 m.p.h. guaranteed, condition as new throughout, 500 guineas cash or convenient hire-purchase term arranged. Lawson Pigott Motors, 322, King Street, Hammersmith, W.6. Riverside 5132.

FRAZER -NASH CARS have several guaranteed Second hand cars for disposal. Write for particulars.-A.F.N., Ltd., London Rood, Kingston-onThames. Phone 6220. 192 MOTOR CYCLES. •

498 c.c. A.J.S. actual 1926 T.T. machine. Engine completely rebuilt with double oil pump and pressure-fed big end. All wearing parts renewed including new racing speci.alloid piston in reground barrel. 3k gallon twin tanks and sprint tank. Spares include cylinder head, barrel, valves, complete range of engine sprockets, and 2 spare wheels. Also T.T. sidecar chassis with spare wheel. 95 m.p.11 in sprint tune, perfectly flexible on the road. R40 the lot. Box .5.85. MOTOR SPORT.

Q M.P.H. Scott 1927, genuine TT. model, raced L’T-, in the Isle of Man ; excellent mechanical condition throughout and paint. Brand new Fort Dunlop tyres, special cellulose finish twist grip, £55 or near offer. Box 895.

1928 R,UDGE WHITWORTH Sports Model. Specially tuned by Works. Polished head and ports: Fitted T.T. 3-gall, petrol and separate oil tank. Just overhauled and new big end fitted. 138. Box S.87.

192Q K.S.S. VELOCETTE. 3rd ill 1929 Amateur Road Race. Reconditioned, 438. Box 8.88.

10907 K.S.S. VELOCETTE, perfect mechanical -1-1-/..di condition, and paint unscratched, £36. Box 8.89.


ATIONAL Flying Services Ltd. ‘Phone Gerrard -LI 9316. Quick deliveries. New or second-hand machines.

S. H. MOTH. Cirrus engine, many spares. £400. Particulars from Box P. 71.


NATIONAL Flying Services Ltd. ‘Phone Gerrard 9316. Join N.F.S. Learn to fly. Ply when you wish.


7 AT1oNAL Flying Services Ltd. ‘Phone Gerrard -1-‘4 9316. Go by N.F.S., Is. a mile ; Is. 6d. two passengers.


2Q foot Motor Cabin Cruiser Kelvin Engine, Ketch kJ Rigged, full inventory, sea-going gear. Part iculars Major Henderson, Derby Haven, Isle of Man. MOTOR BOATS

(c (mtinited).

12 FT. SINGLE STEP HULL with Johnion Class C motor, overhauled, very fast, winner numerous awards, wheel steering. 1:65 or near offer.Box H 76.


SCORED CYLINDERS. Scores in cylinder bores can be filled in by Barimar Metallurgical (Patented) Process, to fit existing pistons and returned in two days under money-back guarantee, at low cost.-BARIMAR, Ltd. (Scientific Welding Engineers), 14-18, Lamb’s Conduit Street, London, W.C.I. Branches in Birmingham, Manchester Leeds, Newcastle-on-Tyne and Glasgow.


“PINKS 2-jet Mousetrap Carburetter complete -1–) with twist grip control. New cost £5. Accept 1,2 10s. Box 0100.

‘DRUMMOND 31 inch screw cutting gap bed lathe, back gear, face and 3 jaw chuck, T and slide rests, complete set change wheels, metal and wood tools, and other accessories. Outfit cost ,f,40, accept (17 I Os. A LSO BENCH DRILL, self-feeding, taking drills

to I inch. 15s.-Box 0250.

‘ AT IONAL PARAFFIN ENGINE, 4ft. fly wheel, runs’very steadily. Suitable for running 100light electric lighting set or large workshop.Box 0245. QIDDELb.’,11 WOLSELEV CAR engine 10 h.p.,

1,-) used for charging batteries. gall, No. 3 per hour. O.-Box 0255.

MORRIS -COW LEY ENGINE, completely overhauled and complete with gear box, new magneto, dynamotor, etc. Ideal unit for fast inboard launch or small cruiser. Whole in first-class condition. 412.-Box 0210.

A DMIRALTV-TORPEDO AIR COMPRESSOR, 3-cylinder radial, suitable for spraying plant or similar. 1,4 10s.-Box 0230.

CONVERTED FORD UNIT with oil rectifier, and special reverse gear for marine work. Complete with 4 ft. x 1 in. steel shaft and 12 in. 3-bladed propellor. i:10.-Box 0240.